Strongman Simulator codes for April 2023 – boosts, pets, and more

Last Updated on 02.03.2023

Because Roblox Strongman Simulator is an online game in the casual genre, it is ideal if you enjoy playing games in the casual category. We will provide you with comprehensive information about the Roblox Strongman Simulator game in this page, as well as any redeem codes for April 2023 that have been made available by the developers.

Everyone wants to have more physical strength, but only a small percentage of individuals are actually able to do so because doing so requires working out at a gym on a regular basis, which is something that very few people do. You can satisfy your ambition in the virtual world of the Roblox Strongman Simulator game if you wish to have superhuman physical strength but dislike working out. In the video game Roblox Strongman Simulator, you can take on the role of a strongman in a virtual setting.

Your primary objective in the casual game Strongman Simulator will be to strengthen your character. You can work out in the gym and lift weights to develop a strong character. Dragging heavy objects will give you the energy you need to go to the gym and build strength. You will also earn in-game currency on your quest to become a strongman, which you can spend on boosters and UGC stuff. In the game, you can compete with other players to get to the top of the leaderboard.

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Our list of Strongman Simulator codes for April 2023 can be useful if you’ve been playing for a while and are starting to run short on stamina. You will soon be able to move the heaviest objects with grace and ease thanks to countless two-times energy boosts and even the occasional unusual pet.

New Strongman Simulator codes

Active codes for April 2023:

  • HOLIDAY – free ten minutes of two times workout boost
  • 400M – free special reward
  • 100m – free energy boost
  • Chad – duck pet
  • 10m – five minutes of two times energy boost
  • 25k – five minutes of two times energy boost
  • 1500likes – two times energy boost
  • 5000likes – two times energy boost
  • 10000 – two times energy boost
  • strongman – a rare pet

New Strongman Simulator codes

Expired SS codes

  • 500likes – two times energy boost
  • season1 – ten minutes of two times energy boost

I have Strongman Simulator codes, how can I use them?

To redeem your Strongman Simulator coupons for April 2023, simply follow these easy instructions.

  • Open Strongman Simulator
  • Click the Twitter button.
  • Enter your code here.
  • Press “Confirm” to get buff!

What do codes in Strongman Simulator mean?

You can carry heavy objects over long distances by using Strongman Simulator codes for April 2023 that grant you free energy boosts. The codes above still work, even if there hasn’t been a new one in a while; they might be used to get free boosts and pets.

What Is Strongman Simulator?

The main objective of Strongman Simulator is to drag large objects over an arena floor. I think that’s it. You can utilize the energy you earn from dragging additional weight to enhance your equipment in the gym. You could also broaden the areas in which you drag. It is constantly one of the most played games on the platform, thanks to frequent upgrades and fresh events.

How can you get more Strongman Simulator Codes?

The best way to get more Strongman Simulator codes is to bookmark this website and come back to it frequently. As soon as fresh codes are received, we’ll update this article. For more information, you may also subscribe to the developer’s official YouTube and Twitter accounts.