Star Stable Knowledge Base

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

It is worth noting that despite its simplicity at first sight, you will still need game secrets and nuances to successfully pass Star Stable. Some of them, in our opinion, the most useful, are listed in our knowledge base.

How to make a horse jump

Only horses whose owners have a Star Rider membership have the ability to jump, because this feature is exceptional. When you reach level 5 Justin Morland will offer you a quest that requires you to go to Steve’s farm. This is where you will find out how you can teach your horse to jump.

How to change a horse’s name

To change a horse’s name you must visit a “notary” whose location is in the village of Silver Glade. To do this you need to go to Fort Pinta and to Jarlheim. You will have to spend 135 Star Coins to change your horse’s nickname.

Note! As of today, you cannot change a character’s name or club name.

Selling a horse

Before you sell a horse, check yourself again and make sure that you really want to sell it. You cannot take the horse back after selling it.

To sell, you need to move the horse to your pasture and click on it 2 times. From the profile of this horse, you need to remove all existing equipment along with the horseshoes. Then click on “sell this horse”. This transaction will bring you 2500 shillings Jurvik. To confirm the sale, click on the “yes” button.

Note! You cannot buy a horse with Jurvik shillings, you will need Star Coins to do this.

Selling clothes and equipment

To sell unnecessary items, you need to visit the game store and drag the item you want to sell to the money icon. It is located at the bottom of the window on the right.

Tip: Do not sell the items that are needed for the quests, because after selling them, you cannot restore them back.

Can I Earn Star Coins

There is no way to earn Star Coins in the game. Depending on your Star Rider subscription, you can receive Star Coins weekly in the form of an allowance that you receive on weekends. You can also additionally buy them or find special promotions in the in-game store.

Is it possible to use the bugs

Using bugs, which give certain advantages, is forbidden. If you are caught using bugs, your account can be blocked. Also, using bugs can have an effect on your game files, and you may not be able to continue playing the game.

What is “my reputation” and how important it is

There are a huge number of characters in this game world that you can create your reputation with. Name them a faction. To unlock new quests, areas, horses and items you need to reach a certain level of reputation with some factions.

It’s worth remembering that you need to improve your own reputation to unlock a new quest if a heart symbol appears above the character. You need to talk to your character to find out what you need to do to improve your reputation. When you open your character’s information, you can see which factions you have already encountered and also see the progress of your reputation.

Dinosaur Valley – How to Discover

To access the “valley of the hidden dinosaur”, you must first of all be a Star Rider player, and:

  • Reach at least level 16;
  • Have a reputation of being “friendly” in Wadel;
  • the quest where you need to assist Nick Stonegrown in a balloon flight must be completed.

How to Open Epona

To gain access to Epona you must be a Star Rider, as well:

  • Assist Helga’s family with their summer house;
  • have a reputation for being “friendly” at the G.E.D. office in Yarlheim, and leave a message for Herman to Miss Drake about G.E.D.’s plans;
  • to assist Nick Stoneground in his explorations of the “valley of the dinosaurs.”

Valley of the Golden Hills

To enter the “valley of the golden hills” you must reach level 14 and complete certain quests. If your level is higher than level 14 and the “valley of golden hills” is not open until then, don’t get upset right away. You just need to keep doing all the available tasks in the journal until the “valley of golden hills” opens.

Star Stable redeem codes – free horses, cosmetics, treats, and other in-game rewards

Use Star Stable codes

In order to make sure that donation is not too intrusive, the developers of Star Stable have introduced promo codes and gift codes for February 2024. Codes on Star Stable allow you to get some star coins, treats and clothes for free – the main thing is to find a working code.