Mobile Legends Adventure: beginner’s guide, tips and secrets

Last Updated on 01.02.2023

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a mobile game created by Moonton. It has a lot of content, heroes, modes, and other interesting features. In this beginner’s guide, we will give recommendations and tips that will allow you to develop your account faster and win more often.

We will also give answers to the main users’ questions related to the gameplay in Mobile Legends: Adventure. There are many things to consider in order to create a balanced and powerful group of heroes, useful at all stages of the game.

Mobile Legends: Adventure Beginner's Guide

Beginner’s Guide

The most important characters in Mobile Legends Adventure are the heroes or characters. Each has a class, specialization, and element, and you’ll need to know all of this to be able to use them correctly in combat. In addition, everyone needs a certain amount of resources to evolve, which will give them even more power.

To see all the information, you just need to enter the Heroes tab, which is located in the upper right corner of the main menu.

Types of Heroes

  • DPS – have abilities that deal a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.
  • Control – can control or block an enemy (stun, immobilize, block from attack/heal, etc.).
  • Tank – protect allies in the rear and absorb most of the damage from enemies. Some units of this class can also deal decent damage (tank DPS) and control enemies.
  • Fighter – attacking type characters that focus on dealing damage.
  • Mage – Characters who deal a lot of magical damage.
  • Support – restore the health of allies with skills.
  • Assassin – an attacking hero who deals incredible damage to a single target.

How to improve heroes

The main game mode is the story mode, in which you have to go through all the stages with your team of characters. The difficulty in this mode will gradually increase until you have to improve your characters, raising their level. You will need a certain amount of experience and gold coins to improve. As you progress through the game, you will receive these resources, and you can also complete daily missions and use the store.

All characters have a level limit, and once you reach that limit, you have to develop them to unlock new levels. To develop your characters you will need essence, which you can get in story mode, in the store and in the Tower of Babel.

How to Combine Characters

As you progress through the game and get new characters, you will also encounter recurring characters. You can use copies of a character to evolve it on a special altar. As you develop a unit, you get an extra star, on which the strength of each unit depends.

Equipment for the team

Heroes can equip a variety of equipment items that increase health, attack, defense, and more. You can get them in Company, Maze, Missions, and for achievements. You will need special Equipment Coins to improve your equipment. Furthermore, you can get them in the tavern, the campaign, the store, the labyrinth, and by disassembling items you don’t need.

How to disassemble a hero

There will come a time in Mobile Legends Adventure when you no longer want to use a hero and want to get the resources invested in him to spend on another character. This can be done in Sanctuary. All you have to do is select the character you want and press the appropriate button.

How to get diamonds

There are several methods to get diamonds in Mobile Legends: Adventure. The following will present the main ones:

  • Completing daily missions.
  • Obtaining achievements.
  • Using Promo codes.
  • Completing a level for the first time.
  • Daily logging into the game.
  • Participation in various events.
  • Viewing commercials.

Tips and tricks

In this article, we will present a number of tips and tricks that you can follow to develop your account in Mobile Legends: Adventure as quickly as possible and spend less time and effort on pumping and improving.

Resource Accumulation

In Mobile Legends: Adventure, many players face a shortage of resources. Most of them can be obtained passively, even while you are away. We recommend spending your resources wisely. Focus on pumping specific heroes that you’ll be playing all the time.

Try to assemble a team that you like. This will allow you to develop faster and more effectively than if you were to improve many different characters.

Friends System

The friend system in ML:Adventure allows you to send and receive friendship points, known in the game as Hearts. You can have a maximum of 30 friends at a time, and you can send them these points daily. 10 Hearts can be exchanged at the Temple of Wishes for a new character.

We strongly recommend that you add as many active players to your friends list as possible. Using this method, you will quickly get a lot of new heroes absolutely free. To find friends quickly, go to the worldwide chat, as there are many players looking for someone to add to the list.

Upgrading is the way to progress

Like any other mobile RPG game, sooner or later you’ll get stuck at a certain level. Once that happens, you’ll need to pump up your heroes, accumulate more resources, and strengthen your team. The fastest and most substantial rewards will come from Tower of Babel and Crusade.

You can also complete the Labyrinth to get a decent amount of gold, and the Arena to get resources and diamonds. Completing these tasks will undoubtedly increase your team’s strength, and thus your chances of winning a particular level.

Team regrouping

If you’re stuck on a particular level, rearranging the heroes on your team is a method that can help. Even if you don’t think it makes much of a difference, changing the position of each character can bring victory even without pumping.

Try to move your damaging characters closer to the action; this often results in more total damage dealt by those characters throughout the battle, as they activate their ultimate faster. In addition to shuffling, you should keep an eye on your hero faction combinations, as they give powerful buffs to the entire team.

Resetting the Store

Mobile Legends: Adventure has a Shop section. Here you can purchase various useful items, including heroes and experience points. Some items are sold for gold, and some for diamonds. We recommend that you always buy a regular ticket for 10 thousand coins.

The store will always sell the same items until you reset it. Every 4 hours, you get a free reset that allows you to buy new items. Use it as often as possible and stock up on advancement stones, as they will become scarce later in the game.

Regular challenge tickets are useful in that they guarantee to get a character with 1 or 2 stars. You should pick them apart to get valuable items. As you accumulate, you can buy 50 frags of a 5-star character.

Joining a Guild

When you join a guild, you gain access to donations, bosses and the guild store functionality. You can get special coins, with which you can acquire character shards. A very important feature of guilds is that you can request and donate character shards.

Mobile Legends: Adventure codes - diamonds, scrolls and other rewards


In the bottom left corner, there is a special button that allows you to view advertisements. At the end of the viewing, you will receive diamonds for free.

To get more resources and diamonds, you can activate the mirage codes for March 2023 that are presented on our website.

This is the end of the Mobile Legends Adventure guide. Good luck and easy wins!