TemTem: A Beginner’s Guide (tips, tricks, and strategies)

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

Temtem is a monster-battling, creature-collecting MMORPG. Explore the Airborne Archipelago with a companion or alone, capture beasts, and become the best Tamer. Despite drawing inspiration from popular creature-collecting games such as Pokémon, Temtem has carved out its own niche in the genre with its unique fighting systems and monster designs.

If you’re just getting started in Temtem with its official debut, you might be wondering where to start. Let’s go through everything you need to know when getting started in Temtem, as well as some introductory advice.

Beginner's tips for Temtem

Select the best starter

Your “Temtem” adventure begins in a laboratory, where you are given a choice between three creatures: Houchic, Smazee, and Crystle.

While you should always trust your instincts when playing a Pokémon game for the first time, “Temtem” is quite long and includes a clear path to competitive play designed to be friendly for casual players, so there’s plenty to do after completing the main campaign. Furthermore, each starter is catchable in the wild, so you’ll eventually be able to catch all three of them regardless of which one you choose at first.

With that in mind, it’s worth maximizing your efficiency by selecting the best starter from the start, which is most likely Houchic. The Houchic line provides tremendous coverage and guarantees you get a crucial mental type early in your gameplay by giving you access to powerful moves like Beta Burst and High-Pressure Water. It’s also the last of the three starters to become available in the wild, so having it at the start of the game is extremely beneficial.

Investigate the various battle mechanics

The way “Temtem” handles battles is the most fundamentally different from Pokémon. All conflicts in “Temtem” are double battles, which raises the importance of strategy and synchronization.

Furthermore, “Temtem” eliminates all RNG – no critical hits, for example — making type-effectiveness far more crucial. When the only method for you or your opponent to deal more damage is to use super-effective techniques, level differences become less important. Similarly, fiddling with resistances ensures that you rarely take a significant hit, boosting your endurance and making battles much simpler.

It’s also worth mentioning that “Temtem” does away with PP (power points) for single moves. Instead, different moves cost varying amounts of stamina, with the cost usually based on how effective they are. If you deplete your stamina bar, your Temtem will incur damage from overexertion and become immobile the next turn, making stamina management an important element of every combat.

Spend less money

The fact that shops in “Temtem” are… straight-up rip-offs will eventually catch every new tamer out at some point.

Seriously! Everything in “Temtem” is outrageously priced, to the point where you may frequently find yourself in situations where you can’t even purchase a Balm to cure your wounded Tems. To avoid this problem, only buy products you are certain you will need, especially early on.

And what if you don’t need anything right now? Keep your Pansuns handy; you’ll need them later.

Prioritize capturing Tems that work well together

This relates to the preceding points about selecting the best starter and learning “Temtem’s” distinctive battle mechanics. If you collect the correct monsters along the way, your journey through Deniz, Omninesia, and beyond will be noticeably more comfortable.

In the beginning of the game, keep an eye out for Ukama in the Sillaro River. Make careful to pick up the powerful Oceara in Aguamarina Caves as you go through the Deniz narrative. Both are incredibly powerful water kinds that will be extremely useful throughout the main tale. You already have half a squad if you count your starter, who has hopefully grown into Tental by now.

Kinu, Volarend, Valash, Platimous, Gazuma, Vulcrane, and other formidable Tems are also present. For nature, electric, wind, fire, and ground coverage, I choose Kinu, Gazuma, and Vulcrane.

Temtem codes - Exciting In-Game Rewards

TemTem codes

A strange Temtem “Redeem Code” option has been added to the game’s main menu, raising suspicions about its purpose. When the player clicks it, a code entry screen appears, prompting the player to type something. At Pocket Codes you will find a list of all Temtem codes for May 2024.

Take the game very seriously

This final element may appear hazy, yet it is possibly the most significant of all. “Temtem” is far more tough than Pokémon, which you’ll notice even before you face the first dojo master (“Temtem’s” version of gym leaders).

All the suggestions above help to reduce that difficulty: By selecting the best starting, learning how battles work, being wise with your money, and forming Tem teams that work well together, you’re already making the game a lot easier for yourself.

But, more importantly, “Temtem” will constantly supply you with its own tips and tricks. Nothing in the game is left unexplained, and the value you get from “Temtem” is precisely proportionate to the amount of attention you’re willing to offer it. If you respect “Temtem” for what it is and are prepared to engage with all of its more finicky mechanisms like breeding, stat manipulation, and so on, you will quickly see enormous rewards. This will also allow you to enter the competitive scene (if that’s your thing).

That is not to suggest you cannot have fun. “Temtem” is an extremely ridiculous show that will make you laugh out loud and frequently. It only helps to address it on its own terms now and then. That way, you won’t have to face the same dojo master 50 times because their Volarend is too powerful.