Tips for Fishing Clash beginners: How to win duels, catch big fish and not waste resources?

Last Updated on 02.12.2023

Fishing Clash simulator has become very popular among casual players, but the process of entering the game can not be called simple. The fact that Ten Square Games did not consider it necessary to create in the project training levels and explain the rules of the game.

Beginners should learn the mechanics and wade through the in-game content by themselves. On the one hand, this approach causes more involvement: it is always interesting to discover something new. On the other hand, you are not immune to mistakes. Loss of gold coins, pearls, unjustified expenditure of enhancers – only a small part of what accompanies game sessions of inexperienced anglers.

In this guide, we have collected the most valuable tips on Fishing Clash, with which you will avoid silly mistakes and quickly reach a high level of skill!

Tips for Fishing Clash beginners

Do the introductory tasks

Beginner players often ignore elementary tasks, and yet they help make confident first steps. Pay attention to the block of events on the left side of the screen.

Click on one of them and go to the task list. In it, you will see the available quests that you need to complete in order to receive rewards.

Rewards are important for two reasons:

  • They contain resources for improving baits, pumping up your fishing rod, and making purchases at the store.
  • They give you power-ups that will help you when participating in a match.

So the first time you enter Fishing Clash, we recommend that you focus on completing quests.

Build up and save amps for duels

As practice shows, enhancers can turn the course of a duel or make it more comfortable for you. Weight, speed, and multihook will be especially useful.

The first will increase the weight of the caught fish by 15%, the second will speed up the process of catching the catch, and the third will allow you to catch 2 fish at a time instead of one. Your efficiency and chances of catching a trophy increase many times over!

Activate License Bonuses

A very important aspect of enhancement that is often overlooked. As you collect points for the fish you catch, license bonus slots will open up. These allow you to permanently improve the catch rate of a particular fish or give you perks that only work when you participate in a duel.

Bonuses are in the form of a random set of enhancers. You are not charged the first time you choose them, but you must pay 2 pearls for each attempt to reselect them.

Upgrade all baits – don’t save coins

In Fishing Clash, you will need all baits, so you need to invest resources in them. Upgrading will affect the power, which is marked by asterisks under the bait card.

To upgrade, you need duplicate cards and coins. The higher the level of the lure, the more resources you need to upgrade it.

Fishing Clash codes - free coins, perls and more

Use Gift Codes

Another feature that is ignored by novice players. In Fishing Clash there are special codes that give bait sets, pearls, coins and other consumables that make the game easier. Promocodes are updated once a month.

To enter a promo code, open the side menu of the game (the blue icon in the upper right corner of the screen) and find the “Gift Codes” button. Then you will see a window with an input line, where you need to enter the cherished word. The gift will be credited automatically.

Don’t be afraid to lose!

Losing is an integral part of the Fishing Clash gameplay. In the game, you will face very experienced players who have been pumping their account for years and know every aspect of the game. There will also be those who pour into the project real money to get an instant advantage. Don’t be afraid to lose, but always aim to win!

Follow all the tips in this guide to improve your own performance and increase your chances of a successful outcome of confrontations with other players!