Rush Royale – Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

Rush Royale is a mobile fantasy Tower Defense game developed by IT Territory and published by My.Games. Players need to assemble various characters and put them on the board to defend their fortress from a variety of monsters. In duel mode, the most resilient user wins, and in a team match, you will have to endure many different waves to get the biggest reward. This beginner’s guide will teach you the basics of both genres, tell you about the most effective cards, and help you get a quicker understanding of Rush Royale.

Start with the basics of gameplay

At the beginning of each match, both players have a board covered with a 15-cell grid. This is needed to place their units. Each match starts with 100 mana, which is used to summon characters from the starting deck used and to pump them up. All summoned soldiers are randomly selected and automatically placed on any available cell. To compensate for the lack of space, you can combine two identical units. To do this, drag one character onto the other. This will result in an entirely new random character with improved rate of fire.

For such a merge, the selected units must be of the same rank, which is indicated by a special geometric figure below the unit:

  • Rank 1 – circle;
  • Rank 2 – oval;
  • Rank 3 – triangle;
  • Rank 4 – rhombus;
  • Rank 5 – pentagonal shield;
  • Rank 6 – hexagon.

On top of everything else, merging has one important disadvantage: the total power of the merged unit is based on rank. This can lead to significant damage losses when combining highly ranked characters. For example, there are two second ranked units on the board that have 200 power each. When they merge, a third-ranked hero will appear, but he only has 300 power. In this case, the hero will lose 100 power. Such actions markedly reduce the combat effectiveness of the defense, so it is not recommended to be over-enthusiastic when using the merge feature.

You can get mana by killing enemies. It is used to buy new soldiers and improve existing ones. The cost of summoning units increases with each use, so be careful when buying extra firepower. To improve your characters, you need to click on the corresponding icon at the bottom of the screen. This action increases the strength not only of the deployed heroes, but also of all subsequent heroes. You can upgrade no more than four times per match, and the cost of performing this action is doubled each time you use it:

1 improvement – 100 mana;
2 improvement – 200 mana;
3 improvement – 400 mana;
4 improvement – 800 mana;

Explore and control your characters

Only five defenders can be taken into each battle at a time. There are three slots in the deck settings that allow you to save three teams at once. This allows you to quickly switch between them before selecting another mode or starting the next match. After completing a short tutorial, the player is offered a starting deck of five heroes:

  • Archer – has the fastest attack speed of the starting units and is the primary initial source of damage.
  • Cold Mage – slows target movement speed (negative effect is summed with each hit).
  • Fire Mage – deals area damage.
  • Lightning Mage – Character’s attack alternately targets three targets (damage decreases with each successive hit).
  • Poisoner – deals damage over time, but has the slowest attack speed.

For each victory in a match, the player receives two or three rewards:

  • coins – the main currency;
  • tokens – are required for additional prizes, depending on the current season;
  • cups – arena points in PvP-mode, which move the player up and give access to new characters and trophies at certain stages.

Before the start of each match, you can watch one commercial to increase the potential rewards and receive crystals (premium currency). Exceptions are cups, which are issued strictly by the rules of the current arena. Arena rank affects the search for an equal opponent, whose level will coincide with the current position of the player.

All unlocked characters are displayed in the relevant section and are distinguished by their rarity among themselves. The higher it is, the greater the strength of the unit. New cards are purchased in a special store for coins, as well as obtained by opening chests throughout the game. Duplicates of all cards are used to increase their level and improve their current characteristics. For a fee, you can perform this action, the cost of which increases with each stage of pumping. Rarer characters also require a significant amount of gold to improve. It is mandatory to pump heroes, as it increases the multiplier of critical damage to the whole deck.

Not all defenders are designed for direct combat. Some units specialize only in improving the player’s forces or moving them around the board. Below are some examples of standard heroes that can be unlocked at the start of the game:

  • Priestess – provides a mana bonus when merging or killing a monster.
  • Reaper – has a small chance to instantly kill a target (doesn’t work on bosses).
  • Engineer – one of the most useful standard heroes, as it increases its damage when standing next to other Engineers vertically and horizontally.
  • Sniper – increases his damage against bosses and focuses on enemies with the most health.
  • Guardian of the Portal – can swap with another character of the same rank.
  • Banner – does not attack enemies, but increases the attack speed of all units adjacent to it.
  • Bombardier – with a small change can stun any target.
  • Chemist – Increases the damage to the enemy with each shot.

Preparing for PvP battles

In PvP mode, all monsters will appear on the left side of the screen and move along a special path that skirts the board with the characters used. Their goal is to reach the hero’s castle and go inside. The player has only three lives, so the match ends as soon as they run out. All monsters will constantly appear, but any minion killed on the user’s side will immediately revive on the opposite side of the opponent’s field and vice versa. There are three types of monsters: standard green ones, accelerated yellow ones with little health, and purple slow mini-bosses that eat two lives at once when reaching a castle.

Each round in the match lasts two minutes and begins with selecting a random boss. After time expires, a boss will appear on each side of the field, which will receive extra health for each living monster in its lane. In addition to plenty of health, each boss has abilities that they apply several times along the way. Bosses also take two lives when they reach the castle. As long as they move toward their goal, there will be no other minions on the board. Here’s a small list of bosses you can encounter in the game:

  • Tribunal – equalizes both grids, destroying the extra units, and the slowdown effects have no effect on him.
  • Sorcerer – summons a meteorite that destroys one character on the board, replenishes its health and cancels all negative effects.
  • Gorgon – periodically turns two characters to stone with no attack options, but active unit effects will still apply.
  • Tamer – Summons multiple monsters for distraction.
  • Bedlam – periodically turns all characters on the table into random characters from the deck in use.

If both players can survive the boss attack, a new random boss will be selected before the start of the next round, which will have noticeably more health in the next fight. Keep in mind that at a certain rank of the arena when losing in PvP-matches penalties will be applied, reducing the progress of the cups. However, one victory in a battle will easily cover the loss. The main thing is not to lose too many times in a row.

Only one life in cooperative mode

Cooperative matches give no margin for error, as trainers are given only one life. If at least one monster reaches the castle, the battle ends, at the end of which each user will receive a reward, depending on the number of waves endured. This mode is more like the traditional Tower Defense type, in which both players defend the same castle.

Now both lanes meet in the middle of the field and follow the players’ castle. Both users can fire on all monsters. Bosses will appear every ten waves, and the functions of some characters will be changed. Now, any unit that interfered with another player will benefit a teammate.

Complete quests and get more chests

As the arena rank increases, new quests open up. Daily quests are updated every 24 hours, and seasonal missions last for an extended period. In most cases, quests can be performed in any mode. For completing them, the player is rewarded with special tokens for which various rewards can be obtained. Some gifts are closed, so you must purchase a paid premium pass to receive them.

The main source of new cards are chests, which are obtained in three ways:

  • arena rank advancement;
  • for completing quests and receiving season tokens;
  • purchase in the store.

In addition to the basic options for obtaining chests, there are two other tricks that will allow you not to waste earned or purchased premium crystals:

  • The promotional Mega Chest, which is given out after viewing ten ads in Rush Royale;
  • An incentive chest for three consecutive defeats in PvP mode, which can be obtained by watching ads.

Tips for PvP and cooperative matches

Here are some tips to help increase your win rate and team stamina in co-op:

  • If you have resources, be sure to upgrade any characters before matches. These upgrades not only increase unit parameters, but also increase the critical damage bonus for all allied units on the field. This is especially noticeable on characters with high attack speed, as they will be more likely to take critical hits when they merge. There are also several heroes available for purchase for coins and a special set that can be obtained by watching commercials every eight hours.
  • You must use different tactics in PvP and cooperative matches. Do not expect that using the same deck in completely different modes will help achieve a positive result. PvP requires units that can destroy enemies as quickly as possible. In a cooperative match, more balanced decks will be appropriate, as both players are required to work together to survive.
  • Do not expect an ally to be able to survive alone in cooperative mode, as subsequent waves always become stronger.
  • In all modes, you must fill the board with characters as quickly as possible. This will take a little time, but will give you an idea of the subsequent fusion strategy. It is advisable to merge the weakest units immediately, otherwise the player may not have enough damage to destroy minions at the beginning of the game.
  • It is not necessary to use merge all the time, as the overall damage of the squad will become weaker. Merge must be done when the remaining characters are confident in their abilities.

Consider the tactics of the bosses

Against each boss you need to use the appropriate strategy that will help avoid loss of health:

  • The Tamer and Gorgon have very few abilities, so against them it’s enough to put the strongest characters who can deal the enemy very quickly. Gorgon’s petrification will add some difficulty to the player, but she is vulnerable to debuffs and sustained damage.
  • Randomizing Bedlam for the board can potentially cost the player a matchup, as all characters will be completely altered. It is not a good idea to use fusion on altered units, as it will markedly reduce a player’s combat ability.
  • The Sorcerer and Tribunal are much more dangerous than the other bosses. These powerful enemies can destroy useful player characters. Against them it is advisable to use slowing and stunning units that can interrupt any ability, so it is necessary to think in advance about a starting deck that can handle any boss.

Rush Royale Codes: How to Redeem, New Rewards and More

Get free rewards

There are several ways to get free rewards in Rush Royale: crystals, gold coins, and cards, which can also be obtained from chests and the store:

  • Get daily rewards. The player can collect free gems or free gold from the store each day. This requires logging into the game every 8 hours to update it. This will allow you to get 2-3 rewards in one day. You can also buy new cards, but it is not recommended to do this, because most of the standard characters will be unlocked in PvP. Don’t forget to go to the settings to explore the knowledge base, as the player is rewarded with a small amount of precious crystals for examining some of the notes.
  • Complete daily and seasonal quests. For successfully completing quests, the player is given chests from which gold and new cards can be obtained. This will help markedly increase progress in the game.
  • Watch ads. For watching ten ads, the player is granted access to a Mega Chest, from which you can get some gold and crystals.
  • Use Rush Royale codes for May 2024 to get rewards.

Use the standard deck on the small arena rank

Use the combination of the Engineer and the Portal Keeper in the initial arenas. This requires filling the board and using the Portal Keeper to bring all Engineers closer together for a bonus. This tactic is quite costly, so it is advisable to bring a Priestess into the battle to get extra mana.

The Engineer damage boost only works if there are at least two Engineers nearby, so you should only start merging when there are four such units on the field. This tactic is aimed at quickly destroying single targets, so for a balanced lineup you should take characters with mass damage and control, such as the Fire Mage and the Cold Mage.

In the second or third arena you can use standard characters: Archer, Poisoner, Lightning Mage, Fire Mage, and Cold Mage. This deck is very good for players at a low arena level. If you already have an Engineer in your card collection, it is best to replace the Poisoner with one.

How to get legendary cards

Legendary characters significantly enhance the player’s deck. There are several ways to get the legendary characters:

  • Store. If you have 40,000 coins, you can buy a legendary card in the store. To do this you will have to save up coins for a long time and wait for the appearance of the unit in the store.
  • Legendary Chest. You can get a Legendary card from the Legendary Chest. The first card chest will open when you reach 1950 arena cubes, and the second for 3950. All you have to do is progress through the game and climb up the arena. You can also get two chests in a free season pass: the first opens at level 53 and the second at level 103. To do this, complete daily and seasonal challenges to increase your pass progress.
  • Other chests. With a small chance, access to the legendary card can open in seasonal or enchanted chests. To get the former you must join the league after reaching 4,000 arena cups. At the end of the season, the player will receive the appropriate chest. An enchanted chest is available for every 1,000 tokens; however, it has a very low chance of yielding a legendary unit.
  • Crystals. The store sells Master and Master chests for premium crystals.

Rush Royale: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Use the best cards in your builds

There are currently five non-legendary characters in the game that significantly enhance any player deck:

  • Engineer. This card is used to deal a huge amount of damage. One of the must-have cards in medium arenas.
  • Plague Doctor. An epic card that becomes available after reaching 1850 arena cups. This character uses poison, which deals damage to all characters that pass over the spilled liquid.
  • Bombardier. Opens at 1650 arena trophies and is one of the best cards for cooperative mode. This unit can help at any stage of the game. He has the ability to stun bosses and monsters.
  • Vampire. Another epic card that unlocks in the fifth arena. The character bites the target and provides the player with mana. At max level, it generates 10 mana units.
  • Sniper. A rare card that unlocks at 1750 arena cubes. This hero deals a tremendous amount of damage at max level. Can be used in any mode.