Toilet Race Simulator codes – pets (May 2024)

Last Updated on 16.05.2024

Hello, you are welcomed by “Toilet Race Simulator” – a game in which you can experience real adrenaline racing with a fun and unusual plot. This game has special codes that will help you to get various rewards. 🏆

Ready to race? Exciting competitions are waiting for you on your way, where your goal is not just to finish first, but also to collect as many toilets as possible, overcoming obstacles and overtaking your rivals. Each victory brings you closer to new achievements and awards.

To be at the top, don’t forget to click to gain more strength. The stronger you are, the faster you can drive your toilet racing car! 🦵

The game also features unique pets to help you your races. Purchase them and trails to increase your strength and chances of winning. 🐶 Before you go, check out our Toilet Conqueror codes, Toilet Attack Simulator codes, Anime Racing 2 codes, and Bro’s Toilet War codes.

Roblox Toilet Race Simulator codes

  • kayo – Flamethrower Pet
  • skibidi – 10,000 Wins, 100K Strength
  • toilet – x2 Strength Boost, x2 Wins Boost
  • release – 15,000 Wins

Expired codes

  • There are no expired codes at this time.

How to redeem Toilet Race Simulator codes?

When you’re prepared, follow these steps to activate the code within the game:

  • Start Roblox Toilet Race Simulator on your device.
  • Press the ABX button on the right side of the screen.
  • Copy one of our codes from above.
  • Enter the code in the code input box.
  • To receive your prize, click the Redeem button.

How to redeem Toilet Race Simulator codes?

This marks the completion of the codes section in this Toilet Race Simulator wiki. Remember, each code in Roblox Toilet Race Simulator can only be used once. Attempting to redeem it again after claiming the rewards won’t work.

How can I obtain more Toilet Race Simulator codes?

“kayo³” developers regularly share the latest codes across various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, Discord, YouTube, Trello, and Reddit. Keeping an eye on their social media profiles allows you to stay updated with these codes. Don’t forget to check the official Roblox group for additional codes as well.

Join us in “Toilet Race Simulator” and show everyone that you are a true champion in the world of toilet racing! 🚽