Pocket Love: Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

Pocket Love is a new iOS and Android game in which you, your lover, and your pet construct a lovely and magnificent house and then show it off to other players. You can level up to acquire new decorations and other features.

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Pocket Love: Tips, Tricks And Strategies

Top Tips, Cheats and Tricks

Tap whatever you see on the street, whether it’s trash, an insect, or something else. This will complete your objective to clean up the neighborhood, and you will get money for doing so, even if you do not have any quests.

Even if you don’t arrange the furniture, purchasing new furniture awards you experience points. So, even if the furniture doesn’t match the aesthetic you’re attempting to establish, buy it nonetheless, so you can level up. If you are already at the maximum level, disregard this advice.

Make use of push notifications to open a box as soon as it becomes accessible. Opening boxes not only gets you experience points, but also cash, the game’s premium currency that is more difficult to obtain. The faster you open boxes as soon as they become available, the more money you will earn in a shorter period of time.

If the game notifies you that you don’t have enough room for more furniture, simply put some of your existing furniture in storage to make room for more. Buying a new room, on the other hand, not only allows you to buy more furniture, but it also allows you to show off a more amazing house setup.

Click on the other tabs at the top of the screen when you get to the furniture store. These will take you to sections where you may perform more customizing to your house, as well as making in-app Dogllar purchases.

If you are unable to accomplish the three quests assigned to you, view a promotional film to reset the quests. However, if you do this, the tasks you have already finished will no longer count toward the three quest bonus.

This will reset the bonus counter, so keep this in mind if you have one difficult mission to do but have previously completed two others.

Tap the video game controller symbol in the main menu to gain free furnishings items. Tap each download button, but do not install the games. You will be rewarded with free furniture whether you download the games.

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Even if you don’t intend to play, check in with the game every day. Each daily check-in will get you a reward of free coins, cash, or furniture. Check-ins may potentially result in free clothing. And don’t forget to check Pocket Love codes for May 2024 at pocket-codes.com.