Tips for newcomers to The Ants: Underground Kingdom. How to build the strongest ant colony?

Last Updated on 02.12.2023

It may seem that the development of the ant colony in The Ants: Underground Kingdom is an ordinary and not new story, similar to the construction of cities in other strategies. But this similarity does not cancel the charm of the game, because with The Ants you can easily get stuck at the screen for several weeks. So, if you are a beginner and want to know some useful tips about the game, then this guide was created especially for you.

Complete chapter assignments

When it comes to progressing in this game, things get a little more complicated. Fortunately, you always have a tutorial at the beginning to help you master the functionality and show you the basics, which are sure to lead you to a list of chapter tasks. However, even if you can’t complete all of these tasks at first, it’s never too late to revisit them later.

The task list for each chapter offers you a number of objectives that can be completed at any time. These are designed to help the player in the initial stages of colony development. By following this list of tasks, you will always be on the right track, even if you haven’t gotten the hang of it at first.

And even if you know what to do yourself, completing these tasks is still a good idea, as they will give you valuable resources that you may need at the beginning of the gameplay.

Keep the inhabitants of the colony busy at all times

The main way to use resources in The Ants: Underground Kingdom is by building and upgrading facilities, training ant soldiers, and mastering new technologies. Trust me, you’ll need tons of resources to build a mighty colony. Fortunately, construction, research, and training costs are reasonable, so you can always work on something, even if you’re in the beginning stages of the game.

For this reason, one of the best habits you can develop in The Ants is not to sit idly by. This means that your builders, explorers, and military buildings must work continuously to ensure the optimal development of the colony.

To keep residents busy, you have a series of icons in the upper left corner of the screen that indicate when any of your production facilities or workers are idle. You can always click these icons when you want to check an item that is currently inactive to give a command and make them work. Remember: an idle object is a useless object.

Collect materials from the world map

There’s something else you should always remember if you want to simplify your progress with The Ants: collect materials from the world map.

Although your colony will have several different buildings that produce vital resources such as food, moist soil, sand, water, and others, this will always be insufficient for the rapid growth of your hive. Browse the world map to find resources, then send armies of ants to gather them. This is how you will get materials to improve your colony.

Find an active alliance

Last but not least, if you want to survive in the harsh world of The Ants: Underground Kingdom, you’ll need the help of allies. This is because the autonomous and isolated player is a prime target for the more powerful alliances that seek to either completely destroy any new colonies or enslave them for resources.

If you are in an alliance, your opponents will think twice before attacking you, for fear of angering your allies or starting a clan war. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to find a good alliance that has your back, as well as helping you speed up construction and research, raids, etc. Find an alliance that is in the same time zone. That way you will have a few hours in which to actively cooperate with your comrades.

In addition, you can create an alliance yourself by using multi-window mode to play on multiple accounts at the same time. And don’t forget to check codes for The Ants Underground Kingdom for December 2023 on our site to get the best gifts.