Useful Tips for Beginners to Play Lost Ark

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

Have you launched Lost Ark, but don’t know where to start? It’s not surprising, because the game is full of its own nuances, and not all of them are explained properly. There are a lot of things in Lost Ark that you won’t find in any other MMORPG, so even the veterans of the genre can get dizzy. That’s where our collection of tips will help you.

Don’t worry if you can’t find out all the unclear aspects of the game quickly. Fortunately, in Lost Ark, you can’t mess up your character or do anything that will seriously mess up your character’s life.

Lost Ark: Beginner's guide, tips and tricks

Don’t get bogged down in class selection

It takes a relatively short time to level up in Lost Ark. Plus, after pumping the first class, you get a booster that speeds up the level of the next character. So if the initial class you “will not come up”, you can quickly pump again and change the character.

The same applies to the change of build. Swing as you want, and then, when you understand the mechanics of the game, you can easily change your build to a more suitable for the endgame.

Complete the Initial Challenges

Lost Ark is very different from other MMOs, so even an experienced player should complete the initial trials designed to teach newcomers the basics of the game. Plus, the rewards for completing them won’t be out of place, either.

To accept a challenge, click on the book icon near the mini-map. In the beginning, only basic challenges will be available, but as you level up, more and more of them will open up. If a challenge has a reward, be sure to click on the Claim Reward button to get the items you deserve.

Do not use potions that restore percentage of HP

You will receive different types of healing potions as you pump up. Some of them restore a fixed amount of HP, and others – a percentage of the maximum. The last ones will be useful at the maximal level and will help to save a lot of money, so try not to waste them.

Carefully read the descriptions of the abilities

Each class has a lot of different combat abilities with their own characteristics. For example, some deal increased damage when hitting from behind, others allow you to interrupt your opponents, and so on. The ability to use correctly all the combat abilities will be necessary in the top raids, so it is better to start with the first level.

PvP is clearly separated from PvE

You can easily go into PvP and try your hand, or ignore it completely, and you won’t lose anything.

You can start engaging in PvP at level 26, and all players fight under the same conditions with the same number of skill points. You can level up to level 26 in just a few hours, so if you like PvP, you can switch classes without any problems.

It is not necessary to open the boxes with rewards

At least right after you get them. Some of the rewards you get in the game can only be used by one hero. If you are not sure if you will continue playing as the first character, you can hold on to the loot boxes for the next one. These containers have no expiration date and can be opened at any time. This applies in particular to boxes containing Harmony Shards, an important resource needed to improve your equipment. However, do not forget about Lost Ark codes for May 2024, which give additional game rewards.

Farming mobs will not help you level up faster

If you’ve played other eastern MMOs, your first choice for leveling up will probably be to farm mobs. However, Lost Ark works differently. Pumping is entirely tied to the quests, and the mobs you can earn only a token amount of experience. In addition, if you do not get out of the battle, it is unfortunate impact on the state of your equipment, which will lead to additional costs. Thus, if mobs are not needed for the quest, it’s better to just ignore them.

Watch for the appearance of world bosses

So-called world bosses are bosses that spawn in the open world of the game. Killing these enemies will allow you to earn useful items, including bonuses that apply to the entire account. One such boss will only take a few minutes if enough other players are around (which is almost guaranteed).

All quests are worthy of attention

Of course, you have to go through the main storyline. However, secondary quests also bring a fair amount of experience, and they often only take a few minutes to complete. Ignoring secondary quests can cause your character to swing too slowly to pass the main storyline (although the main storyline should be almost enough), and then you still have to return to the old locations to pump. Also, these quests can often be closed in parallel with the main storyline, so there’s no reason to skip them.

Don’t forget the global rewards

Sometimes you’ll get rewards that are available to all your characters on the server. Don’t worry, the game will let you know when you’re getting a particular type of reward.

While in the case of personal rewards, it’s best to take your time, saving them for your main character, global rewards can be activated as soon as you receive them.

There is no truth in feet

In Lost Ark, there are plenty of ways to get around that are far more efficient than running on your own two feet.

Of course, always use a mount when you have the opportunity. Mounts are unlocked immediately after the prologue. Use acceleration (by pressing the space bar) to move even faster.

Teleporters will also speed up your movement considerably. The cost of teleporters shouldn’t scare you off – the benefits are more than worth a couple of coins.

Finally, at some point during the story you will be able to travel by sea. It’s best to use paid ships to traverse the space between continents as quickly as possible.

Don’t be in a hurry to waste resurrection feathers

If you die, you can either resurrect at the nearest graveyard or use the Phoenix Feather and ascend here and now. Feathers are a valuable resource that will come in handy at max level, so don’t throw them away during the pumping process. It may seem that you have more than enough feathers, but they tend to run out at the most inopportune moment.

Play at Your Heart’s Pleasure

Lost Ark has tons of locations, quests, and other content to choose from. Have fun playing it! You don’t have to chase a distant goal, especially if this is your first time playing Lost Ark.

Of course there are optimal ways of pumping, following which you can reach the maximum level much faster, but you don’t have to follow them at all. You won’t get a second chance to see all the beauties of this world for the first time, so make the most of it.