Top 20 tips for beginners World of Tanks – Play right!

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

WoT is a game with many nuances and tactical possibilities. And all decisions on equipment, crew training, actions in battle – will affect your performance and success in this game. This article will not rank on the importance of tips, all you read need to do every beginner in World of Tanks, of course, if there is a desire to grow and develop.

World of Tanks: 20 Tips for Beginners

Crew Upgrade

There is no need to run through the levels of machines. At about level 5-6 it is worth spending a couple of evenings and take at least the first profession for crews moving to higher level machines.


Why do I need it? In the bulk without the perk “sixth sense” the player will die very quickly, because the realization that you were lit up usually comes in the hangar. Critical skills for ST and TT – “sixth sense”, “repair”, “brotherhood”. For LTs and PTs – “sixth sense”, “camouflage”, “combat brotherhood”, perks for overview. For SAU – “combat brotherhood”, “camouflage”. The rest of the skills are pumped up depending on the type of equipment and its peculiarities.

Gift Crew Members

If you participate in various events, you can become a gift crew member. They usually have plenty of experience, enough to learn one or more skills. These crew members can be found in the barracks in the “new recruits” section.

They can be recruited as needed and should not be rushed. The best solution would be to leave them for the crew leaders, as the most important perk “sixth sense” is learned by them. The rest of the members are best recruited from the standard rookies.

Farming Silver

For stable earnings in the game, it is ideal to buy 1-2 premium machines with which you make most of your silver. High-level premium machines give a good income and are also very useful for crew leveling.

If the player is not going to invest money in the game, it is possible to buy premium equipment in the store in the goods for coupons.

Up to and including level 8, the vehicles presented in this section are characterized by high profitability (+50% silver per battle). It is recommended to play on it as much as possible on the days with an activated premium account. You can get it by performing various tasks, or buy it in the premium store. The goal in the accumulation of silver – when you buy a new machine to fully equip it with the necessary equipment, which significantly affects the technical characteristics of the equipment.

Installing optimal equipment

Each player has his own style of play and for each particular machine the kit may be different, depending on the equipment specifications. There are universal sets, for those players who can not decide what is better to install.

  • SAU: expeller + homing drives + camouflage net (or ventilation for vehicles with closed deckhouse), also instead of the net you can put on high-level machines improved turning mechanisms.
  • PTs: ejector + ventilation + stereo tube/optics, depending on the movable/non-movable deckhouse and base view.
  • TT: Baffle + rotating mechanisms + venting or improved hardening
  • CT: baffle + optics + venting

Study the branches of technology

When starting a branch of any nation, be sure to study in detail the machines of levels 8-10. Not all branches are worth swinging at once, some of them are quite heavy and have rather mediocre machines at the end.

The easiest to pass the branch and have a good X level:

  • SAU: USSR, Germany
  • PT-SAU: USSR (Ob 268/4), Germany, Sweden
  • TT: Germany (branch E100), the USSR (IS-7, Ob 277), UK, USA (T110E5)
  • CT: USSR (Obs 430U), Germany (Leopard 1), Italy
  • PL: USSR, France

Play to the strengths of the technique

Pay attention to such parameters as RTH, accuracy and timing, turret and hull armor, visibility and speed of the vehicle. This will allow you to understand whether the machine can play from the terrain, determine a comfortable range of fire, the ability to quickly take up positions and how much you should count on the armor in combat.

From this screenshot, you can understand that the machine is not armored, has a good EOD and relatively good accuracy. So you should try to play it from the terrain at medium and long range, avoiding direct confrontation.

Study the maps

Always in battle, you need to remember the good spots and if possible find new ones. The bulk of the maps are already mostly studied, but you can always find new nuances. Learn how to travel on maps, on what equipment and where to go at the beginning of the battle. This will largely add performance to the tank in battle. Also remember the successful places to shoot and defense/attack as the battle progresses. Which areas are dangerous, and which ones, on the contrary, provide an opportunity to score well in this or that combat situation.

Shooting at rollers and knocking down enemy tracks

This is an extremely important thing in combat for many reasons. Most importantly, it is an assist. If your allies deal damage to a vehicle with a track that you hit, you get extra experience and credits at the end of the battle. It also adds to your chances of winning, because it is much easier to shoot a stationary enemy. If you’re playing on vehicles with low armor penetration, carry a few high explosives with you, as they are much easier to knock out the tracks.

Correctly build up your ammo

There’s nothing wrong with using null projectiles. After all, at the fifth level you can get to the seventh, etc. And in such situations, it is not always realistic to penetrate a high-level opponent. If you have a reserve of silver, carry 10-20 (depending on the amount of ammunition) naked shells with increased armor penetration. This may help you survive and win the battle, or at least get good results at the end.

Equipment Guides

There are plenty of guides on almost every vehicle in the game on the internet. They usually tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of machines, about possible features of the gameplay, and show what equipment the player uses. Also, they may give tips on how to optimally train the crew. Watching these videos in any case should not be neglected – these guides have a lot of useful information and will help you to play well on the new tank.

Watch streamers

On the Internet, you can find a lot of streamers who make broadcasts on World of Tanks. At least once a week, devote an hour or two of your time and watch them play. From these videos you can learn a lot of useful – good places on the maps, the style of play on different techniques, analysis of the combat situation, the use of different types of shells, etc. As a rule, these are very experienced players who have proven their skills in practice.

The only thing to keep in mind is that these players usually play on the best projectiles and often with improved equipment, but even then their advice can be partially adapted to your particular machine. Only similar TTX are important. The right approach to such information is sure to yield results.

Study the piercing zones

In case you have problems with penetration of any enemies, you need to learn the weaknesses of this technique. Learn this information on special resources. In combat, of course, the marker is highlighted in green when the penetration zone, but every time you waste time on this in battle – an extra chance to die. An experienced player, seeing the tank, already knows where it can be shot through and immediately targets the most vulnerable places. This information can be obtained by installing a mod on the “armor calculator” or by going to the sites with such a service.

Analyze your combat environment

Assessing the positions of enemies and allies around you with the “commander’s camera” and the overall position of teams on the mini-map will allow you to react faster to emerging risks and take advantage of emerging opportunities to inflict damage.

Commander camera – quite common in mods, it allows you to move the camera from the tank at a great distance. You can install such modifications through the site Wargaming in the section “portal mods”.

More play on the technique, corresponding to your gameplay

If you care about your stats, pay more attention to vehicles that have high victory rates and good combat results. Also, successful battles allow you to earn more silver, which is another reason to pay more attention to comfortable machines for the player. Two to three stars on a vehicle and a 55+% win percentage are good indicators.

Carry 5-10 high explosives in your ammo

This rule applies primarily to large-caliber vehicles with high high-explosive damage. Beginning with the eighth level, in the game there will be a lot of vehicles with good frontal armor, which can not always be penetrated by the basic or Gold shells. In such cases, the way out is with high-explosive projectiles, but this tip is suitable for vehicles with high explosive damage.

In other cases, high-explosive shells are ineffective and are suitable only against weakly armored vehicles. For small-caliber vehicles it is enough to have 3-5 such shells in your ammunition.

Be patient and do not be upset by losses

No matter how well you play, the defeat in battle should be perceived philosophically and not to waste your nerves. You should always remember that this is just a game and treat all failures accordingly. Otherwise you run the risk of very quickly losing interest in the game, or ruin your mood. Try to play well, despite the merging allies or blowing up your ammo from one enemy’s shot. Next time you’ll be lucky, the Belarusian random is merciless and there’s no getting away from it.

Set the right graphics settings

All players have different machines in terms of power, and since the game has quite high system requirements – you need to take the right approach to performance issues. The main task of the graphics settings is to enter the map before the start of the battle. If you get into battle later than the start, you miss the time of separation, and on some maps, even a 20-30 second delay can send you to the hangar. Similar situation with gameplay – the tank should not twitch in battle, everything should happen smoothly and without jerks or mini teleports, also applies to hangs. Watch the ping – it is desirable that it does not exceed 50. If the value is higher – turn off third-party programs “eating” traffic.

Spend Your Coupons Wisely

This rare currency has already been mentioned in section 3. This game resource accumulates very slowly, and should be spent very carefully. Buying premium equipment is justified only for players who do not invest money in the game. In other cases, this valuable resource should be saved up to 9,000 and use it to buy boom equipment sets with much better parameters than the standard ones. Remember that you can get additional bonuses by using WOT codes for April 2024, which can be found on

How to spend free experience correctly

It is not necessary to use free experience to learn a new technique. This is extremely inexpedient. The best way to use it is to study the modules of the already accumulated new equipment. At this point, the main task is to minimize the time of the runoff state of the machine. For CTs, TTs, PTs, and SAUs, first of all, the cannon and turret are studied, and if there is not enough load-carrying capacity, then the running gear as well. For LTs, the turret and engine.

And do not fanaticism in the study of guns – top swings only when the previous modules are very bad. There are a lot of equipment and spend your free money wisely, it will always come in handy.

Join a Clan

Even if you have no desire to take part in clan battles and clan life, you can pick up a clan that is just looking for players without any obligation. What’s in it for you? The clan has combat camping, for passing the stages of which you can get a lot of useful rewards, the main ones being instructions for extra silver, tutorial pamphlets, and random frags. The clan will also provide daily clan camouflage, which you can put on any vehicle and get a camouflage bonus.