Undisputed Boxers codes for June 2023 – rerolls and cash

Last Updated on 08.06.2023

Here, you can find the most recent Undisputed Boxers codes for June 2023. These may be redeemed in-game for a variety of premium goods and monetary prizes. We also describe how to use Undisputed Boxers codes further down the page.

“3rd Planet Productions” is the publisher. You have the ability to create your very own boxer in the newest gaming trend on Roblox. As you alter their look and hone them to become the best fighters possible, let your imagination show. Enter the boxing arena and fight other players, using a variety of moves and combinations to win. To keep up your momentum and solidify your place atop the leaderboards, win the championship.

With these Roblox Undisputed Boxers codes for June 2023 for free money, rerolls, and more, you may jab, dive, and parry your way to the top.

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All Undisputed Boxers codes

Valid codes for June 2023:

  • RemovalRelease – clan reroll (NEW!)
  • NewMuscleCap! – clan reroll (NEW!)
  • FreeRoll6 – clan reroll (NEW!)
  • FreeRoll7 – clan reroll (NEW!)
  • FreeRoll8 – personality reroll (NEW!)
  • KARUISBACK – clan reroll
  • ONEWEEK! – clan reroll
  • GHOST! – clan reroll
  • APPEARANCECHECK6 – appearance reroll
  • THEBOXER! – clan reroll
  • HYBRIDFIX – clan reroll
  • MYBAD! – clan reroll
  • CALIFORNIA! – clan reroll
  • YUCLAN! – clan reroll
  • CALEBMIAS! – clan reroll
  • ONECEE! – clan reroll
  • NEGAN! –  clan reroll
  • WALKINGDEAD – appearance reroll
  • PERSONALITYROLL4 – personality reroll
  • PERSONALITYROLL5 – personality reroll
  • PERSONALITYROLL6 – personality reroll

Boxing Fighters Simulator codes - free coins and boosts

Expired UB codes

  • UpdateNextweek!
  • BFFS
  • Freecode3!
  • Freecode2
  • Freecode1
  • HappySunday

I have Undisputed Boxers codes, how do I use them?

If you know where to search, redeeming codes for June 2023 in Undisputed Boxers is quite simple. Just follow these instructions:

  • Open Roblox’s Undisputed Boxers first.
  • Hit the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the screen once you’re in a game.
  • Using the code box that appears in the bottom left after clicking this, enter each code one at a time.
  • You now have your rewards.

Where can I find extra Undisputed Boxers codes?

Join the official Discord server to get news, updates, and to communicate with other players if you want to find additional codes. Otherwise, we’ll be adding all of the most recent codes to this wiki, so be sure to check back often!

Undisputed Boxers codes: What are they?

You may get some really useful features in the game by using these codes. Several of the previous and ongoing codes allow you to switch your clan so that your last name shows up differently on your server. It’s good that certain Undisputed Boxers codes for June 2023 also provide money. These codes are produced and distributed by 3rd Planet Productions.