Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG – Tips and tricks for getting started

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Mythic Heroes is a new idle RPG created by the IGG.COM team. The people from this team have created some of the most popular mobile games, including Lords Mobile, as well as many others. However, this team seems to have taken a creative break and decided to take inspiration from another popular game that was already on the market. Mythic Heroes is almost identical in essence to the AFK Arena game (the only difference is the visual design).

This does not mean that Mythic Heroes is a bad game. On the contrary! If you are a fan of AFK Arena and you like a world based on various myths, then you can try Mythic Heroes. In it, you can unlock characters like Zeus, Eos, Dracula, Dionysus and many, many others. And because it’s an idle RPG, you don’t have to spend hours of your real life to unlock or upgrade your squad, making it perfect for gamers with busy study/work schedules.

However, Mythic Heroes is not without its competitive part, because you need to be a smart and active player if you want to progress quickly, which is exactly what most gamers want. Below you will find some tips and tricks to help you get started quickly and efficiently.

If you want to get the best heroes early on, try a reroll

When it comes to idle RPG games with a gacha system (Mythic Heroes is just one of those games), the best way to get a good head start is with a roll. This is because if you get a few strong characters early on, you can easily get through the main story missions without any difficulty.

However, it can take a very long time to roll, since there is no way you can affect the chances of summoning characters using the gacha system. That’s why sometimes players need days or even weeks of constant rolls before they get good characters. More often than not, it’s worth the time, especially if you want to get through the hard parts of the game.

Squad Formation

When it comes to combat, there are a few things to consider before you plunge headlong into battle. For the most part, combat is automatic, so the ultimate success depends on preparation before the battle itself. This is the part you are 100% responsible for.

In addition to improving and equipping your heroes, you can also assign them certain slots in your squad that best suit their roles. Sometimes this is very easy, as some heroes are most effective in certain slots. However, for difficult battles where the enemy can quickly destroy your tanks and fighters, changing your strategy can bring a coveted victory over the enemy.

Depending on which characters you have, you can choose from several of the most common formations. Defensive formation: three heroes in the front row, two in the back. Offensive: two heroes in the front row, three in the back.

This doesn’t affect much in most battles, but in some missions it can be crucial, as your heroes will deal more damage in offensive formation or survive longer in defensive one.

Check your heroes’ elements

As with builds, there’s another aspect to consider when positioning characters in a squad. This aspect is the heroes’ elements and their bonuses.

Simply put, having multiple characters of the same faction in your squad will give bonuses that depend on the number of characters of that faction. These bonuses are called “faction auras!” and range from an extra 4% for attack and defense if you have two characters of the same faction, to a whopping 16% increase (if all 4 heroes are members of the same faction). Keep in mind that you can activate two bonuses if you have several characters of different factions on your team. For example, having three characters of the Light faction and two heroes of the Shadow faction on the same team will trigger a 3x bonus for the former and a 2x bonus for the latter.

There is one more nuance to keep in mind, as it can become crucial during difficult battles. These are tactical advantages.

In brief, the character factions in Mythic Heroes are strong against some factions and weak against others. This is a standard system used in many such games. In this game, tactical advantages work as follows:

  • The Circle of Light is stronger than the Circle of Darkness
  • The Circle of Darkness is stronger than the Guardians
  • The Guardians are stronger than the Circle of Nature
  • Circle of Nature is stronger than Circle of Light

When one hero has a tactical advantage over another, it means that he will deal more damage to that hero and take less damage from it. This should not be the main factor in choosing heroes. But these tactical advantages can make a difference in certain difficult missions.

It is worth noting here that some characters may have two factions at once. This means that they will deal increased damage to the other two factions, but also take increased damage from the other two.

Complete the main campaign as quickly as possible

The goal of all such games is to assemble a strong squad whose heroes will help the player through the story. It is by progressing through the campaign that you will unlock all the features in Mythic Heroes.

Whenever you don’t know what to do, we recommend reading the Beginner’s Guide. It describes the tasks you can complete to get special rewards. If you suddenly get to the point where you can’t win the various battles, going through the campaign will be the best choice at such times.

From this, the next point flows smoothly.

Complete daily and weekly challenges to earn valuable rewards

To keep your squad strong, you need to buy upgrades and farm equipment. This can require a lot of resources. Mythic Heroes is a fairly simple role-playing game in which most of your farming will be done automatically while you’re offline. However, there are a few specific tasks that you can complete to get even more rewards for future upgrades.

We are talking about daily and weekly tests. You can get information about them in your logbook by clicking on the corresponding button in the lower right corner of the screen. In this menu, you will find several lists with simple tasks that can be completed in a few minutes. There are quite good rewards for these. You should always complete daily challenges, even if that’s the only thing you do in the game all day.

Weekly challenges are tasks that are updated every Sunday.

They are much longer than the daily ones, but give you better rewards for completing them. Fortunately, these missions are not very difficult. You’ll gradually complete most of them by just playing regularly for a few minutes each day.

To summarize. The story campaign is crucial to unlocking new gameplay features, and the daily and weekly challenges allow you to earn many valuable resources. We recommend focusing on these three aspects of Mythic Heroes.

The Best Mythic Heroes Beginner Tips and Tricks

Spin the astrolabe whenever you can

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Mythic Heroes is a simple role-playing game. You can get resources and gear even if you don’t play it. Unlike other games where you get resources by making your heroes farm in idle mode, in Mythic Heroes you get resources in the form of Time Gears. This is a resource that is generated at a rate of once every 15 minutes.

You can use these Astrolabe Time Gears to earn unique rewards such as resources, materials, and even hero shards, among many others. However, although the Astrolabe is a way of automatically earning oodles of resources, you need to set it to spin once you have accumulated a certain number of Time Gears. By clicking on the spin button, you can set exactly how many times you want the Astrolabe to spin. It will do this automatically. Once the process is complete, you can pick up your rewards by clicking on the stack below the Astrolabe.

The Astrolabe gives you 100 free spins every day, so be sure to use them!

These are all our Mythic Heroes tips and tricks for beginner players. And also do not forget to check Mythic Heroes working codes for April 2024, which will help you get rewards in the game.