Valor Legend Guide: tips, cheats, and more

Last Updated on 01.04.2024

Welcome to Valor Legends: Eternity, a medieval fantasy adventure that combines the mechanics of an idle role-playing game with the popular automatic chess game. Players have to go through a marvelous fantasy landscape full of monsters to kill and treasures to plunder. Although Valor Legends: Eternity is a bum game, the essence of the game lies in the competition, where a section of automatic chess is played.

How to create a great team

When it comes to choosing a hero, there are several factors you should consider when choosing your team. In general, having a balanced lineup is a good idea. You can bring up to five heroes with you into battle, and conveniently enough, there are five different classes of heroes.

Warriors are your heroes on the front lines, who rush into battle and draw as much fire as possible. They have high health and defense, making them ideal for the “tank” role on your team.

Rangers deal constant damage from afar, using bows and other ranged weapons. Their skills usually consist of strong single-target attacks, allowing them to destroy high-priority targets. They also gain useful auxiliary skills such as debuffs and obstacles.

Mages are powerful spell throwers who use the elements to inflict massive area damage on the enemy team. Their auto-attacks are not too great, but when their energy is full, they become a force to be reckoned with. They are quite fragile, so make sure they are protected by a warrior.

Assassins – they are nimble fighters who always target enemy teams on the rear, making them ideal for taking out important targets such as priests or mages. They are very fragile and can’t take too much damage, but they make up for it with huge explosive damage!

Priests are steadfast supporters who focus on healing the team and enhancing it by increasing their natural abilities. Most priests have nothing but support skills, so while they don’t do too much damage, they keep the team healthy!

It’s always safe to go with a team made up of each individual class, especially if you’re new to the game. If you stick to a certain strategy, you can always build your group differently, but if all else fails, a balanced team is a good choice.

Faction Advantage and Aura

There are five factions in the game: Legion, Forest, Undead, Light, and Shadow. The Legion beats the Forest, the Forest beats the Undead, and the Undead are better than the Legion. Light and Shadow beat each other. If you are having trouble with a particular team, using a favorable faction can give you enough strength to defeat the enemy.

In addition to the faction advantage, you also get a bonus for using multiple heroes from the same faction, called a faction aura . The strength of a faction aura increases with the number of heroes of the same faction on your team. Light and Shadow heroes have their own individual bonuses.

  • 1 faction hero: HP and Attack + 4%
  • 2 Heroes of one faction: HP and Attack + 8%
  • 3 Heroes of one faction: HP + 11% and Attack + 10%.
  • 4 Heroes of one faction: HP and Attack + 14%.
  • 5 Heroes of one faction: HP and attack + 19%.
  • Each hero of the Light: HP + 4.5% and attack + 3.5%.
  • Each Shadow hero: HP: + 3.5% and attack + 4.5%.

Grouping heroes of the same faction is always a good thing, so always try if your choice of hero allows you to do so.

Strategic Positioning

In some cases, the difference between winning and losing strategies can come down to one hero’s positioning. Strategic positioning is very important in automatic chess games, so knowing which heroes are coming can help or break your strategy.

In general, all classes except Assassins will target the nearest enemy. During pre-fight positioning, you can tell who is targeting whom by observing the red and blue lines coming from each unit. When a hero is targeted by more than one enemy, an icon with a number equal to the number of enemies targeting him will appear.

You need to position the warriors in front so that they attract the attention of the enemy. Be careful, as even the most powerful Warriors will collapse if they target the entire enemy team. If you have a second Warrior or any other hero with decent defense, it may be useful to divide the damage between them, so your only Warrior will not get hurt.

Your Mages, Priests, and Rangers should target enemy equivalents of themselves. Destroying dealers that damage the enemy team is the fastest way to reduce the damage absorbed by your Warrior.

If you’re having trouble getting through a phase, try changing your formation and see how it unfolds. You’ll never guess what a small change can do!

Complete daily tasks

As with many idle RPGs, your success in Valor Legends: Eternity when it comes to resource mining depends solely on your diligence. To clear more game content, you need to get stronger units, and to get stronger units, you need to clear farming content. This gameplay cycle should be familiar to you if you are a fan of this genre.

First, try to complete as many of your daily tasks as possible. Each daily task earns you daily points that allow you to open chests when you have enough. You only need 100 daily points to get all the chests for the day, and as a reward you will receive:

  • 100 evolution beads.
  • 2 bounty hunter passes
  • 150 gems
  • 1 book of the Eternal Summoner.

All of these items are useful in improving your heroes, but the most important item is the Eternal Summoner book. You’ll need to create a team of 5-star heroes as soon as possible, and you’ll need all the help you can get by summoning more heroes.

Next up are the Weekly Challenges. These tasks are basically extended versions of the daily tasks, so they give you until the end of the week to complete them. Completing enough tasks to get a chest of 100 weekly points gives you :

  • 450 gems.
  • 1000 evolution beads
  • 3 books of the eternal summoner
  • 1 seed of life

After you have completed the weekly quests, move on to the Mysterious Worlds quests next. The Mysterious Worlds are combat zones that offer a certain reward, and you can only play each zone twice a day. Be sure to use up your games by the end of the day to get all the rewards. You can be rewarded with lots of gold, equipment, energy essence, hero fragments, and more.

Complete current events for free heroes

Your first basic plan of action in Valor Legends: Eternity should be to get a full team with 5 stars. You can awaken heroes and increase their rarity, but you don’t need to waste time on this for heroes with low rarity.

If you have no luck with Call Circle, make sure you are working on completing current events. Many of the events (soul of war training, hero summoning, reward offer bonus, starter gift) offer 5-star heroes, frags, and eternal summoner books. Eventually, you will be able to assemble a team of 5-star heroes.

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Testing, Farming, and Improving

Now that you have a good understanding of combat mechanics and a full team of 5-star heroes, it’s time to get through the campaign. Your next big goal is to clear as much of the main story as possible, such as A lot of features are blocked out over the course of the main story.

Keep challenging through the stages as quickly as possible and don’t worry if you lose, as there are no power mechanics to worry about This. If your heroes are too weak, level them up, develop them, improve their equipment, and if possible, awaken.

Don’t worry too much about losing resources. All heroes can be rolled, which will return them to level 1 and reimburse all the energy essence, evolution beads and gold you used to boost them. This process is free for units with low rarity and a small gem fee for heroes with 5 stars and above.

As a reminder, your top priority should be to clear as much of the main story as possible. If you find yourself on too difficult a stage, make sure you complete your objectives, clear the Mysterious Worlds for resources, and then enhance your heroes. Don’t forget to collect your event rewards!

This concludes our guide to Valor Legends: Eternity. If you have any other tips or recommendations, let us know! And don’t forget that there are free Valor Legends codes for April 2024 that will give you free items.