Pixel Gun 3D: 11 Tips for Beginners

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

In a nutshell, Pixel Gun 3D is a Minecraft with guns. A pixel-based first-person shooter with a distinctive visual style boasts just some incredible amount of… everything.

Despite the cartoonish square graphics, this is a full-fledged online shooter, which is:

  • 800 different guns.
  • 10 game modes
  • crafting system and set up your base
  • dozens of maps for every taste
  • single player campaign with story
  • friends and clan system
  • skin editor

And you can even get a kitty cat. True, for some reason he hatches from an egg, as well as many other various pets.

Interested? Now I’ll tell you the basic introductions that will help you break into the battlefield and start dominating immediately.

Pixel Gun 3D: 11 Tips for Beginners

What’s the point of the game?

The gameplay is fairly straightforward: we run, shoot, earn coins and diamonds. They can be spent on new, steeper guns and devices, with which our results increase, and so on to infinity.

But we must give credit to the developers – to maintain the interest of the audience the game is constantly updated with new content, seasonal events, combat passes and other stuff that gamers love so much.

It is clear that to understand and succeed in all this variety is not an easy task. I gave it a shot. I hope that my experience will be helpful to other newcomers. Here are a few tips.

1. Study the maps

Knowing the battlefield is half the battle. Developers understand this, so the game has an opportunity to explore the maps alone.

Create your own match, choose a map and run around a bit. Work out the main paths of movement, shelters, convenient positions for shooting and everything else that you think is important.

2. Shoot in the head

It’s trite, but it doesn’t lose its relevance. Even in such a cartoonish-looking game, hitting your opponent in the head will incapacitate him faster.

It’s not so easy to learn, but if you succeed, your efficiency will increase many times over.

3. Move more actively

Also, a standard tactic for any shooter – strafe, jumps, unpredictable trajectories. The more active you move, the harder it is to hit you.

For convenience, you can connect a PS4 or Xbox controller to your iPhone.

4. Use the best weapons

Right from the start of the game, you get a few free starter guns. Using them at levels above 12 is not recommended, be sure to buy a better weapon for coins – it will help you quickly level up. And all the diamonds you get are better spent on upgrades.

Here are a number of guns in each category that are worth paying attention to:

  • Basic – Pulse Machine Gun, Peacemaker, Minigun Shotgun, Photon Shotgun
  • Guns – Dead Star, Minigun Shotgun, Mercenary
  • Nearby – Fighting Yo-Yo, Ancient Power Sword, Stormhammer, Fire Demon, Katana
  • Special – Laser flare gun, Hunter, Electromagnetic gun, Poison darts
  • Sniper – One Shot, Charging Rifle, Prototype, Shaman’s Bow, Futuristic Rifle
  • Heavy – Adamant Bombshell, Death Beat, Piranha, Apocalypse

5. Don’t neglect the different modes

From the third level opens Arena mode. Here you have to shoot off the attacking waves of monsters. You can briefly forget about the advice to shoot in the head – some of them are small and crawl on the ground, so it’s better to aim lower.

This mode is a good way to earn some coins and to practice.

Also, don’t forget about the campaign. This one-player mode is a sequence of levels, and in each one you need to kill all your enemies.

You get a star for completing this task. If you kill the enemies quickly, within the time limit, you will get two stars, and if you don’t get any damage, you will get three stars.

It’s important to mention that the number of stars doesn’t depend on the difficulty level, but the number of coins you get for the passage depends on it – three for difficult, two for normal and one for easy.

Pixel Gun 3D codes – weapons, coins, skins, gems, bonuses, and more

6. Collect freebies

The game has a rather confusing system of in-game currency, but the main types are two. Diamonds can be considered premium, and coins are standard.

You can buy them for real money (though that’s not our method), or you can get them for watching a couple of promotional videos – look for the “Free Currency” sign on the base.

You can get free chests for watching ads in the chest raffle without spending keys on them – another currency you only need for those chests. If you have the time, don’t neglect the freebies – they’ll help you progress faster in the game. There are also Pixel Gun 3D codes for April 2024 that give different free rewards.

7. Save your currency

Unless you’re a millionaire who buys diamonds and coins with real money, don’t spend it on nonsense like fortune chests or sandbox shopping.

Especially in the sandbox – there’s nothing useful there. Better save them to upgrade weapons: it is recommended to upgrade your set about once every 10 levels and/or after the purchase of a new gun.

8. Run into the Arsenal

The armory is worth visiting regularly, especially after getting new gear. This is where you can choose your weapons, equipment and gadgets.

Your character can carry up to six guns at a time. Other equipment includes hats, masks, armor, skins, cloaks, and boots. All of these give performance bonuses and are needed for more than just beauty – study them carefully.

9. Build your base

Building a base is quite a fun way to spend time outside of combat. You can buy a wide variety of structures that gradually open up as you gain new levels.

Keep in mind that the usefulness of a building is not proportional to its price. It is better to look at the pluses in the description – they show the value of the bonus.

From the mandatory at the beginning of buildings is worth noting, the Treasury – it gives three coins a day. The drill will give you one diamond, and the Clover of Fortune will give you a chest.

10. Play with pets

During the game, you will often find eggs. You can breed pets from them by entering the Arsenal and selecting the appropriate tab.

At the top you will see all the eggs you have collected. If any of them are ready to hatch, tap on them, and they’ll hatch. The pets will attack your enemies, and you can train them for coins, increasing their characteristics.

11. All are equal in the Battle Royale

Here you can’t use your hard-won guns and equipment. It all depends on how you move, shoot (from what you find), hide and control the terrain.

Try to land closer to the edge of the map, and move to the center on foot, along the way collecting equipment and other stuff. That way, you’ll be armed to the teeth when you get to the final castle.

In general, Pixel Gun 3D is not worse than the same “adult” Call of Duty Mobile, just more colorful and cartoonish. But the battles there are the same tenses, and the joy of victory is genuine. Good luck in the battles.