Top tips for starting to play Tower of Fantasy

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

With a huge open world and hundreds of different species, Tower of Fantasy is a treat for fans of anime-soaked open-world MMORPGs. To help you on your journey, we’ve put together this guide on tips for Tower of Fantasy to make your journey even more enjoyable.

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) Beginner’s Guide

Tower of Fantasy Game Tips

Here are the best tips and tricks to help you explore and fight when you start playing TOF.

Working with the settings

While playing Tower of Fantasy you will have to fight a lot, fight a lot and switch to different attacks and weapons a lot, so it is highly recommended that you work with the key bindings and set them the way you want.

You’ll mostly be switching between weapons, so bind them to keys that are easy for you to reach, and in the heat of battle it will be fast enough that you won’t get run over while you’re switching weapons.

You can change the key bindings by going to Settings>Controller. There you will find all the key bindings and can change them as you see fit.

Along with the key bindings, you can also change some display options, such as what to show on the screen. This could be fps, the chat bar, or mission prompts. As you progress through the game, you will find that some things help and some things don’t, so you can choose what you will see on the screen.

Finally, you can also change the style of the screen colors. You can choose between standard, apocalyptic, glitter, and retro. They all have their own color profiles, and you can choose what you think you want.

Focus on the story

Once you get through the tutorial, much of the world opens up in front of you, and it’s true that the world of Tower of Fantasy is distracting and can easily distract you from the story.

It is recommended that you stick to the story and don’t wander too much until you reach level 15. When you get through the story in that amount of time, you will become much more familiar with the mechanics of the game.

At that point you will be able to intelligently choose improvements, what to spend your money on and how to deal with more difficult opponents. So it’s recommended to just go through the game, and when you’re familiar with the mechanics, you can mess around with it as much as you want.

Awaken the explorer in you

The world of Tower of Fantasy is huge and full of surprises. There are tons and tons of materials, sights, chests, and more for you to explore. If you explore the world alone, there’s a chance to find black or gold cores that you can use to create new weapons.

Along with resources, there are several ruins that will earn you relics for going through, which you can use to unlock various abilities, because having more stuff in your arsenal is always a good thing.

Spend time in combat training centers to learn and practice combos, and earn some money to spend in the store. Also, collect edibles, because constant nutrition will improve your stats and healing outside of combat.

Don’t ignore a single box

As you search for something great, you will find several boxes scattered all over the map. These can be ordinary chests, chests with passwords, or boxes with shiny green lights around them.

The first two crates are nothing special-the usual loot and experience-but don’t forget that this is a constant source of experience, which you’ll need to level up.

Once you reach level 30, things start to slow down, and finding resources to level up your gear seems harder than ever. At this time, chests will become your best friends, and you’ll appreciate them more than anything else.

Finally, the boxes with the green light around them are the loot boxes, which sometimes contain very rare loot and sometimes are empty, but it’s good to check them when you walk by, as they are dropped every day.

Become a chef

You may be wondering why and how you will become a chef in Tower of Fantasy, which is an open-world combat fantasy game. TOF allows you to cook and consume food that boosts your stats and restores your health.

You’ll collect a variety of ingredients throughout the map as you explore. Collect everything you find, because many ingredients give you special boosts and can be very useful.

To cook food in TOF, you need to find a stove, which is a robot with a smiley face. Approach the stove and a message will appear on the screen, after which you can add the desired ingredients and simply press the cook button.

Know your weapons

In a hard game like Tower of Fantasy, you’re only good with your weapons, or most of the outcome of a battle depends on what you take with you into battle, so it’s best to learn your weapons.

There are a lot of weapons in the game, and you won’t be able to remember everything about each one, so the game has an information tab that displays all the important information about your weapon.

This information includes the type of combat the weapon is suitable for, elemental weapon type, attack combos, evasion combos, skills, information about discharge, shard, charge rating, and more.

Knowing all this information and the information about the enemy you are to fight, you can choose the best weapons from your arsenal, so you have a better chance of defeating the boss.

Learn about combos

TOF allows the player to combine multiple attacks and perform combos. Some combos are weapon dependent and some are not. Combos are a great way to do a lot of damage at once, as well as catching the enemy off guard.

Combos allow you to perform tricks that would normally fail, such as you can use a weapon’s ability to discharge while in fantasy trance mode when performing a combo dodge.

You can learn about combos and other attacks in the Survival Guide and in the skills section of the weapon information tab.

Find the perfect outfit

TOF allows you to equip three weapons simultaneously. This allows you plenty of room to change weapons and a multitude of equipment options.

You can choose weapons that complement each other and enhance each other’s abilities. For example, if you choose a weapon with a high destruction ability, you can choose another one that attacks well.

Different combinations cause different types of weapon resonance effects, which basically increase your stats during combat. So be sure to try different combinations and choose what works best for you.

Weapon and Resource Mining

Improving weapons and resources is an important part of combat in Tower of Fantasy. If you’re up against a strong enemy and your weapons and other gear aren’t up to par, you’ll have a hard time winning this battle.

There are several ways to get different types of gear, such as exploring the huge TOF world and finding them in various chests by participating in cooperative operations.

Most of these special events require energy tokens known as Vitality, so there is a limit to how many you can get per day. Remember to return the next day to take part in new challenges and get better equipment.

Use your stamina wisely

One of the most important resources in TOF is stamina. Stamina is used for just about everything, from walking to swimming to climbing rocks.

You can either spend your stamina while walking or run, which will use up your stamina much faster. Similarly, if you swim faster or jump while climbing, it all eats up your stamina.

Thus, you don’t get a return on your endurance. In comparison, if you walk, swim and climb normally, you will use up your stamina much slower and get more use out of your available limit.

Pick Mushrooms

While playing TOF, you will explore a lot and come across several types of resources. Some of these resources will help you summon more weapons, and others will help you with upgrades.

There is a particular resource that is especially useful in an open-world game like TOF, that is mighty mushrooms. When eaten, a mighty mushroom gives you +50 stamina, which helps you explore the larger world with greater ease.

When your stamina increases, you can climb higher cliffs, swim farther than usual, and basically give you a boost in strength for everyday tasks.

Using Heavy Attack to Land

As you’ve noticed, stamina is a key resource, and you’re half useless when you run out of stamina. Is that really the case? I don’t think so. There are several workarounds when you run out of stamina.

One such case is when you run out of stamina, and you want to jump quickly from a height. Normally you would use your stamina and go down in a jetpack, but now you don’t have that option.

What you can do is use a heavy attack. Just jump off the edge and do a heavy attack. This will bring you straight to the ground without any damage from the fall.

Difficult places release button

There is a special button in the setting that not many people know about. There are times when you’re trying to make a parkour jump, and you land in some place you can’t get out of.

That’s where the unstuck button comes to the rescue, which is in the settings and will help you get out of difficult places when you’re stuck and don’t want to restart the game. Just press the button, and you’ll teleport right out of the place where you’re stuck.

Air attacks are a double-edged sword

There are several types of attacks, each dealing different damage. One such attack is an air attack, and it does the most damage to all possible attack types.

But there is one peculiarity. Air attacks do more damage than normal attacks, but they also make you more vulnerable to enemy counterattacks. Being in the air, you can’t move much, and if you see an enemy attack coming at you, it may not be as easy to dodge.

Be sure to use aerial attacks whenever possible, and since they also require a lot of stamina, keep an eye on your stamina meter, so you don’t waste it all at once.

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