Shattered Psycho Online codes for September 2023 – free spins, resets, and more

Last Updated on 16.09.2023

Thank you for visiting Shattered Psycho Online! We have the most recent codes to get you started in this Mob Psycho 100 anime-inspired adventure. This Roblox game has officially been released. The objective is straightforward: level up your character, search for strong new race skills, and then venture out into the world to discover and stomp on NPCs.

We often search for new Shattered Psycho Online codes because they are released to commemorate achievements and other upgrades. Since the game is still undergoing many adjustments, we anticipate that there will be a ton of new codes in the near future.

Using our Roblox Shattered Psycho Online codes for September 2023, which provide spins, stat resets, and more, shatter through the competitors in this thrilling anime experience.

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All Shattered Psycho Online codes

Active codes for September 2023:

  • TargetLock – 20,000 Yen, 4 Rare Spins, 8 Race Spins (NEW)
  • WeaponScaling – 45,000 Yen, 5 Rare Spins, 6 Race Spins (NEW)
  • Shutdown+BossNerf – 15,000 Yen, 6 Rare Spins, 3 Race Spins
  • Sorry4Shutdown – 20,000 Yen, 7 Rare Spins, 4 Race Spins
  • PAYD4Y – 50,000 Yen, 8 Rare Spins, 5 Race Spins
  • Thankyou – 10 Race Spins, 6 Rare Spins and 15 Uncommon
  • TheGrindIsReal – free spins
  • GrandReOpening! – free spins
  • IHateMidterms! – 5 race spins, 3 uncommon spins
  • 500kVisits! – 5 common spins, 3 uncommon spins
  • 4kLikes! – seven race spins, two uncommon spins
  • 1k Players! – free ten common spins, five uncommon spins, and four race spins
  • Sorry for Bugs – free five race spins
  • 100k Visits!!! – free five uncommon spins and 15 race spins
  • 75k Visits –in-game rewards
  • 40k Visits – spins
  • 25k Visits! – spins
  • SpReset2 – stat point reset
  • YayRaceSpins – spins
  • 400 Likes! – spins
  • HappyNewYears! – in-game rewards
  • FinallyASpResetCode – stat point reset
  • 5k Visits! – spins
  • 200 Likes! – spins
  • DeviousFixes! – three uncommon spins and five race spins
  • 1k Members O: – one race spin and two uncommon spins
  • 100Likes! – five race spins
  • BugFix1! – two race spins
  • RockyRelease! – two uncommon spins
  • Release! – two race spins and one uncommon spin

All Shattered Psycho Online codes

Expired SPO codes

  • TesterTest2

I have Shattered Psycho Online codes, how can I use them?

You can easily redeem your Shattered Psycho Online codes for September 2023 by following these simple instructions.

  • In Roblox, start Shattered Psycho
  • Navigate to the “Enter Code” portion of the main menu.
  • In the box, type or paste your code.
  • Tap “Enter”
  • Enjoy the benefits!

What are Shattered Psycho codes?

Shattered Psycho codes for September 2023 are freebies that the developer gives away; they typically consist of money, stat resets, or spins. As long as you roll a higher-rarety talent, spins might help you equip your character with special new powers. When the game reaches a similar milestone or in conjunction with an update or event, new codes are supplied.

Where can I find additional Shattered Psycho Online codes?

Join the game’s official Discord server to receive news, updates, and to talk with other players in order to uncover more codes. Otherwise, we’ll be adding all of the most recent codes to this wiki, so be sure to check back often!