Summoners Wars: Lost Centuria Global Game Guide

Last Updated on 02.12.2023

Lost Centuria has attracted the attention of many users since its release. At the same time, this game is difficult to pass. Find answers to all the questions related to this development in our global guide.

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Sometimes an error message appears after the above steps. This happens, for example, when the user enters an invalid code. In other cases, after the activation of the coupon, gamers receive an e-mail (link is located in the upper right corner), which contains the appropriate gift. Rarely, users receive nothing after entering the code. In such cases, it is recommended to reload the game.

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Summoners War: Lost Centuria codes - crystals, mystical books, and more

Beginner’s guide: a good start

The gameplay of Lost Centuria is built around one-on-one battles between players (PvP battles). The action takes place in real time in the Arena, which can be accessed by users who were able to assemble a squad of eight characters. At the same time, each character is different from the others. All characters have their own skills that can be “pumped”. Therefore, it is impossible to tell at once what heroes should be taken in the squad to defeat the opponent accurately.

Lost Centuria stands out for its quality graphics, with detailed drawing of both characters and backgrounds. At the same time, the game stands out for its well-thought-out storyline. Users need to pay attention not only to “pumping” characters, but to properly understand the capabilities of heroes and know how to conduct battles.

Learning in Lost Centuria

Starting Lost Centuria, many gamers are faced with the first important task – Training!

All newcomers are advised to complete the campaign first. Thanks to this, each user gets a large set of necessary resources: crystals, mana and cards, which will give the opportunity to unlock new characters.

Quest Mode

After reaching the boss of the second chapter, gamers are given the opportunity to go to Wanted. Here, users face another major foes, whose victories bring additional medals that unlock chests of glory. Crystals and mana are also added after completing these missions.

In short: what’s a newcomer to the game to do?

When playing Lost Centuria, it is important to accumulate more diverse resources. Thanks to them, users can develop their own characters. To advance in the in-game hierarchy, it is important to increase the experience of the heroes. Achieve this by learning how to fight properly and make a team of fighters. Thanks to this strategy, it is possible to win even with the superior in strength enemy, which brings more experience.

In this regard, newcomers are recommended to spend a lot of time in Lost Centuria, which will allow you to quickly open all the available modes, including the Battle with restrictions. The latter is updated every 3 days and brings good rewards to help develop characters quickly.

Player progression and opening of buildings

As noted, in Lost Centuria it is important to gain experience, which increases as you “pump up” monsters. With each new level, additional abilities open up. More information about gaining experience can be found by opening the “Help” section of the game.

Beginners are recommended to gain experience as soon as possible, which opens the seventh level and provides the fourth level Workshop. Thanks to this gamers can create epic runes. Upon reaching level nine, access to the legendary runes is opened.

Monster Collection

Every hero the gamer controls is a monster. In order to unlock many new characters necessary to participate in the battle, it is advisable to pay increased attention to unlocking new cards at the start of the game. Each user needs to “pump” all the heroes, including those that are not being used at the moment. This allows you to speed up the experience, which can create more runes, which play an important role in Lost Centuria. We will discuss this point in more detail a little later.

In addition, immediately after launching, it is recommended to learn all the effects of weakening or debuffs. This tool is necessary during the battles. Understanding how to correctly distribute and timely apply debuffs, you can quickly win a fight. To find this out, it is recommended to go to the menu of each hero. After that, a menu will open, which lists all the skills of a particular monster. The effects available to the character are highlighted here in red or blue. By clicking on this part of the screen, you can find out all the capabilities of the monster.

Join the Alliance. How and why?

Once in the Office, located in the Possessions, each gamer can join an Alliance (guild) by selecting the appropriate one from the proposed list. At the same time, in some cases, access will be closed. In front of a number of alliances, you can find the inscription “Joining by Approval”. In this case, new members are accepted only after the leaders approve the application. This process often takes a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to use the special filter that opens with a list of alliances, and choose with a free accession.

In many ways, Lost Centuria relies on the single player PVP game against other players. There is not a lot of interplay from fellow Alliance players. However, by joining an alliance, gamers have access to a store where they can purchase cards (heroic and skills), mystic dust, enchantment scrolls, and glory tokens. This list is updated weekly. Also, playing different modes, you will bring experience points to your Alliance to increase its level, discovering more and more interesting rewards.

In addition, members of alliances can give each other cards, receiving for this appropriate reward in the form of coins. The latter can then be used to buy tokens of glory, which are useful in duels mode. Over time, these can turn into medals of honor, which can be used to open the chests in the summoning, containing various monsters, including legendary ones.

If the user quits the guild, penalties are imposed on such a gamer. More precisely, the player will not be able to join a new alliance for half an hour. There is another way to join a guild. To do this, simply write a message to the general chat and wait for an invitation. However, even in such circumstances, it is necessary to go to the Office and look for the right alliance.

Battle guide for Lost Centuria. Basics and tips for beginners

What can I say, Summoners War: Lost Centuria takes players carefully from the very first launch and carefully conducts training on the battles and game interface. Therefore, we will not focus on this point, but only briefly talk about the principles of battle.

Battlefield and Formation

All battles in Lost Centuria are similar to each other. The basis of the battle is that gamers need to constantly counterattack the opponent to win. These actions can be performed either simultaneously with the opponent or after he completes the strike.

To understand the mechanics of the battle, we can consider a simple example. The gamer recruits a group of eight characters and 3 spells. After entering battle mode, the battlefield opens up. The gamer’s characters are placed on the left side of the screen, the opponent’s on the right.

Each group of monsters is divided into 2 parts, lined up in a row. At the front are the toughest and most resilient characters, as they take the brunt of the attack. At the back are the characters with less protection and health. During battle, monsters lazily shoot at each other, attacking the front line.

The player’s task: to squeeze the attacks of monsters and spells, as the accumulation of mana and in accordance with the strategic objectives. Some days it’s more profitable to hit a “cheap” monster to finish off an enemy monster, or you can accumulate 5-6 mana and hit an “expensive” mass spell on all of your opponent’s units.

In the lower right corner of the screen during a battle are all the cards that the user has collected. As the attack speed, they appear in the hand. That is, the character who acts faster than the others, goes into battle first.

Under the cards in the hand is a scale of filling mana. With this tool, gamers can reproduce the skills of an individual hero, the cost of which is determined depending on the selected character. After the amount of mana reaches the maximum value, the user can activate the skill of the champion. However, at this point the opponent is able to conduct a counterattack. If there is enough mana, the user can retaliate using both monster skills and available spells.

During the match heroes can not use more than one spell. Therefore it is recommended to choose them based on the team’s abilities and the nature of the battle development.


One of the most interesting features of Lost Centuria is counterattacks. This battle format requires the use of proper strategy. In particular, when forming a team it is necessary to select the heroes, whose skills and capabilities should harmoniously complement each other. This approach allows you to create a group of characters that act as a unit.

For example, one of the team members has a high attack skill. But to use such an ability you have to lower the level of the enemy’s defense beforehand or act in such a way as to prevent the enemy’s attacks. You can also use stones or other means to increase a character’s characteristics or use a spell to increase immunity to certain types of weakening during combat.

When making an attack, you should remember that the enemy can block the blow with a shield or reduce the damage by activating the corresponding ability. If that happens, the gamer should use the “Stigma” (which increases the damage level) or forbid the use of enhancement.

When fighting you should use different strategies. It should be remembered that in Lost Centuria you can use the cards not for their intended purpose. In particular, even knowing all the possibilities of each hero, it is recommended to learn additional abilities or use different formats of combining characters.

How to assemble a team of monsters correctly?

Each team is formed of eight characters. As a rule, all groups use heroes with high attack and defense, as well as healer abilities. In addition, the team recruits characters that support and control the others and perform other support functions. At the same time gamers must form such groups, following certain rules that are provided in the game. To create a team it is necessary to open the “Formations” section before starting any mission. In a new window there are 8 slots designed for each hero, which in the future will be part of the group.

Creating a defense line

When forming a team, it is recommended to insert in the first slot the characters who are responsible for the defense of the group. This hero will take the main blow of the opponents on himself during the battle. This recommendation is especially relevant for automatic combat. In such circumstances, all attacks are first carried out against the hero who occupies the first slot. If he is defeated, the opponent hits the second and the rest of the characters. In this regard, you can insert defenders not only in the first, but also in the second slot.

In Lost Centuria there are both common and rare monsters that can act as tanks. The most effective in this case are considered Maf and Ramagos. Many gamers with a rating of over 3000 engage these characters. Also, you can include Jeanne, who has high survivability and control skills. In addition, there are legendary defenders like Rakan in the game. But it is not necessary to chase after these characters. It is better to “pump” the existing heroes, because the latter are more often on the way.

In addition to the above recommendations, you can use another tactic, including the character with high damage and survivability in the first slot.

Creating the support line and healers

Regardless of the tactic used, it is recommended to include support heroes on every team. These characters either protect other members of the group or enhance the main characteristics.

To increase the efficiency of battles it is necessary to include a character that improves the combat qualities in the team. Special attention should be paid to the so called fillers. These auxiliary heroes increase the attack speed of the other members of the group. Most popular among the gamers is Bernard’s support monster. But we should also pay attention to Megan. For the first one you’ll have to give 2 mana, for the second one – 3 mana. Megan increases the speed and attack power at the same time. However, gamers often give preference to Bernard, because this hero is only asked for one mana when he has the runes of agility.

Characters with the control effect play an equally important role in the team. Treyn, in particular, is able to cast a spell on opponents, stunning them. And Socha is able to steal positive effects from the opponent, transferring them to his own team. But if there is such a possibility, Ganymede should be included to the group. This legendary hero is able to burn all opponents. By using Vusa, the gamer gets a hero that gives immunity and a shield to his team.

In addition, simple or epic supporting characters can be used when forming a group. For example, Baret has the control skill and can put negative effects on the opponent. If this character is in the camp of the enemy, you must include in your team a character that can neutralize such actions.

In Lost Centuria there are a lot of supporting heroes, and each of them can be useful in certain battles. So gamers have to constantly experiment with such characters, changing the tactics of the game accordingly. With this feature Lost Centuria offers users a wide variety of options for battles and missions.

Recruiting Damagers

All Damagers are divided into 2 categories, depending on the type of damage dealt: magic or physical. Each option, as in the previous cases, can be useful in combat. Here try to gather the most damage and synergy to the other teammates.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Tips & Tricks

All game modes in Summoners War: Lost Centuria

The Capture campaign mode is a story-based campaign

There are 2 scenarios available in the single-player Campaign mode. The first, or Capture, is considered the main one. In this scenario, gamers are sent to the world of Summoners War. In Capture mode, the storyline is divided into several chapters, on the passage of which rewards and chests are issued. Information about the bonuses provided is contained in the story description. New chapters are unlocked if a specific rating is achieved after battles in the Arena.

Rover Campaign Mode – Fighting Special Bosses

Search mode sends gamers to battle with Campaign bosses that were previously encountered along the way. Battles in this case follow the standard scenario. To win a battle, you need to understand how the bosses act and what skills they can use. Repeated combat in this mode is available after some time.

Battle for ranking 

This is the most popular activity in this mode, as it brings more rewards. They are awarded not only for winning the fight, but also for the accumulated points, including rating. All battles are held in seasons, each of which lasts about one month.

To improve the rating, you need to gain a sufficient amount of game experience. That is, the more time the gamer spends in Lost Centuria, the higher he rises in the general list of users. It also allows you to understand the peculiarities of the behavior of an individual monster, the possibility of different tactics and more, which is necessary for the successful completion of battles.

Gamers can follow the battles of other users. To do this, go to the chat, select the desired player and go to the section with information. Here, the “Battle Data” item contains the previous fights that can be viewed.

To increase the rating it is recommended to experiment with both monsters and applied tactics. But it cannot be used randomly, because such an approach usually does not bring any results.

In the Duel for Rankings mode, you get stars for victories, which can be exchanged for crystals or the Ancient Book. Additional rewards are given as the game accumulates this resource. Going up the rating, gamers get more prizes.

World Tournament. Cybersport in Summoners War: Lost Centuria

This mode uses only the effects of a set of runes and all the stones that the gamer managed to collect. Access to the world tournament is open to users who were able to reach the league “Gold Ⅴ”. In this mode, you can conduct an unlimited number of battles, provided that the cumulative number of defeats does not exceed 5. If the level of the monster or spell is 11 or higher, then after entering the world tournament, this parameter will be reduced to 10. But this parameter does not change for other characters. That is, if a monster has level 7, it will remain so.

Before each fight, all gamers can remove 2 monster or spell cards from the opponent’s deck. Therefore, before you go to the world tournament, it is recommended to know the capabilities of each character. At the same time, it is necessary to remove cards quickly to avoid blocking.

In the world tournament, each gamer is evaluated as a good player. According to the developers, the participants of this mode have approximately equal chances. However, thanks to the world tournament, gamers can get into competitions, the winners of which are given real prizes.

Experienced players recommend visiting the world tournament in the first days after the opening of the next season. During this period, there are a lot of newcomers. Therefore, there is always a high chance of hitting an opponent with cards up to level 10. But opponents in a world tournament are redistributed based on the number of victories achieved. Therefore, if a gamer has won 6 battles, a player with the same result will be offered as an opponent.

It is recommended to enter a tournament with an experienced team, whose skills and abilities are well studied. At the same time you should use interchangeable characters. Thanks to this you can put unnecessary heroes before the game, which can be removed during lockdown. And during the battle to use only the champions.

At the same time, it should be remembered that gamers have the right not to choose any of the characters. Therefore, it is possible to enter the battle with weak heroes. In addition, it is important to enter the battle with characters that have runes.

Battles in Special Mode

The following types of battles are available in Special Mode:

Fury Battle. Considered to be the most interesting type of battles, the winners receive randomly selected sets of heroes or spells. And these prizes are given regardless of the type of cards the gamer has collected. Each of them becomes a tenth level. But the heroes provided are devoid of runes or stones. In addition, when the skill is used, the character’s health is reduced.

Battle Spells. In this mode, after the death of one of the team members, the gamer is given a random spell. In such battles you can only use skill stones and set effect. You can’t use your own spells.

Mirror Battle. In this mode, both opposing sides receive the same set of cards and tenth level characters without runes or skill stones. Victory in such a battle is directly dependent on the players’ ability to strategize.

Scuffle Battle. In this mode, level 10 cards are issued, selected in random order. As in the previous cases, you can not use runes or stones. Medals of Fame and stars are awarded for victory in this battle.

The most gentle mode is considered to be the usual battle, which allows you to gain experience in the game, without receiving the penalty in the case of defeat. The winners in this case are awarded stars and medals of glory.