Secrets, tips and tricks of Clash Royale

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Clash Royale, the game from the creators of the world-famous hit Clash of Clans, offers a new gameplay formula that combines elements of collectible card games and Supercell’s most popular strategy game. While the game offers accelerated progression through arenas with the help of microtransactions, it is not at all necessary to use them. It is possible to achieve fast results without investing money, here is how to do it.


Each player has three buildings on the field, you must save your own and destroy the enemy. This is achieved through heroes summoned to the field with the help of cards. Cards use up elixir, which is the only resource in battle and accumulates over time.

New cards can be obtained by opening chests, winning battles or buying them in the store.
Each card has a specific cost to use. When you make a deck, the “average elixir waste” index appears, which shows which cards in the deck are more “expensive” or “cheap”.
Be sure to visit the TV Royale section, which contains the most notable matches of the best players, from which you can learn different tactics and deck builds.

The game has two currencies: gold and crystals (gems), you earn gold by participating in battles, crystals, knocking out achievements. The easiest way to get 100 crystals at once is to reach the third level and join the clan. You’ll need them to buy epic cards.

Sometimes, when you start a match, you may see a pig rider or someone else already rushing towards you. This is not a bug. If you tap on the screen the moment the player names pop up, you can start the fight immediately. This is exactly what your opponent does when he releases troops early.

Clash Royale Tricks and secrets

How to Get Gold

The bulk of coins come out of chests: wooden, silver, gold, or royal chests. Wooden chests appear every 4 hours, so be sure to check them as often as possible. Silver chests, available every 3 hours, and they’re also given out if you win a battle. Gold chests can be opened once every 8 hours, and royal chests only once per day. There is a very small chance (about 1 in 30) that you will be rewarded for winning a battle with a Magic Chest containing 41 cards in addition to gold, including at least 1 epic and 8 rare cards.

Save your wealth for the truly important goals. Don’t waste gold by buying ordinary cards in packs. Every day, a unique card worth 2,000 gold coins appears in the store. Any of them are precious, but while you’re saving, you can find out what unique cards even exist. That said, there are always those cards in your deck that require an upgrade, but before you upgrade them, be sure you really need one.

If it’s gold that you need urgently, you can buy it with accumulated crystals, for only 60 gems, you’ll get 1000 gold.

How to Build a Deck

There are only 107 cards in Clash Royale, and you’re only allowed 8 of them into your deck, which makes choosing and combining them very difficult for optimal results.

To make it easier to come up with your own combinations and combinations of cards, you can classify them:

  • Ground troops – attack only from the ground
  • Air troops – flying units that can attack from the air, but are protected from some ground troops (Bomber, Prince, Knight, Valkyrie)
  • Hand-to-hand troops – attacking only at close range
  • Long-ranged units – ranged attackers (better to have them behind the melee units)

All cards, be they heroes or spells, fall into two categories: those that deal spot damage and those that spread it out over a wide area. The former are good for destroying enemy tanks, the latter for killing a group of weak units, like a skeleton army. In the deck you need both to withstand different attacks and at the same time to be able to launch, for example, a fireball at the enemy’s fortress.

Soon after starting the game, cards will open that allow you to attack not only on the ground, but also from the air. You should always be prepared for such a development. Therefore, be sure to include units that can attack aerial targets, such as musketeers or a horde of minions, in any deck.

Whenever possible, it’s worth including buildings in your deck, as they are a great help in both attacking and defending, distracting enemy troops directly from your main structures.
You should never forget to attack, as it is the best defense tactic. For this, you should always have a couple of attacking tanks in your deck, like a giant, a rider, or a balloon.
In addition to the extremes that need to be combined, at first you will be of great help with universal cards, which are good for any tactic of the game. These can include archer or knight, the latter is especially useful against witches, which he kills with practically one hit.
The most important indicator for your deck is not even the uniqueness of the units used in it, but the “average elixir waste”, which shows which tactic you’re following. It’s best to keep this number between 3.7 and 4.5. If you drop below the first number you will most likely be nonstop throwing light troops, trying to hold back the siege, and if you exceed the second, you will simply not have enough time to empty your hand.

In the later stages of the game (starting in the fourth arena), consider that each card must interact with at least two others (as it did with point and wide attacks), so that any combination of them in your hand will give you an advantage on offense.

How to Win a Battle

Wait until the elixir bar fills up before starting a battle. There is no point in rushing your troops immediately to attack. For example, if you put the prince out immediately, your opponent will easily resist with a skeleton tomb, having spent 2 fewer units and having saved up the same amount before. On the defensive, if you put up a tower of hell immediately, your opponent not only has more time to think about his tactics, they also won’t have to work long to bring it down – it only lasts for 40 seconds.

Usually you will meet those who are waiting for the elixir to fill up completely. In that case, you have two options:

  • Start the turn yourself, then you get a small but still advantageous resource inflow.
  • Respond to the attack, you can defend better, but you lose the elixir difference. Usually the first is preferable.

Start with light troops. There’s no reason to play the beginning of the game with expensive units. If you have a prince and archers in your hand, it’s always better to choose archers, as they cost less elixir. This will help determine your opponent’s tactics. From both prince and archers, the opponent will be able to fend off the skeleton tomb and then counterattack. If you lose a small unit, you will not only know what strategy he chose, but also be able to counter a significant force to the giant and musketeer if a massive attack has begun.

To create a dangerous combination, take your troops out from the end of the map. Often you can see how seasoned players land their units not near bridges, but behind their own towers. This is done in order to assemble a deadly squad. If you want to create a rattling mix of giant, musketeer and witch, it’s better to send the giant from the corner of the field while he will reach the bridge you will accumulate 9 elixirs to join him with the other two.
Always attack one tower. You don’t need to spread your forces over two at once or rush between them. One destroyed tower can both give you victory and give you access to your opponent’s field to destroy the base of his entire base.

If you started the battle with a weak starting hand, it is best to go on the defensive, using an army of skeletons if you are attacked by a knight, and arrows if a barrel of goblins falls on the tower. If you manage to repel the first wave of attack, you will have the advantage of a counterattack.

As mentioned in the section on deckbuilding, there are two types of cards: those designed to hit points, and those that deal damage to all at once. When attacking enemy towers, try to combine these two types of troops by placing tanks in front of them as a shield in front of the attacking archers. This way you will keep your strike force longer.

Optimal combinations to attack: knight and baby dragon; giant and army of skeletons.
If possible, have a card for “slowing down”. In a game there often comes a moment when both players are exhausted and waiting for action from the other, this is the perfect time to make even a minimal attack, such as with skeletons.

There are two ways to play: offensively and defensively. Although there are universal cards, you need to understand which ones you can’t defend and which ones you can’t attack. Never use anti-air units like minions or troops like skeletons to attack, they won’t have time to reach and deal damage, meaning your elixir will be wasted (if you field them alone, but combinations with other cards can work). The best ones to attack are Knight, Valkyrie, and Giant. Use balloon and rider when you are sure that the opponent can’t resist them.

Note that when one of the opposing player’s defensive towers is destroyed, a small patch of map appears on his half of the field, where you can place your heroes, take advantage of this if you want to destroy the main tower.

Defensive cards are primarily used to change the balance of your elixir supply in your favor. For example, if you destroy a goblin barrel with arrows as soon as it lands, the difference between your opponent’s elixir spent on attack and yours on defense is 1 in your favor, giving you a stronger card to use. Rockets kill goblin huts, giving you 2 elixir points. Lightning kills witches, musketeers, and wizards, making your cost equal.

Never fill the elixir bar to maximum, you still can’t get all the top heroes out, but the purple substance will stop flowing for a while, and in this game even a second of delay is disastrous.

As opposed to futile hoarding, don’t spend all of your elixir on attacking, as that makes you an easy target for the enemy’s crushing attack. Save some of your elixir for a back-up plan.

Not all enemies require your direct intervention. Always assess the danger threatening your camp, Clash Royale is a game about attacking rather than defending, so focus your efforts on attacking without worrying about minor threats.

If you find yourself in a desperate situation: you only have the main tower standing, you have a knight heading for it and you don’t have enough elixir points to get the units you need. If that’s the case, it’s best to have a couple of light cards responsible for building buildings. While the knight is busy destroying them, your tower will bombard him (and probably kill him), and you’ll accumulate more Elixir to retaliate.

Each unit has its own emergence time, you need to take this into account to avoid wasting elixir. For example, if you release a little dragon in front of a horde of minions, you can destroy it, but if you’re late, it will get into their clutches and everything will be exactly the opposite.

There are times when you don’t have any cards left in your hand to defend, then the best solution is to let all available units attack on the other line.

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