Revived Witch – Top Tips for Pumping and Combat

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Yostar’s new game, Revived Witch, combines beautiful visuals with an unusual combat system, a vibrant world to explore, and fascinating puzzles in a wonderful way. Revived Witch is easy and enjoyable to play – but a few tips can’t hurt, anyway. There’s no game that can’t be improved by a competent guide!

Revived Witch - Top Tips for Newcomers

Tip 1: Click on everything

Revived Witch is an exploration game, so feel free to click on everything you see. Lever, button, chest – everywhere you can get some small but nice reward. Sometimes you’ll have to solve a puzzle to do so.

The objects you can interact with are marked on your mini-map… which brings us to our next tip.

Tip 2: Use the mini-map

On the game screen, you can’t always immediately recognize that you can tap on an object, but take a look at the mini-map, and you’ll get the hang of it. In addition, it shows objects that you can’t see yet, but you can see if you look somewhere or go around a wall. In general, look at the mini-map as often as possible – especially when you enter a new area.

Also note that the mini-map shows the number of chests in the current play area – how many and how many you have already opened. So you don’t have to search all the nooks and crannies ten times: you will know exactly when you have collected all the chests.

Tip 3: Conserve Chaos Power

As a rule, you don’t need to do anything complicated to defeat ordinary enemies: just call out the right spells. However, more difficult enemies, such as bosses, require a special approach. When fighting them, you need to constantly interrupt their spells so as not to get too much energy.

These spells require Chaos energy, a rare resource that is generated when you cast Order spells. Order energy, in turn, is regenerated automatically. Thus, you’ll have very little Chaos Energy at the beginning of the battle… if you spend it unwisely. Try to make sure that you have a supply of this energy at the beginning of every hard battle, otherwise you’ll have a hard time.

Keep at least 3 Chaos energies in reserve so that you can use Mind’s Eye or a similar skill at the right moment.

Tip 4: Build a squad with character types and elements in mind

As much exploration and puzzles as there is in Revived Witch, battles remain at the heart of the gameplay. Many of them are uncomplicated chores, but some of the enemies will make you tense. To ensure that no one can catch you off guard, you need to assemble the right squad.

As with any gacha game, you need to consider the types of characters you take into battle. Revived Witch has six types of characters that play different roles in a squad:

  • Guardian: Tank characters who have high defense and can reduce damage to allies.
  • Assassin: Characters who deal huge amounts of damage to a single target and can also reach distant targets.
  • Healer: Support characters, mainly engaged in healing allies.
  • Destroyer: Characters that deal large amounts of physical damage.
  • Compeller: Support characters who can cast buffs and debuffs, as well as some healing.
  • Mage: Characters that deal a lot of magical damage.

You should strive to find a fair balance, rather than just stuffing characters that “hurt” into your squad. Try to take at least one healer and a guardian, otherwise your squad can fall apart in an instant. The other characters can do as much damage as they want!

It’s also a good idea to consider your characters’ elemental affiliation. If all members of your main squad are of the same element, their health, attack and defense increase by 10%. If your backup squad is from the same element, that bonus goes up to 15%.

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Tip 5: Use codes

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These tips will help you get used to Revived Witch and complete the first story missions, but it’s up to you to explore and conquer the game further. You’ll discover many gameplay features and modes that will make the gameplay more challenging, but more fun!