Project Bronze Forever codes for April 2024 – gifts

Last Updated on 18.04.2024

Gaining access to Project Bronze Forever codes for April 2024 is essential if you want to receive in-game bonuses like new Pokémon and Battle Points that can be used to purchase supplies for your expedition. The game is created by 942B0ko studio.

A Roblox role-playing game called Project Bronze Forever is basically a Pokémon clone. Using codes will start your voyage with some free small critters, and your objective is to collect as many as you can.

Our list of Project Bronze Forever codes is a great place to explore for freebies. You can learn how to redeem codes in Project Bronze Forever by looking down the list of codes! Don’t forget to favorite this page by using the Add to Bookmark button on mobile devices or CTRL + D on your keyboard.

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New Project Bronze Forever codes

  • BoogaBooga (Requirements: 4th Gym Badge) (NEW)
  • TestingEnded – (Requirements: 1st Gym Badge)
  • GameIsUpGuys—Reward (Requirements: 4th Gym Badge)
  • 1MilCode—Reward (Requirements: 2nd Gym Badge)
  • NoUpdateTodaySorry – free rewards (Requirements: 2nd Gym Badge)
  • AudioIsBack – free rewards (Requirements: 2nd Gym Badge)
  • PurchasesBack – free rewards (Requirements: 4th Gym Badge)
  • Ash – free rewards (Requirements: 3rd Gym Badge)
  • NewGen9s – free rewards (Requirements: 3rd Gym Badge)
  • GameUpFrBro – free rewards (Requirements: 1st Gym Badge)
  • Valentines2024 – free rewards (Requirements: 1st Gym Badge)
  • GameIsUpFully – free rewards (Requirements: 7th Gym Badge)
  • GameIsUpYay – free rewards (Requirements: 7th Gym Badge)
  • FreeBCap – free rewards (Requirements: 8th Gym Badge)
  • Sorry4Downtime – free rewards (Requirements: 2nd Gym Badge)
  • Week4 – rewards (Requirements: 7th Gym Badge)
  • Week3 – rewards (Requirements: 1st Gym Badge)
  • Week2 – free rewards (Requirements: 3rd Gym Badge)
  • HappyThanksgiving – free rewards (Requirements: 2nd Gym Badge)
  • SlowServer – rewards (Requirements: 3rd Gym Badge)
  • GameIsUp – rewards (Requirements: 4th Gym Badge)

Expired codes

  • BrickBronzeForever

How do I redeem codes in Project Bronze Forever?

All you have to do to redeem codes in Roblox Project Bronze Forever is follow these steps:

  • Launch Roblox Project Bronze Forever on your mobile or desktop computer.
  • Press the Menu button located on the screen’s edge.
  • Press the Options icon.
  • Take a code copy off our list.
  • Paste it into the textbox labeled “Enter Code Here!”.
  • Press the Enter key to receive your incentives!

Where can I find more Project Bronze Forever codes?

Make sure to join the game’s official Discord server to receive news and updates, as well as to interact with other players in order to find more codes for April 2024. If not, be sure to check back often, as we will be adding the latest codes to this wiki!

Project Bronze Forever: What is it?

Roblox’s Project Bronze Forever is a Pokemon-themed game with an original plot. You get to explore the outdoors and gather new Pokémon for your Pokédex. Each Pokémon has unique attributes, so you may help them develop as they gain experience. Utilize your Pokemon to engage in combat with other characters, including those via the internet, and gather Pokeballs to catch additional wild Pokémon to expand your collection. As you progress through the narrative and explore the large locations, you’ll come across several surprises.