Top War: What do beginners need to know?

Last Updated on 16.02.2024

Today I’m going to talk about another game I’m playing right now, Top War. The point of the game is that you have to use ground troops, navy and air force to destroy the enemy. But this game has one special feature – you have to merge your troops to get stronger units.

The game is also multiplayer: you can attack other players, as well as create alliances and join them for special tasks. All players are scattered throughout the game zones, so that there is no overload. On the map you can, by the way, attack the troops of the so-called Dark Legion. There are also “Warhammers,” for which you need a constriction to attack – call for help from members of the alliance. You can also mine resources – gold for recruiting troops (you can get it with your gold mines as well), oil, and food.

Top War: What do beginners need to know?

Military units can be upgraded. There are 10 types of upgrades in the game, of which 5 can be applied to one unit:

  • 1. Reinforced Weapon. Increases the amount of damage.
  • 2. Reinforced Armor. Increases the health points (HP) of the troops.
  • 3. Sharp Damage. Also increases troop damage.
  • 4. Enemy Damage Reduction. Reduces enemy damage.
  • 5. Better mobility. Increases dodge chance (when dodging, troops take only 10% damage).
  • 6. Quick Shooting. Increases rate of fire, giving a chance to fight first.
  • 7. Critical Hit. Increases the chance to deal increased damage.
  • 8. Critical Damage. Increases the coefficient of critical damage.
  • 9. Fortitude. Decreases the opponent’s critical hit damage.
  • 10. Marksmanship. Increases the chance to hit an opponent.

Each enhancement can be upgraded up to level 10.

In the game, all the troops have 80 levels. It is symbolic, although the meme about level 80 appeared much earlier than the game. By the way, from a certain point, the appearance of troops periodically repeated.

Troops are trained at the training bases. The training time depends on the level of the troop.

The game has cards with troop improvements and training bases. This also gives a corresponding amount of experience. You can improve the main base to increase troop attack and increase units in a single campaign.

In battle mode, there are 9 cells arranged in a 3 by 3 square. If the number of possible troops is greater than 9, there may be more than one cell with the same type of troops. The cells are filled completely. In combat mode, troops move from left to right and from top to bottom. If there are several troops on one cell, the enemy will not be able to destroy the troops, but only reduce their damage.

There are many heroes in the game, each of which is directly related to one of the troop units: ground troops, navy or aviation. And each of the heroes has a unique feature. By the way, each player has attack, defense, and leadership stats that increase damage, OZ, and the number of troops in combat. You can send up to 2 heroes to one battle.

Each hero has fragments. You need 10 fragments to get a hero. Then you have to gradually put in fragments to improve your heroes. Each hero can get up to 5 stars, and at 5 stars you can get up to 4 “talents”, which give you extra abilities. You can get frags for hiring three types (regular, higher, and elite – the latter is tied to military units).

In this game, the rock-paper-scissors principle applies: ground troops are stronger than aviation, navy is stronger than ground troops, and aviation is stronger than navy. I remember it was the same in Anno Online: a brig beats a caravel, a galley beats a brig, a caravel beats a brig. In another game, where there is a division into countries, one country does more damage as another, but I’ll talk about it later.

For oil, you can increase the extra damage to the “dominant” unit, and for food you can decrease the incoming damage.

The game has a huge variety of items with different rarity (white, green, blue, purple, orange – in increasing rarity). They can be both won in battle and obtained in different events. And there are a lot of events in the game – for example, on Monday and Tuesday you need to destroy the troops of the Dark Legion and make the highest recruitment to get rewards from the 3×3 field, unlocking lucky card combinations. Also, each month new heroes enter the game (on the Army – Navy – Air Force cycle), and there are special events for them.

There is a treasure map in the game – you have to complete tasks to get fragments of the treasure map, and 9 fragments you can get a random bonus – equipment repair, a treasure wheel, a treasury or a treasure guardian (any of 3 types).

The game also has an expedition – you have to defeat enemies of increasing difficulty, and then get bonuses every minute. Three heroes can be hired for the convoy.

And every day in the game are available 10 random assignments, for completing specific bonuses, for which you can complicate the task.

Also, the game has a “mystery island” – you need to hold out as long as possible, using one troop. Along the way you have to defeat enemies, collect power-ups and defeat the boss at the end. Each time the difficulty increases. Health is not restored, except if you get up to the base for repairs.

You can improve using scenery – so you can speed up troop training, speed up gold collection, speed up repairs after a bad battle, speed up troop march, etc.

You can also choose a profession – mechanic or elite fighter. Mechanics collect resources faster and can build their own resource fields. Elite fighters can further strengthen the troops and get a chance to declare a super-strength to 10 players.

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In short, you can’t list all of the game’s features, but the game is very distinctive and interesting. It even won one of the significant awards in the world of mobile games. Also in Top War there are codes for February 2024 that are very helpful in the game.