Torchlight: Infinite Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

Action RPGs have a ton of customization options that can be used to create a powerful hero. In the Torchlight series, you can pick your skills, modify your attributes, and locate the best gear to face hordes and bosses. Even if a game like Torchlight: Infinite gives many options, you might initially find the mechanisms frightening and perplexing.
Even though everyone can pick up the battle easily, you’ll need to learn a few specifics if you want to live. In order to excel and survive in this ARPG, try your best to determine which play styles suit you and grasp the systems.

Torchlight: Infinite - Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

Try Various Heroes

In Torchlight: Infinite, a collage of Frostfire Gemma and Berserker Rehan can be found.
At the beginning of the game, you can select one of five heroes. As you play the game, you should check out what each one has to offer because they each have distinctive skills and play styles. You can choose a hero that appeals to you, such as a swordsman or a gunslinger.

Playing Moto or Rehan, for instance, will let you engage in the action with a melee character. Try Carino, Gemma, or Youga if ranged strikes are more your style. Their differences, however, go beyond ranged and melee combat; each character has unique skills and powers that set them apart.

Some even have distinctive characteristics, like Carino’s ammo system or Moto’s ability to summon minions to aid him in battle. If you want a choice that is good for beginners, choose Rehan or Gemma. If you have more expertise, though, you may make Moto and Carino more intriguing units by having them manage their resources or work with their servants. Try Youga if you want something in the center.

You can create several personalities, so try them all out and decide which one you like most. You might favor Gemma’s use of fire and ice magic above Youga’s manipulation of spacetime and illusions, for instance, despite the fact that both Gemma and Youga are mages. Play each hero and then focus on leveling one up to determine which ones you enjoy.

Attack and Move to Survive

In Torchlight: Infinite, Youga engages Agitoes in a boss battle by firing ice lances at him.
To survive in an isometric game like this one, you need to move about efficiently. Torchlight: Infinite does not allow you to stand motionless, take damage, and concentrate on attacks like some other ARPGs do. To survive, you must instead learn to kite your adversaries.

When you kite, you attack your adversaries from a distance and retreat from them anytime they approach you. While melee heroes must take the attacks and survive, ranged heroes typically excel at kiting.

During boss battles, kiting is even more crucial. You must use your talents and movement to avoid their strong strikes that are meant to take you out.

Loot Everything

Loot-based action role-playing games typically feature opponents that drop unpredicted objects for you to gather. When you initially start playing these games, you’ll want to plunder everything you come across. In order to maximize your numbers, fill out your equipment and make sure each portion of your body is equipped.

You’ll see that the equipment you find in the game has multiple tiers that indicate its rarity. For instance, common gear is more frequent than legendary gear, which is the rarest. Since the stats of rarer gear are stronger, they might provide you a significant boost and enhance your hero.

Feel free to pick up whatever equipment you come across and sort through it later. You can easily toss away any equipment you don’t wish to keep.

You are not required to use a legendary item just because you receive it. For instance, it might provide you some excellent DPS improvements, but you might prefer to concentrate on defense. To decide which one to pick, look at the numbers and contrast them with your present gear.

Improve Your Skills

As the game progresses, additional skills will become available to you. When you first begin, you only have access to two, so you’ll need to choose which ones you want to equip. To be able to battle and survive, most people start out with one offensive and one defensive skill. For instance, Youga possesses icicles that deal decent damage, but for your second skill, you should pick between potions that heal instantly and those that heal gradually.

You can modify your powers in Torchlight: Infinite to better personalize the experience. For instance, the Multiple Projectiles perk allows you to fire three icicles if Youga’s Ice Lance is equipped. Although it does somewhat less damage, it is better against numerous adversaries and ensures more hits. Check your abilities frequently to see what you acquire as you level up because you’ll unlock more tweaks as you go.

As you utilize your skills, they advance in level. When it has enough experience, they will upgrade, but only after you go into the menu and select to do so. If you choose the symbol at the top of the screen, you can upgrade it rapidly as well.

Schedule Your Talents

Talents provide you stat gains, whereas skills give you a ton of freedom. You’ll need to select a talent tree based on your preferences once you’ve unlocked them. Make sure you look at the relevant statistics. You can then decide whether the tree is effective for your hero by doing this. For instance, you’ll need a tree that focuses on Strength if you play Rehan in order to get stronger.

If you’re unsure which build to pick, the game provides a star next to the suggested options. You can then receive stat increases that take into account your hero’s regular build.

Balance DPS and survivability

You must strike a balance between your ability to survive and your damage output in this game (DPS). Battles will drag on if you put too much emphasis on survivability. If you concentrate on DPS, you risk dying quickly and having to restart battles. If you wish to balance your character, you should pay attention throughout battles. Check to see if foes take a long time to fight or if they cause a lot of damage to you.

Your talents, equipment, and skills can all be used to change your stats. For instance, increasing the number of bolts your talents shoot will reduce their overall damage. If boss fights are challenging for you, you might wish to locate a strong single-target damage skill. Examine your strengths and defenses to find which talents will aid you the most. The same rule applies to equipment: they primarily boost your defense, but if you have the correct tools, you can also strengthen your offense.

There are several resources available in Torchlight: Infinite to aid in your success and survival. You need to learn how to develop formidable heroes, become proficient in combat, and locate the greatest rewards. Make sure you finish the game and continue developing your character. As you progress, you’ll be able to give your hero more design options to suit your playing preferences.

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