RAID: Shadow Legends Tips – Fast Leveling, Resources, and Secrets of Winning

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

RAID Shadow Legends is one of the most popular games worldwide, which successfully combines PvP and PvE modes, includes dozens of different heroes and boasts bright graphics. A successful start is very important for the game – the further success of the campaign depends on it. We are going to tell you some tips that will be useful for newcomers and not only.

Getting Started Right

The first 7 days of the game are the most important, because in this period you will not only master the basics, but also make decisions that will have consequences later on. The first and most important step is the choice of the protagonist. It’s recommended to take Ethel, because she has balanced skills and shows well in battles. As an alternative, go for Kael, who is able to heal the team and has extremely useful skills on poison, which will allow you to deal huge damage in the future.

Rubies are the most valuable currency in the game. For this you can buy energy and not only. At first stages you will receive a small amount of rubies for various quests. Don’t waste them thoughtlessly. The most profitable investment – to build a ruby mine, which will daily generate a small amount of this currency.

The main difficulty is to accumulate the first 500 rubies. If not enough, you can make a small donation. In any case, these investments will pay off, because you will have albeit a small, but a source of rubies. It is necessary to collect rubies every 24 hours, and it is desirable not to skip them. Ruby Mines hold only a daily supply and do not accumulate resources for more than a day.

Proper Resource Consumption

Proper Resource Consumption

Raid Shadow Legends is very fast-paced, but a gameplay limitation is the energy scale. It is limited, but gradually replenished. A typical rookie mistake is to buy energy for rubies. It’s a valuable resource, and without a mine, it’s practically unreplenishable. Don’t be in such a hurry – just wait until the energy scale fills up and go on fighting. Rubies can always be spent on more valuable purchases.

Another “high tech” allows you to have a small supply of energy. You can get not only experience and items, but also special “energy flasks”, each of which replenishes the scale, for completing trials in rewards. You can pick up the reward at any convenient moment, so such bonuses are easy to save for an unlimited amount of time.

Separate mention should be made of sharpening items. On the first stages you will come across things of value 1-2 stars. There is no point in sharpening them, because the increase in level will be small. Only items with value of three or more stars need to improve their parameters. Be sure to pay attention to what parameter you are going to improve, because additional “stats” will be automatically increased every 4th level.

As you progress through the game, you’ll get blue heroes. Don’t waste them thoughtlessly at the beginning, because they’ll be useful later on for a variety of tasks:

  • Merge. This is a useful feature in the tavern, with which you can get an epic or legendary character instead of a few ordinary ones. Don’t forget that each month the tavern updates its assortment.
  • Improving Skills. Books or duplicates are used for this. The latter are a preferred resource, especially when blue heroes have accumulated in abundance.
  • Faction quests. You can get glyphs with these characters.

Speaking of books, they should be spent only on the priority hero. Do not distribute them among several fighters. In Raid Shadow Legends this is a losing tactic, because you need to get a max level character as early as possible.

Hero upgrades – key features

At the beginning it will be useful to get some good equipment and silver. For newcomers it’s enough to wander through the menu and collect the appropriate rewards. For example, on the first day you’ll get boots from a life stealing kit. By doing a resource loadout, you’ll also be able to get weapons and an attack shield for free.

You’ll receive valuable bonuses for attending the game each day. For example, epic artifacts can be obtained on the third, fifth and tenth visits to the game. Accordingly, it is very important not to miss a single day, otherwise the counter will be reset and it will take even more time to get especially valuable rewards.

Now let’s move on to the most important thing of all: the principle of character progression. The problem is that to increase the rank (number of stars) it is necessary to “feed” other characters. No one wants to sacrifice epic or legendary heroes, so there is such a term as “fodder” in the game.

This is the name given to the heroes, who are pumped up solely in order to increase the rank of another character. It is recommended to take a team of “locomotive” – the strongest character, which will reach the end of the battle, and three weaker heroes, “feeds”. The mechanics of the game are designed so that experience is always distributed evenly to everyone, regardless of who reached the end.

Accordingly, the higher the level of the “locomotive”, the more experience the whole team will be able to gain. There are a few tricks to speed up pumping:

  • Use boosts. They can double the total experience. For active players suit three-day boost that can be purchased for crystals. Buy a booster only if you will be pumping “forage” characters all the next days.
  • Choose the right levels. The optimal place to pump “fodder” is the last level of the company. If “impossible” difficulty is too high, then try “difficult” or “normal”.
  • Participate in tournaments and events. This is not only a great way to pump “food”, but also a unique chance to get valuable additional prizes.

How long does it take to level up a fodder? If you already have one max level hero and you win the last chapter of the campaign at impossible level, it takes about 23 battles to “feed” Rank 3, Rank 4 – 51 battles, Rank 5 – 111 battles. When you lower the difficulty, these numbers double.

How to quickly level up your main character

How to quickly level up your main character

Before you get to the farm “stern”, you need to put all your energy into your main character, because in battles he will drag the whole team on himself. When pumping it is important to follow a few rules.

First, do not get hung up on kits (sets). They give extra bonuses, but the problem is that to collect all the things in one set is extremely difficult. Combine armor with the best characteristics, not paying attention to the set. This is especially true for the main character.

Second, we recommend using campaign missions rather than dungeons to get target items. The problem is that the chance of falling out of a particular outfit with the selected enhancement parameter in dungeons is very small – 1 to 432. In the campaign, at different difficulty levels, you will be able to obtain items of the desired rank. In doing so, you will save time and pump “food” along the way.

At the beginning of the game, the emphasis should be on tests and various inventions. They allow you to get shards, equipment, bonus energy, and more. If you perform the tasks tightly enough, then the energy scale, taking into account the rewards received, will fall to zero for a while.

Once you get the hang of the game and pump up the main character, it is recommended to join a clan. This will give you the opportunity to attack the clan boss every day. This is a powerful enemy, but if you can inflict a lot of damage, you’ll get a chest with artifacts as a prize. The boss is upgraded every day. If the clan manages to kill the boss in the allotted 24 hours, the reward is doubled. Overall, this is not a bad additional source of resources.

The main thing – to find a clan that will take you into their ranks. You can do this via chat, leaving a request with the text that you want to join a clan to fight the first boss.

Secrets of victory in the arena

Do not forget about such an important thing as the Arena. If you win, you will receive valuable prizes, as well as medals that improve the skills of heroes. As practice shows, you can win even with a relatively weak team, the main thing is the right layout.

Emphasis should be placed on speed. This parameter will determine who strikes first. If you strike first, at best you can take out up to half of your opponents in only one turn. Players need to use boots with maximum speed effect. A useful character is Hatun (speed 220), which you can get for free after 30 consecutive days of play.

The second important aspect is the choice of a buffer. This is the character who puts positive effects on the team. If you have high speed, the emphasis of the buffs should be on damage and critical attack. Followed by the “breaker” attacker with the maximum armor destruction skill and at the end of the main “damager”. As a result, you can defeat an opponent who has a total strength of 10-20 thousand more.

To consistently farm resources, you need to be in a certain league. Going to a higher league is not always useful, because your team will already be much weaker in comparison to the others. Focusing on a fast team is ideal for beginners, who only want to get resources from the arena for victories.

Secrets of victory in the arena

To sum it up

If you do the right thing, you should be able to win the arena and pass the whole campaign on one of the difficulty levels within the first few days. In general, players need to stick to the following sequence:

  • Upgrade Cael (or other main character) to level 50 as soon as possible and pump his skills;
  • Obtain 10-15 high-star artifacts in the dungeons or in the missions;
  • Complete the entire campaign on normal difficulty;
  • Assemble a team for the arena;
  • Start collecting characters for the “feed”.

In parallel, always keep an eye on the timed game events, as all other activities will be reduced to a routine. Also, don’t forget that the developers of RAID: Shadow Legends are constantly giving away codes for February 2024 that give players lots of free gifts.