Punishing: Gray Raven Guide: Tips and Tricks

Last Updated on 02.12.2023

Punishing: Gray Raven – sci-fi RPG from Kuro Game studio with an active combat system, post-apocalyptic atmosphere and experimental competitive mechanics, including both collecting cards with characters and fighting for titles in the international leaderboard. Because of the rich gameplay, still not translated into Russian interface and extremely diverse features, newcomers to PGR have too many questions. And, therefore, it’s time to understand the details and go over the basics of the universe.

Punishing Gray Raven Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Features Punishing: Gray Raven:

  • Idea and plot. The developers moved the events to the near post-apocalyptic future. Human civilization is falling apart: cities destroyed, Earthlings invaded by mutated biorobots, and the war for freedom long lost. Survivors are almost nonexistent: only the lucky few get a chance to move from Earth to the space station Babylonia and become part of a mobile army of the “Grey Raven”, dreaming of freeing their home planet. Every new recruit in the PGR world is destined to become the leader of a new and unformed unit.
  • Constructs and Composites. Something between the races and castes. Constructs are in-game characters that are available to be added to the squads (constructions). Composites are the antagonists who attacked and nearly destroyed Earth. And it’s all caused by a biomechanical virus, which has disturbed the characters’ minds and forced them to fight with their own brethren.
  • Server and Account. After registering a new profile in Punishing: Gray Raven you’ll have to choose a server: in addition to the Asia-Pacific server, designed for residents of Southeast Asia and Oceania, there are European and North American servers. The last option is often selected by default.
  • Currency and Resources. The post-apocalyptic universe is developed with the help of Black Cards (a key currency, necessary for accessing new characters and upgrading skills and abilities), Serum (energy, allowing to pass missions and additional tasks) and Nuts, which pump up equipment, skills and characters. These currencies and resources are awarded with almost every activity, so the more missions you complete, the faster your progress.
  • Gachas, Rewards, and Guarantee. New characters, gear, and resources in PGR are forged through “treasure chests” hiding special themed rewards (R&D-Research section). The system literally scrolls the counter and secures a new item of random rarity in your inventory. But you don’t have to scroll the counter a thousand times – the developers have provided a system of “guaranteed” rewards for a certain number of attempts (from 10 to 40).

And in Punishing: Gray Raven newcomers are available to a set of “welcome” missions, divided into stages and rewarding for showing activity. Skip the special event is not recommended – a great likelihood to slow down the process of further development of the personal account and be faced with an impassable story and secondary tasks.

Characters, upgrades and combat system

Squads in PGR are formed from three characters, including the leader (placed in the central part of the battle composition menu before starting a new mission), who enters combat before his allies. What teams to assemble depends on the chosen strategy, but the developers recommend balancing the fighters by choosing tanks, attacking heroes, and support specialists.

And who to look out for as you go along is the list below:

  • Kamui – Tenebrion. An almost invincible melee fighter, representing the class “Tanks” and able to withstand a colossal amount of damage. Belongs to the “Darkness”, easily handles bosses, useful because of passive and active abilities that stun enemies. QTE Skill: Sword attack that deals up to 420% physical damage.
  • Bianca – Zero. Ranged fighter who relies on a special onion in combat. Introduces the element of Light, effective in boss battles because of the extra damage dealt to a single target. QTE ability: Summon up to 5 arrows that deal guaranteed critical damage.
  • Liv – Lux. Support specialist, representing the Light element and passively increasing healing effectiveness by 10 or 20% depending on status. The QTE skill is to summon lightning, dealing up to 200% damage to the current attack value.

Developed heroes in several ways: with the experience capsules (obtained as part of the storyline, issued for the completed daily missions), through the mechanism of “Awakening” (additional upgrade, available at level 50, 65 and 80 and significantly increase the characteristics of the characters) and the method of sequential evolution. The latter option provides a sharp jump on all fronts – from characteristics to the power of skills and the number of available cells in the section with abilities. Evolution is possible only if you have a sufficient number of character shards, knocked out in the gacha or purchased in the store.

The combat system in PGR looks unfamiliar and even complicated at the beginning of the passage, but in fact after 5-10 minutes it reveals itself to the full extent. Battles are based on the following mechanics: during duels, the developers offer to combine different colored spheres and make attacking or defensive combinations. Three identical spheres activate enhanced versions of each ability.

Modes, Storyline, and Difficulty

The story of the world of Punishing: Gray Raven is retold within the Main Story, a storyline divided into thematic chapters with competitive stages and hidden missions. Each new mission opens after completing the previous one, and after a series of victories in PGR appear animated screensavers and dialogue, revealing the features of the universe around and allowing at least partially understand the twists and turns of virtual destinies.

Missions in PGR are not too varied – 99% of the time you have to fight off waves of advancing enemies, combining attacks and defending against others’ attacks. Much more varied are the competitive objectives unlocked with each new mission. There are no more than three secondary objectives on missions, and each one gives out additional rewards (immediately, and also – after the passage of the chapter in the form of a set of treasures for demonstrated combat prowess).

The complexity of the missions grows evenly – along with the progression of the combat squad being formed and the development of personal skills. And, as practice suggests, in the latter case you have to train a lot and at least periodically look into the already cleared arenas to get acquainted with some additional mechanics.

Social interaction

Clans and alliances have not yet appeared in PGR, neither have global network confrontations. But friends are available (Contact section), implemented in an unusual way for the genre. In addition to the classic communication via private messages, “contacts” are useful for sharing resources (up to 10 nuts per day) and completing missions in cooperative mode. The developers allow you to request support from your “friends” in the form of a support character, which increases the chances of completing missions within the storyline.

Achievements and events

The developers diligently reward those who check out PGR every day – for Daily Missions (daily quests with memory chips, nuts and character boosting materials), Weekly Missions, Bounty Missions and special creative or combat events unlocked as part of themed promotions.

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