Second Piece Races Guide – everything you need to know about the races in the game

Last Updated on 03.04.2024

Second Piece, much like numerous Roblox RPGs, features a Race system dictating the stats and abilities of your in-game character. Through our comprehensive Second Piece races guide, you can explore all available options and discover methods for rerolling to discover your preferred race.

Second Piece Races List

Within this guide, we will delve into the functionalities of each race present in the game, their respective probabilities of being rolled, and strategies for rerolling your race. Before you go, make sure to take a look at our Second Piece codes and Second Piece tier list!

Below is a comprehensive roster detailing all available races within Second Piece, including their probabilities of being rolled and the benefits they bestow upon your character:

  • Human
    • Roll Chance – 70%
    • Ability – Boosts your damage output by 5%.
  • Mink
    • Roll Chance – 30%
    • Ability – Enhances both your general movement speed and the velocity of your dashes.
  • Fishman
    • Roll Chance – 30%
    • Ability – Augments both your defensive capabilities and your velocity while swimming.
  • Demon
    • Roll Chance – 10%
    • Ability – Elevates your damage output by 20%.
  • Draconic
    • Roll Chance – 1%
    • Ability – Amplifies the potency of your Fire-based skills. Additionally, bestows the Active Skill Draconic Roar, capable of stunning and damaging nearby adversaries.
  • Arrancar
    • Roll Chance – 1%
    • Ability – Endows you with the Active Skill Hierro, enabling temporary reduction of incoming damage by 67%, alongside the Passive Skill Sonido.

How to reroll race in Second Piece?

When creating a character in Second Piece, you are assigned a race randomly, but you’re not bound to it if it doesn’t suit your preferences. You have the option to reroll your race to find one that better aligns with your play style. To do this, access the in-game Shop by clicking on the shop icon located on the left-hand side of the screen. From there, select the Race Reroll option.

Each reroll will cost you 49 Robux, which translates to approximately 62 p/c in real money. As of now, this is the sole method available for rerolling your race. Therefore, if you’re strictly playing for free, you’ll have to accept the race initially assigned to you by fate.