Tips and tricks for playing Counterside

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

The newest SRPG action game Counterside, released by Studiobside, has already gathered more than 1 million downloads in the Google Play Store and App Store. Players can assemble a collection of characters to form squads to fight monsters. The plot of the game is based on the fact that there are two worlds – one normal, the other parallel (Counter world). Naturally, from the other world tries to get all sorts of evil, monsters, called here C.O. (Corrupted Object).

Counterside is no ordinary gacha game. With its gameplay, storyline, and other features, it has every chance of becoming a successful gacha project. The game has already been a huge success in Korea, Taiwan and Japan. It is also worth noting that the game runs on a powerful graphics engine. Visual effects and animation will definitely please you. Each character has his own set of skills, each of which has its own animation. In addition, the game uses a system of tactile vibrations to give players a sense of impact and presence in combat.

Since the main goal of the game is to fight the enemy, you’ll need strong warriors to do so. To move up the rankings in the PvP modes, it’s not enough to have only strong characters. Players will also need to assemble a special unit from these characters. All of these characters can be obtained through the gacha system. We recommend not putting it off and constantly adding to your collection of new characters. For more information, read our beginner’s guide to Counterside. In it, we shared all the useful information and told you how to effectively pump your characters.

Like every other game of this genre, Counterside focuses on the gacha system. Given the sheer number of characters, you will have to deal with this system often. Be prepared that your choice of character depends only on your luck. You can get characters not only through the gacha system. In addition to it, you can summon characters in the game through special shards and other in-game items. Employees come in different levels of rarity. The highest is SSR. The chance of summoning characters of different rarity levels also differs:

  • SSR – has a 3.5% chance of being summoned.
  • SR – The probability of getting 15%.
  • R – Getting probability 39%.
  • N – Getting probability 42.5%.

Fortunately for players, Counterside has a guarantor system for summoning all characters except for the CEO summoning banner. The guarantor is activated after the first 150 drafts. The player is guaranteed a character from the banner on the 151st call-up if he failed to get one during the previous attempts.

In this article, we’ll give you various tips and recommendations to help you save time in Counterside and make impressive progress. A lot in the game depends on your actions, so you can use these tips as a cheat sheet and rely on them while playing the game.

Counterside Beginners Guide and Tips

Tip #1. Understand how the battles

To win, you need to understand the characteristics of different classes. The class system in the game follows the traditional RPG element system, where each class is stronger and weaker against the other class. This system allows players to develop their own strategies and control combat. Players can use this system to gain an advantage over members of the opposing class.

Any player will be able to familiarize himself with the opponents before the start of combat to use the most appropriate unit. Take these characteristics into account and reverse the outcome of the battle. There are 4 classes in the game, which each has certain strengths and weaknesses:

  • Sniper (Strong against the Striker class, but inferior to Defender)
  • Defender (Strong against the Sniper class, but inferior to the Ranger class)
  • Striker (Strong against the Ranger class, but inferior to the Sniper)
  • Ranger (Strong against the Defender class, but inferior to the Striker)

Tip #2. Don’t Waste Resources

Quartz is a premium currency in Counterside. At the beginning of the journey, each player will have a large amount of this currency at their disposal. You can get it simply by progressing through the main story. Players can also get additional Quartz units as a pre-registration reward, as well as by using special codes These methods can be used to obtain from 1,500 to 3,500 Quartz units. Having a large stock of this currency, many players use it for other purposes. They often use it to summon characters they like. We recommend that players use Quartz wisely, as this resource will become increasingly difficult to obtain as the game progresses. Here are a few tips for making the most of Quartz:

  • Use 2,750 Quartz units each week to buy special character summoning tickets. You’ll get 220 tickets, with which you can summon 11 rare characters in the game. It’s a good investment that’s sure to pay off.
  • Use Quartz to charge your Eternium. We highly recommend buying Eternium a maximum of 5 times. Be sure to buy 2000 units of Eternium for 50 units of Quartz, as this set sells at a 50% discount.
  • Use Quartz to increase the maximum storage capacity of your characters, as it fills up pretty quickly. In the early stages of improvement you will need a small amount of this currency. However, you will need a lot more Quartz as you continue to improve.

Tip #3. Participate in events every day

Counterside does not require a large amount of player time. There is no need to log into the game at a certain time. However, there is a serious drawback to the game. Resources that are required for character development are limited in time. These resources can be obtained through a special event – Simulation. Players are introduced to it during the tutorial. As a reward within this event, you can obtain:

  • Attack Training
  • Defense Training
  • Anti-air Training

Players only get 2 attempts per day to participate in this event. Therefore, we strongly encourage players not to miss the opportunity to participate in this event and get unique resources to level up their heroes. The event is updated every day and is available to all players.

Tip #4. Upgrade Your Ships

Often we’ve seen many players overlook the importance of ships in the game. Users forget that these ships also provide additional effects and active skills in combat. These ships help increase the combat power of your formations. Each ship comes in different levels and has its own characteristics. For example, there are four basic classifications of ships:

  • Assault Battleship (They cannot move on the battlefield, they serve for assault)
  • Armored Battleship (They can move 1 line horizontally)
  • Cruiser Battleship (They can move 1 space)
  • Auxiliary Battleship (They can move 1 space diagonally)

The higher the level of the ships, the stronger they will be. Remember that in PvP mode, the player who destroys the ship always wins. Try to improve your ship so that it can withstand any battles. This way you’ll have all the chances to win.

Tip 5: equip your characters

Equipment is probably the most important part of the game. Especially when it comes to PvP and PvE modes. Many players make a mistake at this very point. They do not understand and do not know how to properly select equipment for the characters. Training in Counterside does not give a clear understanding of how to correctly select equipment for your characters. Unfortunately, we can’t go into detail about how to outfit each character, but we can give you some tips:

  • Always remember that pieces of equipment come in different types, sets and levels. The higher the level, the stronger the base characteristics of the outfit and give more additional bonuses.
  • Each hero has his own base characteristics. Depending on the equipment, they may change differently. Therefore, pay attention to the base stats of each hero. Players can also take advantage of the auto-equip feature, which does a great job.
  • Equipment can be broken into pieces or be as a set. Each hero has four slots for equipment. The last, fourth, slot opens when the hero reaches a certain level.
  • Any piece of equipment can be upgraded to improve its characteristics.

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That concludes our article on the game of Counterside. By using these tips and recommendations, every player will be able to achieve some success in the game much faster. Also, don’t forget that there are Counterside codes for April 2024 that allow you to get various free gifts.