Tips for Beginners at Clash of Clans

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

The following tips are compiled by experienced players for newcomers. Their purpose is to warn the latter from typical mistakes in the game made in the first days, weeks and maybe even months of playing Clash of Clans. Following these tips will help you save resources, time, nerves and money.

Some topics we’ll talk more about in separate articles, here are just general tips.


Don’t Waste Crystals

Do not use green crystals to raise troops or build troops. Buy Builder Huts with them. Only after you have five builders (you can’t buy more yet) can you afford to spend crystals on something else.

Don’t Spend Real Money

Of course this is a personal matter, but if you spend real money to buy green crystals, you’ll enjoy the game less, and you’ll be less good at it. Well, if you’re going to spend some money, be very careful how you spend it. The best way to spend your money is to pump up buildings that are almost unrealistic to collect gaming resources for (for example, to bring the wall to the last level). Do not forget that there are codes for Clash of Clans for February 2024, which allow you to get various rewards for free in the game.

Don’t chase levels

Upgrade City Hall only after all other buildings and troops have been upgraded (you should upgrade storage only when necessary).

Keep your builders constantly busy

If you want to progress faster, you’ll want to keep your builders constantly busy.

Don’t just leave stuff lying around

Stockpiled a lot of resources? Try to spend them as quickly as possible on improvements and new buildings. Otherwise, they’ll be taken away from you.

Upgrade your defenses

Upgrade the Wall as much as possible. Plan your buildings and walls so that it is as difficult as possible to bring down your village, making it as costly to the attacker as possible.

Reinforce Wall Joints

Wallwalkers try to attack wall junctions in order to break through several cells with a single breach. Build stronger walls at wall junctions.

Don’t take the shield off beforehand

After an attack, you will have a shield (defense against attacks). The more losses your base took, the longer this defense lasts. If you plan to accumulate resources to upgrade, you should not take the shield off too early.

Keep an eye on resources

A few times a day collect resources from mines and gatherers. If you do not, they will overflow and production will stop.


Take Your Time to Attack

Many players attack other people’s settlements from the very beginning of the game. Don’t do this until your development allows you to do so. In the first levels, play solo, fighting against goblins and earning resources to improve your camp.

Keep the barracks running at all times

Give orders to create an army as soon as you have suffered a loss. Once it is established – schedule the barracks to create some of the most sought after units.

Fill up the barracks before quitting the game

This tip only works if you have all Military Camps full. Before leaving the game for a while, queue up the production of expensive units (e.g. walled units) in the barracks. After the next time you enter the game, simply cancel the production of these units and their cost will return to the balance. This will give you a 100% elixir return equal to their cost. This way you save your elixir when attacking a settlement.

Attack if you feel it is worth it

Do not hesitate to attack weaker units. Especially if they have something to gain. If you see that you can take a good bite out of stronger opponents and earn at least one star, attack them. If you’re confident that you’ll get an obscenely huge amount of resources even if you lose and lose some trophy points, then attack without hesitation. Even if your plans aren’t successful, you’ll gain valuable experience anyway.

Use the Revenge Key

But be sure to thoroughly research your assailant’s base, and there’s plenty of time to do so. You can devise the perfect attack tactic and not only repel your resources, but also earn money. In doing so, your opponent won’t be able to retaliate for your revenge. But, if you see that a raid won’t be profitable, don’t retaliate just out of a desire for revenge.

View Repeats

Watching replays of attacks on your settlement can give you a lot of information, not only on how the attack is going and weaknesses in your defenses, but also something to learn from more experienced and stronger players.

Improving towers doesn’t work

Keep this in mind when both attacking and defending. If you’re attacking you can take advantage of a gap in your opponent’s defense, and if you’re defending, take those towers behind the wall and replace them with something else.

Remember Clan Fortress

When attacking an enemy settlement, be aware of the troops that may be in his Clan Fortress. It is best to have a number of units in reserve to defend against him.

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Join Clans

Clans allow you to increase your army above your Military Camp limits by donating Warriors to other Clan members. These warriors can not only attack but also defend the camp.

Sacrifice your army to your fellow warriors

Immediately after joining the clan, distribute your army for donations and only then ask for help. Try to keep your giving and receiving stats in balance. It is better if you give a little more than you receive.

Donate only when requested

As a rule, players specify what they need to donate. Don’t give them gigs or barbarians in response to the request “Mages, archers”.

Get away from “bad” clans

If you see that your clan is a bunch of random people, donation requests hang for half a day, in the chat no one talks or insult each other – get out of it. Also look at the statistics of victories and losses in the clan wars. Wins should be at least twice as many.