War Thunder Beginner’s Guide: Useful Tips

Last Updated on 20.05.2024

Quite often, newcomers face a lot of questions when starting to play War Thunder. How to upgrade tanks? How can I fly planes? How to behave on the battlefield? These and many other relevant topics we’ll try to touch in this article.

Choose the right tank:

It is quite natural that every beginner wants to progress through the branches and experience more and more new vehicles, but in fact, to start with, it is worth deciding which tanks are better to choose. First of all, both beginners and those who decided to switch to the ground version from the flight simulator will be interested to know that, despite the possibility of acquiring a large number of crews, during one battle you are given to choose only three tanks, and after that you will just watch the battle from the spectator interface. That’s why the choice of tanks should be determined immediately, because in the future you will not let anyone try to choose again.

First of all, it is worth right away to understand that basically at first you will be aimed at getting the maximum possible amount of “research points”, which means that you need to be constantly active on the battlefield and earn a lot of points. That’s why the first thing you’ll need is a light tank that has great speed. For the USSR such tank is the BT-5, and for Germany, America and Britain quite suitable and starter vehicles. The main advantage of these tanks is that they have a fairly high speed, and at the same time have a good fighting power, which allows them to easily kill opponents, and at the same time capture areas.

Next you’ll need to deal with the combat vehicle, and the best choice here, again, are the standard machines, as they allow you to revive several times on the battlefield without using clones and wasting precious lives. This is very important because instead of using three machines, you have the option to enter the battlefield five times.

The last car can already be chosen according to your preferences. Here you can take anything from a SAU, which will allow you to support your allies, to anti-aircraft guns, with which you can spend your last limit to benefit your team as long as possible, protect it from air attacks and thus earn yourself more points.

Capture points:

Unlike the vast majority of other arcade tank simulators in War Thunder, the main goal is not to kill the enemy, but to fulfill the direct task given to you on a particular level. At this point, the task is basically just one – to capture one or more points, and then hold them for as long as possible. It is worth noting that the captured point is not only a significant advantage on the map for your team, it is also a good number of points for you, which will allow you to quickly discover some new machines.

That is why in the choice of tanks it is best to take at least one slot with a fast light tank, which you can immediately start and go to capture some control points. Great speed will allow you not only to outrun your opponents that also want to capture some zone, but also to outrun your allies, because the total amount of the captured control points depends on the total amount of research points that you get, and if you manage to capture the point by yourself, the reward will be very, very interesting.

Use fighters:

Naturally, many players try to wait until they get the chance to fly a bomber, and only then order the departure of the plane to get as many phrases in the piggy bank. However, do not forget that War Thunder is primarily a team game, and the victory of your team also depends on how many points you get in the end. It is for this reason that you should try to do everything you can to ensure that your squad comes out victorious in this match.

It’s not always possible to be the first to score the right number of frags to call a scorer, and it often happens that it does get called by your opponents. If you don’t defend against such an attack, a skilled player can not only make a few frags on his allies, but also knock them out of some fortifications or occupied points, giving his enemies a significant advantage. To prevent this, there’s no need to “conserve” points – choose a fighter and shoot down the enemy’s bomber before it gets close to your machines (moreover, you get extra points for each plane). It’s not as difficult as it may seem at first sight, and if you’re a skilled pilot and have played the air version of War Thunder before, it’s quite a chore for you, because not all the “tankers” have any practice at all in piloting.

Don’t get all loaded up:

As many may have noticed, some vehicles can be loaded with up to several hundred shells, but in fact the realities of combat in War Thunder are such that players do not have to release even half of the purchased ammunition. At the same time after a certain update, designed to add realism to the gameplay, the developers have made it so that the amount contained in the tank ammunition directly depends on what he has a chance to be undermined by a direct hit of a shell in the compartment of combat. That’s why you should not burden yourself so much – take from 20 to 30 shells, because you probably will not need more. If it happens so that you use up all your ammo, then it’s hardly a problem to go to some captured point and reload.

War Thunder beginner's guide: tips and tricks

Take your time with the level:

Many newcomers, trying to try out more and more open combat vehicles, try to choose them as soon as they get to open a new combat vehicle, but not everyone understands that in the end it can make your gameplay extremely difficult.

The thing is that the “balancer” War Thunder will throw you into battles with levels that are equal to the most powerful tank in your chosen set, so if you, for example, select a tank of the third level and two first level, after the destruction of your strong machine will have to first-level trying to shoot the monsters that are two generations above them. It is quite natural that in this scenario you are unlikely to get anything.

That’s why you should switch to a new level only when you can take at least three tanks with approximately equal Combat rating. So you’ll be able to stand up to other players with similar vehicles, because you should not forget that there are no modifications on new vehicles, and this is also an important point that affects the efficiency of your battle.

And here, dear friends, we’re finishing our guide “Beginners Guide to War Thunder: Useful Tips”. We hope that this guide was useful for you, look for more guides on all games on our site! Don’t forget to get rewards with War Thunder codes for May 2024 that are waiting for you at pocket-codes.com. Have fun playing War Thunder!