Tips and tricks for playing Divine W: Perfect Wonderland. How to quickly develop the hero and get more resources?

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is a new MMORPG that has recently been released worldwide. Here, as in other games of this genre, you will fight mobs and bosses. At the time of writing, Divine W: Perfect Wonderland has been downloaded more than one million times on Google Play and App Store.

Tips and tricks for playing Divine W: Perfect Wonderland. How to develop the hero and get more resources faster?

If you are just starting to play the game, this guide is made especially for you: we will share with you tips and tricks that will help you to speed up your progress in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland.

Tips and tricks for playing Divine W

Tip #1: Choose your warlord carefully

Choosing the right hero class is key at the beginning of the game. In Divine W: Perfect Wonderland, by classes, we mean warlords. Some MMORPGs offer you to choose several heroes and play them alternately, but in this project it is not provided. After choosing a character, you can’t take another warlord, unless you create a new account.

In Divine W there are five heroes to choose from: Wukong, Seiya, Divine General, Daos and Lowry. All of them have the same passive skills, which differ in the strength of action only by the difference in characteristics.

At the initial stage of the game, absolutely all heroes can defeat enemies. That’s why we advise choosing the character you like the most and then pump up his weaknesses.

Tip #2. Use your abilities in battle

The combat menu will probably be one of the most visited tabs in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland for all players. It contains all of the active and passive skills that the hero possesses. Each player has the ability to use four active and two passive abilities on the battlefield.

Players cannot change these skills during combat. Some active abilities, listed as “Exclusive”, are only available to a specific hero. They are quite powerful, but difficult to unlock if the player has little experience and a low level in the game so far. At the beginning of the game, we recommend using area damage abilities to destroy enemies faster and more effectively.

Tip #3. Complete the main story quests

In Divine W: Perfect Wonderland, it’s very important to complete the story campaign quests, as new content is unlocked after completing them. The main quests are highlighted in yellow. As you complete them, you will unlock world bosses, dungeons, mounts (animals that can be ridden), wings, etc.

During the quests, you will interact with non-playable characters. For example, Mingyong will help you open the wing’s menu. In Divine W, wings and mounts not only allow you to cross large areas quickly, but also increase your combat strength. Completing major quests also gives you experience points and rewards.

Tip #4. Collect fragments of ancient warlords

In dungeons, you can significantly increase your power. After completing the training, the mysterious woman in red will take the hero to the tombs of the ancestors, where you can get rare items, heroes and improve your level.

Warlords in dungeons are mythical warriors who have honed their combat skills to perfection. These are characters that are unavailable at the beginning of the game, but unlockable in the course of the quests. For example, the ancient hero Bodhi can be unlocked in dungeons by fighting bosses and receiving warlord stones. The higher the number of frags given out for defeating the boss, the harder the battle will be. However, if your enemy’s strength is much greater than yours, the game will carefully remind you of this.

Tip #5. Improve your characters and get more resources

Improving your character is an important element of progress in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland. You can build up your combat power by stocking up on combat and sacred spirits, orange-grade equipment, warlord stones, copper, and more.

You can also take some warlords as assistants to get an extra bonus to experience. Each unlocked ancient warlord gives 5% additional experience. Up to four ancient warlords can be placed in slots, giving a maximum of 20% extra experience.

Finally, points are given for VIP status, the Diamond Privilege bonus, the warlord assistance bonus, and the world level bonus. The first two are paid and can be purchased through in-game microtransactions. The other bonuses are fairly easy to obtain and activate as you progress through the game.

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Tip #6. Use codes for Divine W: Perfect Wonderland

Divine W codes for February 2024 are small bonuses distributed by developer Leniu Games to help you progress through this sprawling RPG. Check out more often, because we constantly have new codes.