NBA 2K Mobile codes for June 2023 – get free cards, bonuses and more

Last Updated on 02.06.2023

NBA 2K Mobile is a 3D basketball game that lets you play NBA 2K from the convenience of your smartphone. You now have to assemble your own ideal group of players. Play online games against other players from around the world while selecting the five players you want on the court.

Comparing NBA 2K Mobile to earlier PC and console versions, control schemes have been slightly simplified. You control your player with the virtual joystick on your left, and you may pass the ball, dribble, shoot free throws, and do a lot more with the buttons on your right. When you participate in a special event or other game types, the controls change a little.

In NBA 2K Mobile, you can choose from more than 400 different NBA players, each of whom has a unique card. Also, you’ll get the opportunity to play with great giants like Michael Jordan, in addition to picking from current NBA stars. Each of your stars will level up as you play games with them, giving them better abilities to dominate your opponents on the court.

The online league is the true draw here, with more than six different games to pick from. You will compete against rivals and their international dream teams in an online competition. More fans imply more sponsors and fame, along with all the other accouterments of glory, the more games you win.

With a ton of legendary ballers accessible for free to pick up, our list of all the NBA 2K Mobiles codes for June 2023 is here to make your game just a little bit better.

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New NBA 2K Mobile codes

Valid gift codes for June 2023: 

  • DMWILKINS – Dominique Wilkins Card and 2x Energy Recharge

New NBA 2K Mobile codes

Expired NBA 2K Mobile codes


How do I use my codes for NBA 2K Mobile?

It is quite simple to redeem NBA 2K Mobile codes for June 2023. There is only one way, so avoid falling for any con games that ask for your account information.

  • Go to the NBA 2K Mobile main menu.
  • Under the store button, choose the ‘Redeem’ option.
  • Enter your code here.
  • Enjoy your prize!

How to obtain additional NBA 2K Mobile codes?

Checking this website frequently is the best approach to obtain additional NBA 2K Mobile codes. As soon as a new code is available, it will be posted here. For additional information on incentives, the upcoming season, and gameplay innovations, you can also follow the NBA 2K Mobile official Twitter account.

What are codes in NBA 2K Mobile used for?

In NBA 2k Mobile, codes frequently award players with unique cards that they can utilize to assemble their ideal squad. To bring players back into the game more quickly, some codes even provide faster Energy Recharge rates. If you’re searching for a competitive advantage, codes are your best bet. Since everyone has access to this and the developers themselves coded it in, it is not technically cheating. Just to increase the enjoyment of the game.