Path to Nowhere: Tips For Beginners

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

With another hot news, we came to meet you, fellow players, and in this guide we told you about the upcoming SRPG with aspects of tower defense, which is still at the pre-registration stage. This yet-to-be-released game will amaze with the most beautiful anime-style characters. In addition, even before its release, it won the hearts of many players around the world. Since you have already been attracted to this game, now we know that you are interested in learning some recommendations for the game, and for this we have created this guide for beginners in Path to Nowhere.

In this game, you will play the role of the head of the Bureau of the Minos Crisis Council (MBC), and there are many sinners under your care, whom you must control and surrender. And these prisoners at your disposal are unusual, they have special abilities, so you need to control them properly, forcing them to observe discipline in order to make the best use of their abilities. As a leader, do you think you can do it? Regardless of your opinion, we will tell you all about the game in this guide for beginners Path to Nowhere, because you wanted to learn a lot about it.

So, when the game is released, you will only need this guide for beginners Path to Nowhere, because it contains all the most important things about the game. And now is the time to take a look at it and understand it in order to get a wonderful gaming experience in Path to Nowhere.

Path to Nowhere: Beginner tips

Path to Nowhere A Beginner’s Guide to Battles

The battles here will be somewhat difficult, because in one match you will face a lot of enemies. Since we are talking about strategies, you need to use appropriate techniques in battles to win a flawless victory. When you lead your team into battle, you must place them correctly to deal damage to enemies, and quickly execute them, taking into account the skills of each character.

Special points are shown on the battlefield where enemies will exit the battle. In addition, the game will show you how many enemies you will have to face in each match, which helps a lot to make a battle plan involving your characters.

When enemies come forward, you can move your characters to block the path of enemies and attack them. But each character has a limit on blocking enemies, and when this limit is exceeded, the enemies will be able to come forward, breaking through the defense that you were holding.

Therefore, it will be better if you destroy the remaining enemies as quickly as possible before new enemies appear on the battlefield, otherwise you will not be able to win the match without coping with too many enemies at the same time.

In addition, when you take your characters into battles, each character has skills, and you can use these skills of each character when his energy is fully accumulated. The energy of the character will be displayed in the blue replenishment bar. Once the strip is full, you can activate their skills by clicking on the character and then clicking on the skill.

Even if you are still new to Path to Nowhere, you will be able to successfully handle the battles after the game is released, because you have learned a lot more about the battles thanks to this Path to Nowhere beginner’s guide.

The Path to Nowhere Beginner’s Guide to Simple and Effective Recruitment

The next important point in the game is that every Path to Nowhere beginner should know about the recruitment system. When you enter the “Tracking” option on the main screen of the game, you will see various banners with conscripts waiting for you to come up and spend special draft tickets/tracking certificates on them in order to find and attract new characters to your teams.

For some reason, the game does not allow you to search for and receive top-level heroes for your teams from the first recruitment attempt using special recruitment tickets. Therefore, many players have become accustomed to relying on the re-recruitment process. However, to be honest, you will not be able to easily and quickly get heroes of higher rarity, even if you use the brute force process, because it will take some time.

Path to Nowhere A Beginner’s Guide to Completing Missions

Missions are such a valuable option that every beginner should try if they are interested in collecting resources, quickly raising the level in the game, as well as adding new options and features to your gameplay.

Completing missions will allow you to get a higher reward, and at the same time it will help you unlock more things in the game faster. In the “Missions” section, you will see that all missions are divided into three types: daily, weekly and main story.

Regardless of the type of tasks that the game assigns to you, you must complete them perfectly in order to get a lot of new tasks with a lot of rewards. Even if you can’t complete the weekly tasks in one day, completing the daily tasks before the end of the day is mandatory, since the daily tasks and rewards for them are valid only during the day.

In addition, the more you complete the tasks of the main storyline, the more you will unlock new chapters in the main story mode. If you don’t complete the main story tasks quickly, it will slow down your progress in the game.

Path to Nowhere A Beginner’s Guide to Character Improvement

Even though you’ve learned all of the above things for a better start to the game, you need to know about character upgrades to maintain a better gameplay experience until you finish the game. So, to improve the characters, you have to go to the characters menu and click on the character you need to improve.

After that, among all the other options in the menu, you will see an option called Upgrade, and you should click on it to increase the level of the selected character. But in order to level up a character level by level, you need bundles of EXP, and do you know what happens when you level up a character? Character attributes, such as attack power, health status, etc., will be increased, and your character will become stronger than it was before.

Each character has skills that make him more powerful. In the menu of the selected character, you can see an option called “Skill”, and with this option you will be able to improve your character’s skills to increase the impact of skills, but the game will ask you to fulfill some requirements to improve them. Also remember that the more you improve your skills, the stronger your character becomes.

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