Tales of Grimm – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Last Updated on 04.09.2023

Tales of Grimm is a brand new idle-RPG developed by the Tapplus team. It is one of the first products that the studio developed, and you can say that they got off to a pretty good start.

Tales of Grimm is a game dedicated to all the famous old fairy tales. Among them you can find: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella to Quasimodo, Captain Hook and many others. Only these are not exactly the characters we know and love. You can get all of these characters on your team to go on exciting adventures through fairy tale lands and defeat enemies.

Tales of Grimm is a fairly simple game and any player can figure it out. The game is quite casual and suitable for all users. Nevertheless, there are various elements and mechanics in the game that you need to be aware of if you want to ease your progress and solve more difficult problems.

This article on Tales of Grimm contains everything you need to know about this new idle-RPG.

Tales of Grimm Beginners Guide

Combat System

Combat in this game is quite common. In fact, you will spend most of your playing time fighting your enemies. Also, a lot of your time will be spent hunting monsters and AFK. The battle system in Tales of Grimm is pretty easy to understand, as it is fully automated.

At the beginning of the battle, your team will run towards the enemy and deal major damage with their skills. Despite the nature of combat, the combat system in Tales of Grimm is a turn-based system. Your characters and enemies will take turns attacking each other and automatically use their skills.

All the player has to do is assemble powerful teams to ensure that battles are won, and any enemy is defeated. In other words, all you do is organize a team. Not only will you have to unlock top-level characters, but you’ll also have to gather resources to improve your team.

Album of Heroes

The heroes’ album is also one of the most visited sections of the game. In it, you will find all the characters you have unlocked in Tales of Grimm. Through this menu, you’ll have access to a catalog of your heroes, and you can get more information about their skills and biographies.

One important aspect of the hero screen is the “Album” feature, which you can access by clicking the corresponding button in the lower right corner of the screen. In this panel, you will find a catalog of every character in the game and can check their skills and other properties, which is very handy if you are looking for great heroes to add to your team. However, this screen also allows you to get free diamonds every time you unlock a new hero. Don’t forget to do this every time you get a new character.

Getting New Heroes

As with any game of this genre, much of the gameplay in Tales of Grimm revolves around one important aspect: building a powerful team of the best characters in the game. Before that, you need to get them and then gradually improve them.

Getting new characters in Tales of Grimm is quite easy, but also quite expensive. This is due to the fact that new characters can only be obtained for special currency. Getting new characters is based on gacha mechanics, which will allow you to summon characters for 220 diamonds per character or 2,000 diamonds for a 10x summon. From these summonses you can get 3, 4, and 5-star characters with the following odds:

  • 3 Stars: 80%
  • 4 Stars: 15%
  • 5 Stars: 5%.

Getting the best characters in the game is not easy. The probability of getting them is very low. For example, the chance of getting the Dark Queen, a character is only 0.0126%. This means that you could, in fact, perform a roll a thousand times and still not get this character. However, if you manage to get one of these characters, you can win any battle with no problem.

Improve Your Characters

After summoning, you will notice that the characters are not very strong. In fact, all characters have low stats at entry level. For this reason, you need to improve your characters if you want to get the most out of them.

There are many ways to improve your favorite characters in Tales of Grimm. The most common is to level up, which increases your hero’s characteristics. Here are a few ways to improve your heroes in Tales of Grimm:

  • Level Upgrade

As we mentioned earlier, leveling up is the easiest way to increase a character’s strength. To level up, you simply need to gain enough experience, either in combat or by spending gold and accumulated hero experience.

Each hero has a level limit, depending on his rank. You must pay a certain amount of stones to increase the hero’s rank and level limit. Upgrades can be performed all the time. However, upgrading these ranks is not only important for increasing the maximum level, as achieving certain ranks will unlock new skills for your heroes.

  • Increasing Star Levels

Once a hero reaches level 100, he cannot continue to level up until he reaches a star level. You can level up by donating a duplicate card of the same hero level and star level. In Tales of Grimm, the star level upgrade works just like in other games of the same genre.

Increasing his star level will increase his limit level, as well as increasing his HP and attack level by a certain percentage.

  • Improving Skills

The characteristics of your character will largely determine his effectiveness in combat, you can also improve his skills by improving his skills. As with unlocking new skills by reaching certain ranks, improving your skills requires reaching certain star levels.

Do not forget about this point and improve your skills at the first opportunity.

  • Weapons and Armor

All heroes in Tales of Grimm can wear a variety of armor and weapons to increase their performance. All of these items increase certain characteristics. The boosts can be quite significant, increasing a character’s HP and ATK levels by about 10% even when using average equipment.

You should always equip your active characters with the best equipment. Also, in this case, it is important to mention that there are items that are exclusive to each character. When you equip a complete character set, you activate a set of unique boosts. These boosts are more than just an increase in characteristics. They are the ones that can play a crucial role in combat.

  • Symbols

Each hero can also unlock up to 2 character slots. These slots are unlocked when the hero reaches level 100. By placing characters in these slots, you will also unlock up to 2 rune slots, which can hold different runes. They also give you special skills.

Runes and symbols are designed to help your character reach their maximum potential. Up until level 3, you don’t have to worry about this. You can always swing by the store to check your runes stock and explore them in more detail.

Keep in mind that skills gained from Runes and Sigils can also be improved. In addition, you can always refuse to learn these skills. In this case, you will get back the characters and runes that you invested in character training.

Monster Hunt

Like any other game, Tales of Grimm has an element of monster hunting.

Your characters can engage in monster hunting in almost all of their free time. Even when you are offline. This allows you to get the resources you need to complete missions. And as you progress through the game, you’ll get more and more resources as hunting rewards.

The automatic monster hunt has its own limit – you can use it for 12 hours. After 12 hours, you will stop extracting resources as rewards until you manually get them. You can always empty your coffers at any time, so feel free to do this several times a day to make sure you don’t miss resources.

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Tasks and rewards

The last thing we want to talk about is the quest system. You can access this menu by clicking on its icon at the very top of the rightmost panel on your screen. There you’ll see a list of tasks that you can do daily and weekly, as well as additional major tasks.

While the main tasks provide good rewards, the daily and weekly tasks are more important to complete. They are frequently reloaded and updated.

For each daily task you complete, you’ll receive several rewards, as well as a bunch of activity points. When you reach certain activity milestones, you get a lot of chests with even more rewards.

The weekly quests are much the same, except they don’t give you rewards for completing individual quests.

We highly recommend focusing on the daily and weekly quests in Tales of Grimm, as they will bring you many rewards. Also, most of these quests consist of quests that you would have completed anyway. In other words, if you have very little time to play each day, we suggest focusing on these missions first and then going for the main quests. Most importantly, don’t forget to check Tales of Grimm codes for September 2023 on pocket-codes.com. The codes will give you lots of free rewards.