Sakura Stand codes (April 2024) – tokens and boosts

Last Updated on 13.04.2024

Trying to find the most recent Sakura Stand codes for April 2024? You’re in the correct place, I suppose. The most recent active codes that you can use to get some free gifts are compiled in this guide. In-game items, cash, and boosters are just a few examples of these. We update this list as frequently as new codes are made available, therefore we advise bookmarking this page and returning soon.

Immerse yourself in a universe inspired by the well-known Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise. You’ll probably enjoy this game if you’ve read the manga or watched the anime! It’s a fighting game with elements of relaxation, akin to the Rune Factory series. Spend some time taking care of your farm or go into combat with several foes.

You have come to the right site if you’re seeking for the Roblox Sakura Stand codes for April 2024. The Sakura Stand codes on our list are current.

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New Sakura Stand codes

  • 115KLikess – rewards (NEW)
  • 110KLikes – x2 EXP+ 1 token (NEW)
  • CLASSICAUDDY – Tokens – between 500 – 1500 (NEW)
  • ThisFateWasFatedForTheFatedFate – Will of Fate Title
  • ShutdownMB – x2 EXP for 2 Hours
  • 105KLikes – 2000 tokens
  • justice—Boosts (For new servers only)
  • 100KLikes – free rewards
  • BugsFix2—Boosts
  • BugsFix—Boosts
  • SorryforShutdown – free rewards
  • HolidayEvent – free rewards
  • TYForFollowing—Boosts
  • HolidayEvent—Boosts
  • StandProudGreenBoy – free rewards
  • Sakura2077 – free rewards
  • what – free rewards
  • MorningEveryone – free rewards
  • ANewGame – 2000 tokens
  • FOURTHSHUTDOWN – free rewards
  • AuddyCOOKED – Random 1-1000 Tokens
  • WHISPERTEAM – 1000 Tokens
  • HeIsGone – 1 Token
  • sorryguys – 900 Tokens
  • SlowShutdownSorry—200 Tokens
  • Cid – 200 Tokens
  • ShadowGarden – 200 Tokens
  • EminenceInSakura – 200 Tokens
  • CursedSpiritManipulation – 15 minutes of x2EXP
  • ThisAintBalanced – 10K Cash
  • 100M—50k Cash and 800 Tokens
  • 20KActiveIsCrazy!—20k Cash and 400 Tokens
  • VesselOfLife—10k Cash
  • LateShutdown—10k Cash
  • Halloween2023—200 Tokens
  • Fushiguro – 10K Cash
  • SorcererHunter – 80 Tokens
  • W – $10K Cash
  • ThankYouForTheSupport – 200 Tokens
  • Limitless – free rewards
  • Fate – free rewards
  • HolyGrailWar – free rewards
  • Fate – free rewards
  • Yowaimo – free rewards
  • Dying – boosts
  • PureLove – boosts
  • Sorcerer – boosts
  • ThanksForPlaying – boosts
  • Origin – 80 tokens
  • Shinra – double XP
  • Rizzuku – double XP
  • WhatTheHellMan – cash
  • Flamescion – double XP

Expired codes

  • GamemodeeUpd
  • BugFixesDuh
  • SakunaFingerIncident
  • CodeBugFix

How do I redeem Sakura Stand codes?

Since Sakura Stand’s code system is unique compared to other games, several players have reported difficulties using codes. The steps listed below should be followed to redeem a code at Sakura Stand:

  • Start Sakura Stand first on your computer or mobile device.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Enter your code.
  • Press Enter.

How do I redeem Sakura Stand codes?

What are Sakura Stand codes?

By way of the developer Sakura Pro Max, who is likely to offer fresh codes for each milestone reached, Sakura Stand codes give you access to key in-game items. It would be advisable to bookmark this website so that you can be informed when certain freebies become available.

Where can I find codes for Sakura Stand?

If new Sakura Stand codes ever appear, the best place to look is in the description area of the game’s Roblox page.

You may also sign up for the official Discord server for the Sakura Stand community. You may engage with other players in the game’s community, access the most recent game announcements, the entire update log, sneak peaks, and much more on the Discord server, which is a fantastic community hub. Naturally, it’s a terrific spot to find all the most recent codes.