Robending Online Element Tier List (April 2024) – best elements to use

Last Updated on 04.04.2024

When you first enter the world of Robending Online, instantly immerse yourself in the thrilling experience of controlling the elements. Once you become an element master, you literally summon the power of nature to fight exciting battles and win glory in this unique game on the Roblox platform. But which element to choose? The Robending Online tier list will help you on this exciting journey.

Robending Online Element Tier List

Don’t forget that in addition to the basic elements, you also have access to sub-abilities and moves that can greatly affect your play style. Build your character wisely, choosing a combination of elements and abilities that fit your unique approach to combat.

S Tier

  • Fire
  • Lightning (Fire subbending)
  • Lava (Earth subbending)
  • Sixth Sense (Non-element)

A Tier

  • Earth
  • Healing (Water subbending)
  • Metal (Earth subbending)
  • Combustion (Fire subbending)
  • Rapid Punches (Non-element)
  • Smoke Bomb (Non-element)

B Tier

  • Water
  • Bloodbending (Water subbending)
  • Quake Stomp (Non-element)

C Tier

  • Air
  • Sand (Earth subbending)
  • Lasso Pull (Non-element)
  • Lasso Leap (Non-element)

D Tier

  • Spiritual Projection (Air subbending)
  • Flight (Air subbending)
  • String Throw (Non-element)

Also, don’t forget to utilize useful reward codes to enhance your character and gain additional advantages in battles. In Robending Online, every decision and every choice counts, so build your character wisely and show everyone who’s the true master of the elements here!