Shadovis RPG codes for April 2024 – cosmetics

Last Updated on 12.04.2024

Shadovis RPG takes you on an exciting quest. This Roblox game has six different kingdoms for you to explore and conquer as you strive to become the ultimate warrior. As you travel, collect various weapons, gear, and spells as you face various enemies.

Keep a look-out for codes in Shadovis RPG for April 2024, which will grant you various goodies like as weapons, accessories, and goods. These codes will also have expiration dates, so use them before they expire. We’ve gathered a list of accessible codes to help you gain gear and other rewards in Shadovis RPG.

Items, XP, and power-ups are important in any good RPG, which is why we have this Shadovis RPG codes guide. Some may argue that this is cheating, but we believe it is more resourceful. You can also get some fantastic cosmetic things if kicking butt isn’t enough. You must look good while doing it.

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Active Shadovis RPG codes

  • overlord – unlock The Great Pour (new!)
  • jingle – 75 free tokens
  • freebie – 1,000 free Event Tokens
  • frosted – double XP for one hour
  • photon – photon ring
  • craft – ring of transmutation
  • sleepy – double XP for one hour
  • bells – 125 Event Tokens
  • late update enjoyers –  double XP for two hours
  • joindiscord – leafy sprig
  • swag – double XP for one hour
  • brokenasgame – 69 tokens
  • 60000likes – charged ice dagger
  • rockin – regular guitar
  • 75000likes – dusk blade
  • crafting enjoyer – double XP for one hour
  • 50000likes – giant bo staff
  • 25000likes – party hat
  • falchion – champions falchion
  • Million2 – wanwood antlers
  • 15000likes – party bazooka
  • Million – wanwood antlers
  • 7500likes – gold ring
  • Twitter – fledgling ringlet

Expired codes

  • haunting

How can I use my Shadovis RPG codes?

It is simple to redeem Shadovis RPG codes for April 2024. Simply follow these steps:

  • Start Roblox
  • Launch game
  • Select the ‘$’ icon.
  • At the bottom right of the screen, tap ‘enter code.’
  • Enter your code here.
  • Click the redeem button.
  • Have fun with your freebie!

Where can I get more Shadovis RPG Codes?

Join the Shadovis RPG Twitter and Discord for more codes. You can also bookmark this page since we will update it as new codes become available. So be sure to come back frequently to see if there are any new Shadovis RPG codes.