Slouses MM2 codes for April 2024 – cosmetic items

Last Updated on 12.04.2024

Slouse’s MM2 isn’t much different than your typical Murder Mystery game on Roblox. Each round, you’ll be assigned a random character, such as an innocent victim, the killer, or the sheriff. Being the murderer is a lot of fun, since you get to try to blend in with the victims and catch the one that escaped the group. You can get fun customization options from playing or by using these Slouse’s MM2 codes for April 2024!

You may get in-game money, skins for weapons and cosmetic items, and more by entering codes in Slouse’s MM2.

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Latest Slouse’s MM2 codes

  • LIKES500 – Purple Swirly Blade (New)

Expired codes


How to redeem Slouse’s MM2 codes?

In Slouse’s MM2, maintaining life is harder than redeeming codes. While you are running away from the murderer or in the lobby, you can utilize codes. Here is how to use Slouse’s MM2’s codes.

  • Launch Slouse’s MM2.
  • Press Inventory.
  • Choose the blank text area.
  • Type the code in.
  • To redeem your prize, click Redeem.

How to get more Slouse’s MM2 codes?

The best approach to guarantee that you receive fresh codes for Slouse’s MM2 is to save this page as a bookmark (we’ll update this list with new codes as they become available). You may also follow Zyleak’s MM2 on YouTube and join the Slouse’s MM2 Discord.

What is Slouse’s MM2?

In Slouse’s MM2, participants take on several roles in a murder mystery game. Innocent players must live and are guarded by the sheriff, while one player takes on the role of the murderer and must murder innocent players. It is up to the sheriff to protect their crew from the murderer, since they are the only non-violent character with access to a weapon.