Sword Factory X codes for April 2024 – boosts

Last Updated on 12.04.2024

Working toward your ideal powerful sword is the focus of Sword Factory X. It is necessary to beat numerous adversaries and bosses in order to advance and create another potent sword. The long-running Sword Factory series, which has been around for a while, continues with this one. There are numerous new features and new planets in Sword Factory X. You can start with these codes for April 2024 to obtain some luck boosts for making new swords and other free gifts.

Hello and welcome to Sword Factory X, a Roblox game where you make swords, use them to slay foes, then come back with additional materials to build even greater swords. Each blade needs to pass through a machine, and the results are never guaranteed. The most recent codes for April 2024, ranging from super boosts to luck boosts, are available here.

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Valid Sword Factory X codes

  • 80K_FAVS!!GG – free super boost (new!)
  • 40K-LIKES-YEET!!!! – free 40-minute super boost
  • TOPTIER200K!? – super boost
  • TOPTIER100K! – 30-minute damage boost
  • SFXRocks – 30 minute luck boost
  • Favorite30KTIMES! – 30 minute cash boost
  • 400K-VISITS-EYY – 15 minutes of double XP
  • sus – 15 minutes of double luck
  • LUCKYBOI – free 30 minutes of double luck

Use these codes to get boosts, swords, gifts, luck… Unlock new areas and defeat the strongest bosses. More activation codes coming soon, stay tuned.

Expired Sword Factory X codes

There are currently no expired codes

How can I use my Sword Factory X redemption codes?

You can easily redeem your Sword Factory X codes by following these simple instructions.

  • Start Roblox’s Sword Factory X.
  • On the right side of the screen, tap the shop button.
  • At the bottom of the store window, click the code button.
  • In the text box that displays, enter your code. Then click “Redeem”.
  • Enjoy your prize!

How can you obtain additional Roblox Sword Factory X codes?

The TopTier Games team behind Roblox Sword Factory X will provide the most recent codes on their Discord server or on their Twitter account. To ensure that you never miss out on a prize, bookmark this page and come back to Pro Game Guides where we have all the codes on our list.