Tips and tricks for League of Pantheons newbies

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

League of Pantheons is a new RPG with many interesting missions and battles with the strongest bosses. To win you will need to assemble an effective fighting squad, because with powerful units you will be able to withstand any challenge.

If you are new to League of Pantheons or have never played a game of this genre, you could use some tips. To that end, we’ve compiled a guide with observations and tips on how to play League of Pantheons.

League of Pantheons Beginners Guide and Tips

Use a reroll and get better characters

Reroll is one of the most important components of most gacha-RPGs. Thanks to it, you can unlock some good characters at the very beginning of the game, which, in turn, will help speed up your progress. However, it is worth bearing in mind that it is almost impossible to get really valuable characters from gacha.

Upgrade your characters

You can always check the status and condition of your characters in the “Hero” menu. You can also improve them there. To upgrade your character, you need to pay in experience points and gold. With each level, the cost of boosting your hero increases. You can also automatically optimize a unit’s equipment by clicking on the big green “Equip All” button in the center.

Your characters’ skills and equipment directly affect how their strengths are revealed.

Remember the importance of your units’ elements

Each character has his or her own element, to which a certain element corresponds. In turn, one element can be weak or strong in relation to the others. Using an enemy’s elemental weakness allows you to deal 25% more damage and gives you an extra 20% hit probability. However, enemies can also use your own weaknesses, so you should always be vigilant. If you have more than one character of the same element, additional bonuses are activated that further increase your units’ health points, attack stats, and other characteristics.

Although it’s not the most important aspect of the game, understanding how the League of Pantheons item system works will help you get through the toughest levels.

Get free rewards twice a day

Your characters are always mining resources, even when you’re not in the game. After a while, you’ll be able to get automatic rewards like gold, hero experience, etc. However, they are subject to a limit of 12 hours of farming, after which your units stop generating resources. Therefore, it is important to get these rewards twice a day, so as not to miss out on valuable profits.

League of Pantheons codes – free diamonds, summon scrolls, gold, treasure tickets, and more

Use League of Pantheons codes

An LoP code for February 2024 (or, more accurately, a League of Pantheons code) is a free redeemable coupon that grants you access to useful in-game items. These are frequently in the form of currency, providing you with a healthy dose of Gold and Gems to spend in-game. Furthermore, a League of Pantheons code can grant you extra XP, making the grind to leveling up a little easier.

Of course, as the game evolves and more systems, features, and modes are added, any League of Pantheons code in the future could offer drastically different rewards. Expect currency, summons, and possibly some exclusive loot in code drops during the launch celebrations, but what happens after that? Anything could happen.