Modern Warships. Basics. A guide on ship classes

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the mechanics of Modern Warships. Our lesson is dedicated to the classes of ships.

There are four classes of ships in total:

  1. Destroyers are light, nimble ships designed to fight submarines and support aircraft carriers and cruisers. Often do not carry missile weapons, but have strong artillery, bomb and torpedo armaments. The best tactic for this type of ship is to stay close to heavy cruisers and aircraft carriers and support them with fire.
  2. Missile cruisers are ships with high strength reserves, powerful weapons and often weak radars. They have the full range of weapons, from cannons to missile batteries. They often have strong air defense systems, which increases their survivability in combat. Furthermore, they are the main attacking force of the team. The best tactic for them is to stay in the front line, distracting and damaging the enemy.
  3. Submarines are indispensable, invisible, silent killers of ships. The menace of aircraft carriers and cruisers. Carrying a huge number of torpedoes and missiles. Just one submarine can change the outcome of the battle. This class of ship does not have any air defense systems, making them easy prey for destroyers and cruisers when surfacing. The best tactic is to stay in the midrange and deal heavy damage to the enemy by moving away from the battlefield to resupply.
  4. Aircraft carriers are floating fortresses – airfields with the strongest air defense systems, often have bombers to destroy torpedoes, some even have missile weapons.

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But the main striking power of aircraft carriers consists of deck aviation. It is divided into five types:

  1. Fighters are your crew’s defenders against enemy aircraft, armed with air-to-air missiles and air cannons and/or machine guns.
  2. Stormtroopers: Attack planes that can inflict heavy damage on the enemy. They carry air-to-ground missiles, heavy cannons and various bomb and torpedo weapons.
  3. Bombers are steel giants with great strength that can inflict huge damage on the enemy. Armed with air-to-ground missiles, torpedoes and air bombs.
  4. UAVs – Small and nimble drones with little health, but great combat potential. Armed with air-to-ground missiles, tactical nuclear missiles, cannons, torpedoes and bombs. Sometimes have anti-aircraft capabilities.
  5. Attack helicopters are small but heavily armed support vehicles. They have a small amount of armor, which more than compensates for their stealth and speed. They are most often located near the aircraft carrier and protect it from submarines and other threats. Armed with bombs, cannons and torpedoes.

As you can see, aircraft carriers have tremendous striking power. The best tactic for them would be to stay far away from the battlefield and support the team with air support.

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