Toilet Tower Defense Tier List (April 2024) – most effective units

Last Updated on 05.04.2024

Hello friends, here with you is your indispensable guide in the world of Toilet Tower Defense. If you, like me, are passionate about games that feature toilet-style defense spaces, then welcome to an exciting journey through our ranks!

Most likely, you are already familiar with our favorite Skibidi Toilet meme, which was the inspiration for this exciting game. Not only humorous elements are waiting for you here, but also exciting battles, in which you will defend your toilet fortress from the invasion of enemies.

Now let’s talk about the most important thing – our units! The Toilet Tower Defense game features a variety of characters, each with their own unique characteristics and skills. And, of course, they are divided into different levels of effectiveness, which allows you to build defense strategies taking into account the peculiarities of each unit.

From funny and unpredictable to strong and reliable, our tier list offers a variety of options for building your tactics. And remember, each unit has its own place and role in your defense, so don’t forget to analyze the situation and choose the right fighters for a particular situation.

Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

So go ahead my friends, gather your team, strengthen your defensive positions and get ready for exciting battles in the world of Toilet Tower Defense!


These units reign supreme within the game, favored by the majority of top-tier players. However, acquiring them can be a challenge due to their availability for purchase using Robux or their high cost.

  • Upgraded Titan Cameraman
  • Upgraded Titan Speakerman
  • Spider TV
  • Engineer Cameraman
  • Titan Cinemaman


This tier encompasses a wide array of units, each boasting its own unique appeal. If players find themselves unable to obtain units from the S tier, even as they progress further in the game, then these units become the optimal choice for them.

  • Camera Spider
  • Dark Speakerman
  • Titan TV Man
  • Cam Heli
  • Jetpack Cameraman
  • Jetpack Cameraman
  • Secret Agent
  • Laser Cameraman Car
  • Dancing SpeakerWoman
  • Scientist Cameraman
  • Mech Cameraman
  • Ninja Cameraman
  • Glitch Cameraman


When grasping the game’s mechanics and strategies, units from this tier can serve as valuable allies, particularly for newcomers to the game. However, it’s important to recognize that these units are also utilized by players who have advanced further into the game.

  • Camera Repair Drone
  • Large Scientist Cameraman
  • Titan Speakerman
  • Titan Cameraman
  • Speaker Spider
  • Camera Helicopter
  • TV Woman
  • Scientist Crate


This tier is well-suited for players in the early stages of the game. These units are affordable and can typically be summoned swiftly, aiding players as they embark on their gaming journey.

  • Large TV Man
  • Medic Cameraman
  • Speaker Helicopter
  • Large Scientist Cameraman
  • Large Cameraman
  • Surveillance Camerawoman


Units within this tier are deemed the least effective in the game and are generally not recommended for use. Instead, opting for units from higher tiers is advised as they can significantly expedite progress and lead to a more exhilarating gameplay experience.

  • Large Speakerman
  • Speakerman
  • Camerawoman
  • TV Man
  • Cameraman
  • Car Speakerman

I hope my tier list will be a useful resource for you in your journey through the world of Toilet Tower Defense. Remember, the key is to experiment, find your own combinations, and enjoy the game along with the community of fans of this exciting endeavor. Also, don’t forget about the codes for the game, which you can always find at Good luck on the battlefields, friends! Before you go, make sure to take a look at our other tier lists, including the Anime Last Stand techniques tier list and Type Soul Resurrection tier list!