Top 10 tips, secrets and tricks of Rise of Kingdoms

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

The game Rise of Kingdoms is quite complex and multifaceted. There are many mechanics that attract players: city building, real-time battles, alliances, in-game tasks and events, as well as different account development options.

With so much content, it’s easy to miss simple but important points that greatly simplify the gameplay, and in some situations give you an advantage. This article presents 10 tricks and tips to help you develop and win on the battlefield.

Best Tips and Tricks for Rise of Kingdoms

Skilled Craftsman questing tip

This quest can be done every day. It allows you to get 10 daily activity points. But what many people don’t know is that you don’t have to spend an acceleration to finish a building. It is enough to simply install any decoration in your city and the quest will count.

Advice on the use of titles

After capturing a forgotten temple, the alliance leader who captures it is given the title “King”. In addition, there are other titles in the game that can be given to any player. The advice is to make sure you use the titles. They will not only help save dozens of hours of acceleration, but also give the opportunity to train troops faster, complete research in the academy, build buildings in the city. The effect depends on the title you choose:

To obtain a title, you can write personally to the king. Also, if you are a member of an alliance that controls the Forgotten Temple, you can add yourself to the “Favorites” and share this marker with the alliance. The king will then issue the necessary title.

Getting Troops Out of Town Quickly

In Rise of Kingdoms it is often necessary to get your commanders onto the battlefield quickly: help kill barbarian units, get rid of action points quickly, drive the enemy out of alliance territory, reinforce a summoned assembly, and in many other situations.

The game has a trick that allows you to take out all available marches in a short period of time. Their number depends on the level of the town hall and varies from 2 to 5. To quickly withdraw troops, you must first send all marches to an alliance building or to an alliance player’s town:

Once you have gathered units from an alliance or an ally you can use them all at once for any attack. Just press “Group Choice” and all available marches will be attacked simultaneously.

Using an ally as a “cab”

This tip will help save teleporters that may be needed in more important situations. This can be used when attacking sanctuaries, passageways, or to protect captured buildings in cases where you don’t need to be directly near the target city:

For example, you don’t need to teleport to a level 3 passageway to attack it. It is enough to send your strongest unit to one of the alliance members that has a lot of teleporters. After your troops fortify his city and he flies to the place of battle, you can take your commander out of the fortified city and help in capturing or defending. The way back can be done in the same way.

Useful game settings

Often lazy to understand the game settings, so most players have them “Default”. But there are a few settings that every player should definitely include. The first of these is the “Quick Help” button:

If you don’t turn it on, you’ll have to constantly look for “Alliance Center” and push the help button just there. Once enabled, however, you can, with one click, help your allies to build buildings and research technologies.

The second necessary checkbox in the tinctures is Confirmation of the expenditure of gems.

This resource is the most valuable in the game, so random spending in various situations is undesirable for any player. Once confirmation is enabled, every purchase for gems will need to be confirmed.

Greatest Ruler Tip

Every two weeks, one of the most interesting events in the game, involving players from all over the kingdom – “The Greatest Ruler”. The Council aims to gain extra points in the event, through the collection of resources in step 3.

To gain extra points, simply send all available troop marches in advance to collect resources, then wait for the stage to begin in any allied structure. It is best to control the time of collection and set an alarm or alarm clock to prevent troops from bringing resources to the city ahead of time.

Creating a Farm and Transferring Resources

A tip is to create a second account that will mine resources for the main account. This is not forbidden by the rules of the game, so it is safe to create a second account in the same kingdom as the main one.

After creation, it is necessary to develop the account a little, and then you can extract resources for subsequent transfer to the main city. To transfer resources, you can join the same alliance with two accounts and use the “Trading Post”.

Also, you can not join a single alliance, and just attack your second account troops from the main. But this method is not very profitable, because always lose 30% of looted resources.

Correct troop treatment

Treatment of troops is an integral part of the game. After a heavy battle in the hospital can get tens of thousands of soldiers, and the duration of treatment will be counted in hours. To get your warriors back in formation faster, you should run treatment in small groups, so that it takes 30-40 minutes.

In this case, you can get acceleration from alliance allies and heal troops faster.

Sunset Canyon Lifecycle

This event has free attempts that renew every day, as well as tickets that are awarded for completing daily quests. You must save up these tickets, as you will need them at the end of the event season (the season lasts one week).

It is best to use your attempt tickets at the very last moment before the end of the season. This will help you hold on to a higher position in the rankings, which will allow you to get a good reward.

Where to spend the gems

Gems are the most important and valuable currency in the game. But many newcomers spend them in the wrong place. The most important purpose of spending this resource is to buy VIP points, because at a high VIP level you can get valuable rewards every day.

You can also spend gems in the “More Than Shiny” event, as you can be rewarded with gold sculpts needed to pump up legendary commanders.

In the later stages of the game, you’ll need Master Blueprints and Agreement Books, which will also be a good investment of gems.

The above tips should not be ignored, because they will help you develop your account and give you an advantage over your opponents. In Rise of Kingdoms, this is very important, because often the outcome of a battle depends on the level of your city, commanders, and technology.

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