Top 7 tips for State of Survival newbies

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

State of Survival is a classic mobile strategy game with RPG elements. It has many mechanics and development options, not all of them are equally effective, so you should stick to 7 tips to build your base faster.

Develop only 3 heroes

This is the optimum number that you will definitely be able to pump to the limit. You can constantly expand your collection of fighters, but this will lead to the fact that there are not enough resources for all. If you start pumping more than 3, you’ll spend all your resources on gear. That said, it will take you months to grind.

Pick 3 heroes that you like in characteristics and concentrate on their development. With this strategy, you’ll have heroes that are fully prepared, capable of participating in a raid or conducting a complex raid.

When you assemble a permanent squad, consider the rarity of the character. The total in the game is:

  • Blue.
  • Purple.
  • Gold.

Rarer characters always have high characteristics, special skills. However, because of the same, you will need more resources to pump. The first legendary (golden) heroes you get at the start, but you can not gather the perfect squad at once.

Take into account the specialization of the hero

Each special unit has passive buffs, such as increased damage, reduced damage taken, etc. Usually the enhancements affect only a specific type of soldier, which should be taken into account when preparing an army. Information about specialization is listed on the character page.

To ensure that your troops always have buffs, upgrade one hero of each type. The first will improve infantry, the second will improve hunters, and the third will improve riders.

In addition, each special unit has an advantage in some tasks, for example:

  • A siege specialist becomes more effective during an attack;
  • The patrol specialist gains buffs in defense;
  • Infestation specialist.
  • Specialist on rallies (suitable for battles outside cities).

Use other people’s commanders

In the PvE campaign, as well as during PvP, you need the help of clans. Be sure to join a guild to get extra profit from raids. Players can field their heroes so that they can be used by their alliance mates. This will help the one who opened access to pump up the Hero Base and help the other to pass a difficult location.

In addition, the clan will give you a few coins for using your character, which can then be used to buy items in the guild store.

Try to join an alliance as quickly as possible so that you can continually progress through new parts of the campaign. The Exploration Trail will be easy at first, but then the zombies will become stronger and more numerous. Players usually don’t have time to pump up their characters, causing them to slow down in development. Powerful commanders from other camps will solve this problem. Keep in mind, however, that after using alien heroes, a timer is triggered during which you cannot deploy allied units again.

You can check if you will pass the quest in the Forecast tab. It shows the chance of success depending on the strength of the characters. The mission can be easy, strenuous, and difficult.

Develop your defenses and don’t hoard resources

The biggest problem in the game is not the zombies, but the other players, who attack all the weak settlements around them.

One way to save yourself from aggressive enemies is through an alliance. When you join a guild, you get the right to move into its territory. Be sure to exercise this right, as there is a chance that you will be thrown deep into safe lands where you will have no enemies. However, even joining an alliance doesn’t guarantee protection, because you may find yourself at the very border with another guild. If war breaks out, you will be one of the first to suffer. The only thing that will definitely not be threatened are the single-unit settlements.

It’s worth clarifying that all newcomers get absolute protection for 72 hours, which protects against attacks, scouting. This is the ideal amount of time in which you should have time to prepare. In addition to joining the alliance, you need to develop a warehouse and production buildings to minimize the amount of resources in the warehouse. The novice player has no chance of fending off strong enemies, so the main principle of defense is to zero in on any benefit. If the looter gets no benefit, but only loses part of his army, he will refuse to attack.

Because of this approach, you will have a constant shortage of resources. This is normal, because it simply will not be possible to save up for stable development. At the beginning of the game, shortage can cover packs with materials that are issued for the completion of quests. However, use them wisely and open them if you plan to spend them immediately. Fortunately, resources lying in your inventory are protected from raiders.

Conserve Troops

If you follow the previous tip, it’s simply not profitable to attack a settlement. However, strong survivor settlements may plunder their neighbors simply for the sake of statistics. In that case, neither the amount of resources nor the number of defenders will stop is important. In such battles, the main task is not to lose troops.

Fill the shelter to the limit and do not create new units if the city is attacked daily. Develop an Explosive Chamber to increase its size.
The second option to save your army is to go into the wasteland. While the unit is in the field, it may also be attacked, but it will avoid the battle at the city walls.
Send troops as far away as possible, because moving soldiers cannot be targeted.
If no one defends the city, you will lose the battle, but you can continue to campaign and gather resources. That’s much more important than saving a handful of materials.

Collect best heroes

There are a lot of commanders in the game, but not all of them are really strong and can be useful while going through difficult raids and participating in wars. Right now six characters are considered the strongest.


This is a special unit that cannot be bought. You can get it by completing Event Quest Hunter Hunter. Sometimes the developers run this event, which are warned in the news in advance. Travis belongs to the Horsemen and specializes in the infected. He increases the damage, health and stamina of the entire squad. The main advantage of this hero is also that he reduces the cost of the chief’s actions (he is a user).

Commander’s Skills:

  • Bear Trap. In the Explorer branch, the hero sets 5 traps. If a zombie hits it, he is stunned for 2 seconds and takes damage. In the Warfare branch, each member of the squad under Travis’s command has a chance to place a trap that stuns for 1 second.
  • Falling Forest. In Explorer branch: deals devastating damage, then bash enemy units. In the Warcraft branch: Places traps that only slow down.
  • Reinforced Armor. Increases armor of character in Explorer branch. Other branch increases critical hit chance.


This hero is issued to all newcomers, but belongs to the group of the strongest. In battle he uses a long-range rifle, so he does not let opponents close to him. His main specialization is Infected. Gets a buff to damage and defense in both branches.


  • Machine Gun. Explorer: Mounts a machine gun that automatically shoots the attacking zombies. Warcraft: Affects critical hit chance.
  • Quick Trigger. Explorer: increases the rate of fire of the Sergeant and all deployed machine guns. Military branch: Increases critical hit probability.
  • Old Warrior. Explorer: Increases the damage dealt. Military branch: Increases fighters’ survivability.

Lady Luck

It is sold for donated currency. Its advantage is the bear, which strikes enemies with fire. The beast can be killed, but even then enemies will suffer because of the explosion. Mistress Luck belongs to the Hunters and specializes in raids and sieges.


  • Plush Terror. Explorer: appears bear with a machine gun, which stands in place and fires and then explodes. Warcraft: Applies a temporary buff to all units, causing them to stop taking damage.
  • Friendship. Explorer: Throws a sharp disk. Warcraft: Result in a chance to take a double strike.
  • Hugging. Explorer: the bear is covered with armor (this increases damage and health). Military branch: units get a buff to health.

Maddie and Frank

Maddie has a faithful pet, Frank, who chooses his own targets and attacks them. If his health drops to a critical level, the dog runs to Maddie and quickly restores his health. This hero can be collected for free. Maddie and Frank are of the horseman class and specialize in Patrolling and Raiding.


  • Homemade Bomb. Explorer: Maddie throws a bomb, which starts to attract zombies and explodes. Military branch: Units gain the ability to throw a grenade instead of a normal shot.
  • Girl’s Best Friend. Explorer: Frank gets a buff to damage and health. Military branch: units deal more damage during raids and attacks on cities.
  • Biodrotic. Explorer: The hero deals 2.5 seconds of weakening damage to enemies. Military branch: Soldiers gain the ability to make a critical hit.


Like the previous commander, Rusty is assembled from fragments. A special unit always goes in the first rows, as it can absorb a lot of damage.


  • Impulse Charge. Explorer: fires a projectile that wounds all enemies on the path, knocking them back, and stuns them for 3 seconds. Warfare: also uses a powerful projectile, but only paralyzes for 1 second.
  • Back. Explorer: Knocks back foes in front of the commander. Warcraft: Increases the damage dealt to all infantrymen.
  • Die Hard. Explorer: Gain an additional resist for every 10% HP lost. Warcraft: Increases the defense of allied units.


It is given for participation in event quests Survival of the Fittest. He is an infantryman and has specializations in Infected and Raid.


  • Tesla Tower. Explorer: Places a device that shoots lightning bolts at enemies. Military branch: Increases the health of allied units.
  • Voltage Rush. Explorer: if a character shoots near the Tesla Tower, he has the ability to strike enemies with lightning. Military branch: units get a buff to damage.
  • Paralyzing Charge. Explorer: Towers deal more damage and can paralyze targets. Military branch: Turrets only paralyze enemies.

State of Survival Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Scout the enemy before attacking

If you already have enough resources to continuously produce units, you should start looting all survivors nearby. To win and get the most out of it, you need to:

  • Look at the player’s information. You need to find out what clan he is in. It is better to choose only singles, otherwise you will have to feud with the whole guild.
  • Use Intelligence. The enemy will know about the appearance of the spy, so there won’t be a surprise fight, but you’ll know how many troops and resources he has.
  • Match your forces with the enemy’s. If you have more soldiers and the captured resources cover the cost, then gather your troops and go into battle.

In addition to strength, consider the stamina of the army. This is a metric that shows how much supplies soldiers can carry. Remember, however, that this is not the amount of resources stolen, as supplies have different weights:

  • Food – 1.
  • Wood is 1.
  • Metal – 5.
  • Gasoline – 20.

Resources are taken in the cumulative mass. For example: the army has 10 million stamina, so it can take 2.5 million food and wood, 500 thousand metal and 125 thousand gasoline. And lastly, don’t forget to check State of Survival codes for May 2024 on to get free resources in the game.