Tips for newcomers to the game Time Raiders. How to move quickly through the game’s storyline?

Last Updated on 02.12.2023

Those who have just downloaded the new mobile MMORPG Time Raiders, it will be useful to know a few tips on how to effectively promote in the game. This guide is designed for new users who do not yet know about the features of the project – here you will learn everything that will help you quickly become a cool player.

Time Raiders Beginners Guide and Tips

Choose the best class for your playing style

Choosing the right class for your playing style is very important, as it determines whether you will enjoy the game in the long run. There are three starting classes in Time Raiders. Each has two specializations that extend the abilities of the base class.

Here is a summary of all the heroes:

  • Master of the Blade. Strong melee fighter with strong defense. Can be a Damager or a Tank with the function of deterring opponents. Ideal for beginners.
  • Rifleman. A ranged Damager who specializes in dealing damage and controlling enemies.
  • Sage. The most difficult, yet the strongest hero class with powerful spells and area attacks. Recommended for experienced players.

Alternate attacks and defense

This is the key to winning battles in Time Raiders. Even if you can deal huge damage, without defense you will sooner or later be defeated.

When it comes to groups of weak enemies, it is better to gather them together and finish them off with area attacks. With bosses, it’s better to prioritize defense over offense. Whenever a boss launches a series of attacks, it’s better to retreat, wait, and then attack.

Focus on story missions

Playing Time Raiders will progress through the story one way or another, but the process will go faster if you focus on the story missions. They give you access to new features and reward you with valuable items, some of which will be crucial to improving your character.

Complete game quests

If you’re not sure what to do next in the game, go to the “Quests” tab in the upper left corner of the screen – there’s always something to do. You’ll get valuable resources and rewards for them, which will help you unlock new levels faster.

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