Shadow Fight 3: Best Tricks and Tips

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

If you want to start playing Shadow Fight 3 properly, or you’ve already started, but have encountered some difficulties, this guide will help you. Here, you will get sensible tips on how to play and win more often.

Don’t hit the keys

This is the most important piece of advice for every beginning player. What do beginners do when they first enter the arena? Often they just press the stick on the enemy and try to press the attack as fast as possible – which is fundamentally wrong. The thing is that the animations in the game are strictly fixed, which means that they can’t be undone during playback. That is, roughly speaking, by pressing the attack many times you make your character perform combos, but you can’t dodge the enemy’s oncoming attack or stop the combo after seeing the enemy’s block (who, in his turn, can just wait until the end of the attack animation and strike you sharply).

“Rush” in this game is not a good idea at all. Shadow Fight 3 in general can be called a kind of “turn-based” fighting game, where it’s rather important not to nail your enemy as quickly as possible, but to predict his attacks and respond effectively to them. To play competently, you need to know your weapon’s blows, understand their speed and distance, and do the same with the enemy’s weapon. If the enemy is holding axes – he will attack close, don’t let him get close. Is the enemy holding a spear? Shorten your distance. Are you clamped in the corner by quick attacks with two swords? Wait for the end of the combination in a block and throw the enemy behind you. At the start of the battle, it will be effective to stand in the block or bounce back to see what your opponent will do and make plans accordingly – and it will be ineffective to attack first.

Don’t be afraid of “impossible”

Going through the story chapters, you will quickly enough encounter the fact that the level of difficulty of the next battle will be marked as “difficult”, “insane” and “impossible”. Moreover, when trying to enter such a battle, you will even be asked to improve your equipment so as not to lose. The advice, of course, is useful, but without investing real money sometimes it is difficult to quickly improve the equipment you need, and the enemy wants to defeat now. And this is quite real, despite all the assurances of the game – just go in and try, if you lose, you will not lose anything, and if you try, you win and get a reward.

However, do not throw yourself at the enemy in vain – if you see that you can not destroy the enemy more than a quarter of health, and he puts you down in one or two attacks, it’s time to improve your armor and weapons.

Rise up the arena rankings incrementally

As you win in the arena, you’ll increase your ‘dan’. A dan is similar to a league, so once you’re up your dan, you can fight against stronger opponents. However, successful battles in the arena will drop off more valuable chests.

While valuable chests are great, it’s better not to be in too much of a hurry to the big leagues. You can fight in the arena as many times as you want and get a pretty good amount of coins for wins (about 200 when the booster pack in the first chapter costs 1000). Thus, if you want to easily accumulate a lot of coins, you can grind them on newcomers (although you play against “computer” opponents, their equipment will be taken from the new low-rated players) – lose and win in equal proportions, and increase your capital.

But here there is a small catch – you can get coins for fights in the arena only a certain number of times a day (10). Even if you don’t want to lose to newcomers and you’re fighting to win every time, it’s better to finish advancing in the arena at the moment when they stop giving you coins and wait for the next day. This way, every battle will benefit your gaming wallet.

Don’t chase “top-of-the-line” weapons

If you, for example, got rare axes with a high rating that exceeds that of all other weapons, you should not consider these axes as your new absolute weapon. Despite their higher damage, the axes in the example may have many drawbacks that reduce your effectiveness – for example, you don’t have a special attack for them, or you just don’t know how to fight with them as well as with a sword yet. Moreover, each type of weapon in the game has initial advantages over the other, so if, for example, you can’t defeat the boss with marked axes with high rating, then try another type of weapon, even if its rating is lower. It’s better to inflict a few weak attacks and get no damage than to inflict one strong one and lose.

However, if you have two weapons of the same type, one of which is higher rated (e.g. there is a rare spear and a common spear, and both of them are un-powered), then you should always choose the one with the higher rating (i.e. the rare spear). They will be handled the same way. The same goes for armor – it’s always better to wear the highest rated one, as it directly affects how much damage you can withstand.

Train in real battles

The game has a training mode – in it, you fight one of the story characters, and you can’t lose, the battle goes on forever. It would seem that this is where you need to hone your weapon skills – but no. Training can be used except to learn a new kind of weapon or a new special attack, but training in this mode is not so useful. The point is that your opponent in this mode just stands there and does not teach you anything.

It is much more useful to train on a complex plot enemy or, even better, in the arena – here you will meet a variety of opponents using different weapons in different ways. This will allow you to develop more tactics for fighting and learn to see the enemy’s “fighting style” in advance. What’s more, you also get coins for these battles, so it’s also more profitable than wasting time training in the dojo.


This guide has given you some useful tips to help you start playing Shadow Fight 3 correctly. Summarizing all said above, we’d like to say that you should play this game with cool head – work out the tactics for each weapon, wait for the right moment to attack and save your coins from the beginning of the game to pass all the chapters of story campaign without problems and then quickly move up a few dans in the arena. Also check out work Shadow Fight 3 promo codes for May 2024 for rewards.