Tears of Themis codes for April 2024 – in-game rewards

Last Updated on 09.04.2024

Tears of Themis is a visual novel with RPG mechanics developed by miHoYo Limited, the creators of the most downloadable MMORPG Genshin Impact.

You will play as a young girl who joins the Themis Bureau, which investigates crimes and provides legal services in the city of Stellis.

You’ll have to interview people, look for clues and clues, and participate in debates to advance the plot. In addition to helping random people, the protagonist will deal with her feelings and love dilemmas, which the novels can’t do without.

In Tears of Themis, battles will be replaced by debates. This is the basis of the game’s combat system. Characters will challenge you to argue cause and effect, engage in rhetoric, and argue. It all looks like a verbal battle, taking place on a separate game screen.

You and your opponent will take turns. The goal of the duel is to use up your opponent’s life by depriving him of arguments. You will deal damage using special cards, which are ranked by rarity and have the attribute of balance.

All of the active Tears of Themis codes for April 2024 are listed below, and they can be used to get free in-game items including s-chips, stellins, energy drink family packs, oil painting equipment, block components, team break materials, and much more.

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New Tears of Themis codes


New Tears of Themis codes

Expired Tears of Themis codes

The following codes for Tears of Themis are no longer valid in light of the list above.


How do you use Tears of Themis codes?

How do you use Tears of Themis codes?

  • Visit the official Tears of Themis website.
  • Then click on the Redeem Code option located at the menu bar.
  • Use your Tears of Themis account to log in.
  • Then Select Game, Character name and enter one of the above codes that we provided above in the blank box.
  • As soon as you click the “Redeem” button, you will receive in-game currency.

How can I obtain additional Tears of Themis codes?

Follow the Tears of Themis developer Hoyoverse on social networking sites like Twitter, the Tears of Themis Facebook page, and their Tears of Themis Official Server on Discord to receive the most recent Tears of Themis codes. Return frequently to claim all the new codes because Pocket Codes keeps this website updated with the most recent information.