Panilla Saga: The most important thing newcomers need to know

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Panilla Saga is a game that is at the pre-registration stage, and is a role-playing game in combination with the Idle and Adventure game genres. Simple but tactical battles, a lot of heroes to get, various adventures and many other opportunities are waiting for you in this game to meet you soon. Therefore, you better prepare to become a good player in this game with this beginner’s guide to Panilla Saga. Despite the fact that this game is more like a simple RPG, you should not underestimate its gameplay.

This Panilla Saga Beginner’s Guide is created specifically for beginners like you to understand the basic but fundamental things that need to be learned before entering the game.

Panilla Saga Beginner's Guide

A guide to the battles in Panilla Saga for beginners

The first thing every beginner in this game should learn about is battles, and battles will happen automatically, which makes the gameplay simple. Before entering into duels, you need to determine which heroes you will use for battles, the maximum number of heroes in a combat team is five, but it will become six with the character you have chosen to continue the game.

By choosing heroes, you can start a battle, and here the fights will be automatic, that is, your heroes defeat enemies using their own way. Avatars of heroes placed on the battlefield are displayed at the bottom of the game screen in the form of cards, and each hero has unique skills that will be very useful in battles.

On each hero card, you can see the health status and energy scale; when the energy scale is full, you can touch the hero card or avatar to activate their skills. Like all other things, the activation of the hero’s skills can also be performed automatically if you click on the auto option.

In addition to normal attacks, skills have great power and release a large amount of energy at once, which causes enemies to explode from a single blow. There is a certain amount of time allotted for each battle, and to win, you must complete the goal of the battle in the allotted time.

Panilla Saga Beginner’s Guide to Summon

Since battles happen almost automatically, you can only rely on heroes to win battles; for that, you need the best heroes to participate in battles. But how to get the best heroes? Through the calling system in this game, a call can be made through the “Tavern in the City” option in the main menu.

In the tavern, you can see Gacha summoning banners with different bids to get heroes of different rarity and different summoning currency needed to summon heroes. What is common to all gacha challenge systems is that low bids are for the best level heroes and high bids are for the low level heroes, and therefore you can’t just get one of the best heroes with these gacha banners.

Panilla Saga Beginner’s Guide to Completing Quests

Completing quests is very important for a beginner in the game Panilla Saga, as it opens the way to the discovery of new concepts in the game and allows you to earn money and other rewards without much effort. Here the tasks are divided into daily, weekly and travel tasks.

Daily quests must be completed within the corresponding day, and you can complete them easily without much effort. But weekly tasks can be more difficult than daily ones, and you will have to spend some time and effort on completing them.

In addition, there is an entire week to complete weekly tasks; you don’t need to rush, and the rewards you will receive for completing weekly tasks will be much better than for completing daily tasks.

When you complete weekly and daily tasks, special points are awarded to you, and you can get various chests with rewards by passing milestones, collecting these points for completing daily and weekly tasks.

Travel quests are about battles that you will go through the “Travel” option in the main menu; these tasks will also be very easy to complete, and you will earn many rewards, including EXP materials.

But don’t you think that all these tasks will always be easy for you? As you dive deeper and deeper into the game, constantly playing, these tasks will become more and more difficult. But it doesn’t matter, you have to complete these tasks or quests as indicated in this beginner’s guide.

Panilla Saga Beginner’s Guide to Artifacts

Artifacts are some decorations that you can equip to strengthen your entire team by offering some buffs to the main character. These artifacts contain elemental spirits, and because of this, the artifacts give very powerful skills that are beneficial to use in battles.

If several artifacts are available to you, you can use them to increase your combat power by equipping them before entering battle. Artifacts can be improved using several special requirements, and the more you improve an artifact, the more benefits you will get.

Another important point about Artifacts is that with these Artifacts you can increase the attributes of your character (the main character) to make him stronger. Therefore, once the game is launched, take full advantage of using Artifacts and be sure to improve Artifacts and get more access to them.

Panilla Saga Beginner’s Guide to the Bag

The bag contains all the items you have collected, such as coins, hero cards, challenge vouchers and much more. If you run out of coins or any other things, the first place you should go and check is the bag, because it has everything you will need.

To use the item in the bag, you can click on it and then click on “Use” and then you can use it. But we recommend that you keep things in your bag when you run out of resources.

For example, if you have a bunch of coins right now, don’t use the coins in your bag. But keep the coins in your bag to use them in a difficult situation when you don’t have enough coins to complete any process in the game.

Panilla Saga codes - diamonds, vouchers, hero cards, and more

Panilla Saga codes

The game’s developer distributes freebies in the form of Panilla Saga codes for April 2024. These codes can be redeemed in-game for a surprise boost, such as an x amount of in-game currency. The codes are deceptive because they are distributed outside the game on platforms like Twitter and Discord.