The Ants Underground Kingdom codes for September 2023 – free gems and coins

Last Updated on 04.09.2023

This is the Subterranean Kingdom of Ants! Welcome to the miniature world, where ants rule and your army of legendary ant warriors. Use these codes for The Ants Underground Kingdom for September 2023 to get free mythical and epic ants, as well as coins to spend in-game! We check our codes very regularly – almost every day!

Strategy is a popular game genre, and The Ants: Underground Kingdom is one of its best representatives. The game has good graphics, great controls, and most importantly, interesting gameplay. Why? Because the Seven City company employs real professionals. But it didn’t prevent them from creating codes for September 2023.

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The Ants Underground Kingdom codes

  • Nemesis
  • 3gaming
  • THEANTS777
  • oosruzql—Redeem for Gems
  • zuoyvnjm—Redeem for Coins
  • dbwztpth—Redeem for Coins
  • engyntph—Redeem for Coins
  • pkdtcper—Redeem for free rewards
  • ofytsplk—Redeem for 750k Coins
  • stoneminer—Redeem for 30k Coins
  • pkdtcper—Redeem for 50 Gems
  • uxyjbmyk—Redeem for Coins
  • uzsojdfe—Redeem for Coins
  • joingroup—Redeem for an Epic Ant
  • lczlojfm—Redeem for an Epic Ant
  • nerizknp—Redeem for a Mythic Ant
  • ANTSHEROES—Redeem for a Strober mythic effect
  • hotpot—Redeem for 50 Gems
  • gdrruzav—Redeem for 3.5k Coins
  • dngekaql—Redeem for 3.25k Coins

The Ants Underground Kingdom Codes

Expires codes

  • rubiblcp—Redeem for 3k Coins

How to use codes in The Ants Underground Kingdom

Here’s how to use codes in The Ants Underground Kingdom.

  • Load the game
  • Click on the settings icon
  • Enter the code below
  • Enjoy free coins and ants!

If the code doesn’t work, it’s probably expired, so you’ll have to check for new codes. Or you might have entered it incorrectly (these codes are a bit confusing), so just copy and paste it directly from our list to ensure your code works. If you’re not clear on anything in the game, then read the guide for The Ants: Underground Kingdom on

What is The Ants Underground Kingdom?

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a fascinating strategy game about an ant kingdom, battles between empires, and the plight of the ant king.

In the world of animals and insects, defending your territory is daily hard work. Ants are known to be some of the hardest working and most meticulous creatures. As the leader of ants, you have a difficult task to do your best for the prosperity of your kingdom. In your ant kingdom you will lead an army, work on defense, led raids on enemy territories, and fight for the life of the queen. But first you must work on the plan for the anthill: furnish rooms, build tunnels, and secure it.

To expand your territory and raise new offspring, you must mine useful resources and plunder enemy anthills. Only a strong army and special ant leaders will help you succeed. Form alliances, fight in alliances, and do whatever it takes to make your empire thrive!