Mirage: Perfect Skyline Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Mirage: Perfect Skyline is a new mobile MMORPG where you’ll find everything you love about games of this genre. Some players may be confused by the variety of features in the game.

Newcomers to Mirage: Perfect Skyline can easily get confused and keep wondering, “What should I do next?” as the game has quite dynamic gameplay. Not everyone is suited to this pace in the game, and some need a little more time to neighbor. In this article, we will help newcomers to understand some mechanics that many people miss at the very beginning or are not even aware that they exist and how they work.

Mirage: Perfect Skyline Tips & Tricks

Task Fulfillment

Completing quests is an important part of any RPG, and players are usually aware of this. Indeed, most games pay a lot of attention to this aspect, but in Mirage: Perfect Skyline or any mobile MMORPG it works a little differently. The game has a special feature that allows you to complete tasks automatically. It is a mechanic that allows players to completely skip the process of completing quests, so the game does most of the actions for you. This is ideal for players who don’t want to waste time completing quests and are ready to go on an adventure right away.

Many players on the contrary do not like this feature, because you can miss a lot of important details and not feel the game. In spite of this, the automatic questing feature will still be useful for most players who can’t afford to stay in the game long and don’t want to lag behind other players. Don’t worry about the rewards. You’ll still get them even when you’re offline. You can get valuable resources, experience, and more when you next log in to the game.


In Mirage: Perfect Skyline, you’ll also find armor. As in any RPG, players can equip their character with special in-game items that increase their strength. However, unlike other RPGs, Mirage Perfect Skyline has four levels of armor that players can use at one time. Depending on these levels, you can gain various bonuses, such as a performance boost or a new skill.

As you level up, you can get different levels of armor. When you equip an item, you can see all the detailed information about it in your inventory. We recommend collecting armor sets. With them, your character will get additional bonuses and skills that will help you in the game.

Dungeons and boss battles

Dungeons is a multiplayer mode in which players will have to combine their power to fight enemies together. It can be done alone, but will take much longer. In the dungeons you will have to defeat enemies and then fight the main one, the boss. In the dungeons you can get a lot of interesting rewards. As a rule, players have no problems with passing this mode.

There are two kinds of bosses: single and special. Single bosses are usually very easy and you can defeat them without much trouble. Special bosses are much stronger and require help from other players. So we recommend teaming up with allies and trying your luck! Just make sure you have enough people in your team.

Combat Power

Combat power is the value that determines the strength of your character. You could say that it is the average of all your stats, both bonus and main stats. Thus, anything that increases characteristics will increase your character’s combat power. This includes increasing your character’s level and equipment, as well as gaining new skills. The level of this stat determines not only your combat power, but also whether your character can enter a dungeon, fight a boss or an opponent in the PvP arena.

That’s why combat power in Mirage: Perfect Skyline defines everything. In the PvP arena, the player with the highest strength score will always win, no matter what. There are several ways in the game to increase this power. You can do it with ease. We explained in detail how this indicator works in another article. There you will find useful tips and options to improve it.

Combat System

In the game, you won’t find such a complex combat system, as in other MMORPGs. Mirage: Perfect Skyline has a targeting system with the ability to switch between manual and automatic control. In manual mode, players can manage their own characters and use more complex strategies. You will be able to calculate the timing of the attack, think through all the movements, take the right positions and much more. These strategies can only be used in PvE battles, as PvP battles take place in automatic mode.

Automatic combat is implemented in a fairly standard way. The game uses all your abilities to attack the enemy one by one as soon as they run out of cooldown. Regardless of whether these abilities are effective or not. This is the main disadvantage of this mode. Automatic mode will not adjust your actions and pick up the “best” skills. Don’t worry, you usually won’t encounter any difficulties in battles with most opponents, as they are not difficult to defeat. However, in battles against bosses, we advise you to use manual mode to increase your chances of winning.

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