Revengers Dream codes for April 2024 – boosts and spins

Last Updated on 21.04.2024

In Revengers Dream you have the chance to immerse yourself in the exciting world of street fighting, where every punch and every move counts. Take to the streets of Tokyo Revenger’s universe and live the life of a real fighter. But remember that you have codes that can become your faithful companions in this journey, unlocking access to a variety of rewards and improvements.

In this world of brutality and struggle for survival, your ability to fight will be your greatest asset. The stronger and braver you take to the streets, the more respect and authority you will earn. Meet the challenges, gather your team and show everyone who’s the real boss!

However, be prepared for ruthless fights and unpredictable events.

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Revengers Dream codes

  • supa5250 – 15 Customization Tokens (NEW)
  • CRAZY5000 – 10 Spins, 5 Skill Rerolls, 1 Fighter’s Pass Tier
  • UPDATE1 – 50 Clan Spins
  • 4000 – 40 Clan Spins
  • 3750lkes – 5000 Yen, 15 Customization Tokens
  • 3500likethegame – 35 Clan Spins
  • RELEASE – free rewards

In order to use the codes, you need to join the game group.

Expired codes

  • 4750code
  • 4500slowly
  • 3250
  • 3000yipiee
  • quickCode
  • already2750Likes
  • 2500LikesInsane
  • 2250like?
  • Big2kLikes
  • dataloss
  • 500CCU
  • quick1750Likes
  • 1500Likees
  • 1250LikesFr
  • 1kLikesThankYou
  • grrBugs
  • gripbug
  • extraCompensationCode
  • LBugs
  • w800Likes

How to redeem Revengers Dream codes?

Once the code is ready to be activated in the game, proceed as follows:

  • On your device, launch Roblox Revengers Dream.
  • Select Customization from the main menu by clicking on it.
  • In the Insert Code Here text box located in the lower left corner, type your code.
  • To get your free goods, hit Enter!

How to redeem Revengers Dream codes?

Thus, that concludes the Revengers Dream wiki’s coverage of codes. A single code in Revengers Dream can only be used once, so please be aware of it. Once you have claimed the benefits, it will not function if you attempt to redeem it again.

How can I obtain additional Revengers Dream codes?

On social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, Discord, YouTube, Trello, and Reddit, Hoodlum Interactive developers share the updated codes. Regularly checking their social media handles will allow you to gather these codes. Additionally, remember to search for codes within the official Roblox group.

Revengers Dream offers you not only the opportunity to become a street gang leader, but also to test yourself in a violent world where every decision has consequences. Immerse yourself in this exciting world and prove your strength on the streets of Tokyo Revenger’s!